Sunken Secrets Review

Sunken Secrets will take your TM gaming skills to the next level. Be prepared to invest time and energy in this addicting underwater adventure! Earn money by farming and selling goods as you attempt to break the spell of an evil witch that has enchanted the island and released a sea monster to enslave the islanders in bodies that are not their own. Plan your strategy and use magical alters to restore the island & its grateful islanders back to their natural forms. Dive in and enjoy this spectacular TM adventure of skill and strategy like you have never seen before!

The curse of the sea witch is upon you in this fantastic underwater adventure Sunken Secrets. Strategy is key and big picture thinking will be your salvation as you delve into this cursed island adventure. A treacherous sea witch has released a massive tentacled sea monster to destroy the island and has cursed the island dwellers into sea creatures. Your goal is to destroy the monster, remove the spell and restore the island & it’s inhabitants back to their natural form.

Every quest will require a higher skill set than the last & will require patience and cunning to fulfill your goals while planning for the future tasks ahead. Magic is fundamental to this island game. Altars must be used to restore people back to their normal forms & remove cursed corals, tentacles and seaweed which will obstruct your progress if not dealt with.

Pay close attention and don’t try to hoard resources, as there is limited space and you will find this an exercise in frustration. Be prepared for the long game as you will want to keep leveling up as you develop your strategy as you farm and sell your goods and save the island in the process!

Jump in – you will not be disappointed!