Fabulous: Angela's True Colors

Angela is at it again in and this time the stakes are higher than ever as her friends have put up their savings to fund her dreams of becoming a true fashion star. Can Angela overcome her insecurities and be true to herself in a plastic world of cutthroat fashion critics? Find out in this new Fabulous Angela game!

Full disclosure here guys and gals, I’ve never played a Fabulous Angela game before so this review is from the perspective of a newbie. I seen the games before but never could commit, mostly because I’m not really a fashion girl. I prefer the Delicious Emily games because… yes, I love to eat and food is a major interest of mine.

Despite that, I figured it was time to put aside my preconceptions of the game and dive into Angela’s world of fabulous fashion with Fabulous Angela True Colors!

Fabulous Angela True Colors

First thing that struck me was the really in-depth storyline that was playing out. A lot of time went to the animated cutscenes, and while the graphics were cartoony, they did such a good job with the exaggerated eyes of the characters that the emotions really came through in a surprising manner. You could immediately tell when Angela’s friends were alarmed at her lack of follow through. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Angela’s story in this game begins with her friends deciding to put their ultimate trust in her. They each hand her a check to invest in her fashion boutique in New York - a place where only the strong creative fashion stars can survive.

Things immediately begin to spiral out of control for Angela though as she’s faced with the chaotic pressures of being a business owner. Angela just wants to focus on her designs! She has no time for business licenses and marketing. Lucky for her, her friends are there to bail her out. Now all we need to do is help Angela impress the judges at Fashion Week, while still running a successful business.

The colors and graphics of Fabulous Angela seemed in line with what I have come to expect from these classic time management games, bright and full of energy. There’s not much depth or details but the clothes and accessories are nice to look at and I was always excited to see what new products were going to be available next.

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The characters in the game were very nicely done as well. I’ll go back to my previous statement about the emotions really coming through on them. You could immediately tell when a customer was starting to lose patience with Angela in the subtle way her eyes narrowed and her posture changed.

The music was jazzy and snazzy, bright and bubbly, which is what you would expect. Did it get on my nerves at times? Well yes, of course. That’s not really my jam, but it added to the ambience of the game and didn’t overwhelm you. The sounds on the other hand… I could have done without the constant commentary from Angela as you sped through the store carrying out tasks. There’s only so many times you can hear her say “Smart” or “Cool” or “Fabulous” before you wanted to rip her hair out. I know, I’m a violent sort of gal.

Game mechanics were smooth and easy to navigate. I did wish there was some kind of marker as you queued up your tasks to let you know what you’d clicked on though. The only way you could get through the harder levels was by moving quickly and getting ahead of yourself. The problem was, you’d forget what you’d already clicked on so sometimes I would pause to second guess whether I told Angela to pick something up or not, and that would make me lose some very valuable time.

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The Collector’s Edition is full of fun bonus goodies and achievements and overall the game is jam-packed full of playable content that would make the CE version worth buying. There are supposedly 2 secret levels as well, though I have yet to come across those so I have to take the developer’s word that they exist.

So the big question… do I want to play more of Fabulous Angela True Colors? Am I really a fashion chick at heart? Surprisingly… the answer is a resounding YES. The game was a blast to play and I had a hard time tearing myself away from the computer.

To play Fabulous Angela True Colors for free for up to 60 minutes, just click on the download button above and give Angela a try for yourself. It’s going to be fabulous!