Gummy Drop! Walkthrough

Travel the sweet candy coated world using our Gummy Drop Walkthrough. Our helpful hints and screen caps will give you tips and strategies to complete your trek across the globe collecting resources, building landmarks and recreating the world map. This multi-level resource and time management match 3 game will be sure to satisfy your craving for a sweet adventure!

Gummy Drop! Walkthrough

Take a trip around the world with the hottest new game of the summer, Gummy Drop.  Globe hop while playing this challenging and addicting match 3 game to escape the boring same old same; solve the challenging puzzles to collect the resources you need to design and engineer the landmarks of the world.

We will provide you with helpful hints that will assist you in exploring the continents throughout this world wind adventure. Use our informative tips and screen caps as a tour guide to complete the task of recreating the world map in this sweet candy coated match 3 expedition!

We hope you enjoy our Gummy Drop Walkthrough!

Gummy Drop Walkthrough