Halloween Stories: Black Book

Halloween Stories: Black Book is a chilling hidden object puzzle adventure game that has you racing against the clock and fighting off specters in order to save your little sister from a horrible fate! 

Halloween Stories: Black Book is a frightfully fun Halloween themed hidden object puzzle adventure game.

After your little sister finds a mysterious and altogether sinister looking book in the forest, she decides it's the perfect choice to read before bed on Halloween night. As if you needed me to tell you that was a horrible idea...

After reading about a town where children have gone missing and a woman was driven to her untimely death by the frightened villagers, I'm sure it will be of little surprise when a dark and frightful specter appears and snatches your sister up before your eyes, leaving you in a transformed room full of creatures conjured up directly from your worst nightmares!

Halloween Stories Black Book Game

Now it's up to you to chase down the clues and fight your way through moonlight steeped scenery in order to save your little sister, Mary!

There's plenty to do in this chilling tale, so fans of the horror genre will be well pleased. You can choose between three different difficulty levels to suit your game style: Casual, Advanced, and Hardcore Mode. So whether your in the mood for a casual jaunt into storyline or you're in it to win it with a no hints allowed kind of attitude, you'll have a great time playing.

Halloween Stories: Black Book is only available in Collector's Edition at the moment, but a Standard Edition will be following release shortly. 

You can play up to 90 minutes of gametime for free by clicking on the "install" button above, so you can find out for yourself if Halloween Stories: Black Book measures up!