PuppetShow: Her Cruel Collection

Game Spotlight: Puppet Show: Her Cruel Collection is the newest installment in the intriguing puppet series. Poor little rich girl Marjory is desperate to find her newly missing fiancé James. He is being held for ransom and her father is unwilling to help. She needs your help to locate and save her lost love. But in a world of creepy people & puppetry things are rarely what they appear to be. Join the fun and find out who is pulling the strings in this world of the weird. 

Game Spotlight: Puppet Show: Her Cruel Collection If you are new to hidden object adventures or are a die-hard fan of the genre then this latest installment of the puppetry series is just for you!!! Puppet Show: Her Cruel Collection brings us into the twisted story of a lovelorn Marjory. Her fiancé has been abducted and is being held for ransom. Her disapproving father is no help and she must call upon your talents as a world class investigator to help her delve into a creepy world of dolls and puppets.

This game is intended for mature audiences and it’s primarily due to it’s soundtrack and well planned out graphics. The story line is a nice compliment to the crispness of the musical directory and artwork throughout your game play!

Not to be forgotten, there is a nice sprinkling of creative and assorted hidden object areas. The mini games offer a challenge but nothing too difficult to slow the pace of progression in the series. All in all, this is a great starter game for the HO newbie or a welcomed old friend for the practiced HO lovers!

Jump in and find out how humans and puppets are being transformed in this wildly imaginative series! We hope you enjoy the game!