Game Spotlight: Hidden Expedition: The Fountain of Youth

In Hidden Expedition: The Fountain of Youth, your fellow H.E.L.P. agents have disappeared and it's up to you to follow the clues in order to save them! Duped by a man named Dario Aturnin who uses the guise of restoring a Sigiriya temple in order to search for the legendary Fountain of Youth, you'll have no choice but to be swept up in this epic hidden object adventure. 


Hidden Expedition: The Fountain of Youth hits a solid homerun with an epic adventure filled with extremely satisfying gameplay and an intriguing storyline. 
Hidden Expedition Game
In this latest chapter of the Hidden Expedition series, you'll travel along the historic trail of Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese explorer who went in search of a route to the East Indies, which resulted in the first circumnavigation around the world.
While Magellan historically wasn't searching for the fabled Fountain of Youth, it's still an exciting turn of events and not a bad piece of historical fiction to set us off on this new grand adventure. 
Hidden Expedition Fountain of Youth
It seems that our villain, Dario Arturnin, under the guise of restoring a Sigiriya temple, is really in search of the Fountain of Youth and when your fellow H.E.L.P. agents go missing, it's up to you to track this culprit down, and save the day of course!
As you follow the clues, you'll be treated to an array of elaborate and gorgeous artwork, thought-provoking mini-games and puzzles, and a slew of entertaining hidden object scenes that will make any fan of the genre giddy with joy. 
Hidden Expedition game
Hidden Expedition: The Fountain of Youth was released initially in a collector's edition so that means a lot of extra goodies for players including a bonus game, collectibles, wall paper, and game art. 
If you're a Hidden Expedition junkie, you're going to want to slap on your adventure hat and block off a few days of your schedule to fully enjoy this amazing new chapter!