European Mystery: Scent of Desire Released Today on Big Fish Games

European Mystery: Scent of Desire, a new franchise from Blam Games in the hidden object adventure genre, arrived today at Big Fish Games holding a solid 5 stars with Big Fish reviewers. Armed with a unique plotline, will this new game become a favorite for hidden object fans everywhere? 

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by on 03-15-2013     

A twist on your classic detective story, European Mystery: Scent of Desire, was released today in collector's edition and is receiving heavy praise from Big Fish reviewers so far. 

A serial killer is on the loose on the streets of Paris. His weapon of choice? The sweet and deadly scent of perfume. As a detective who has just settled into the French countryside for a well-deserved retirement, the offer to investigate these curious murders is too good to resist. We quickly drop what we're doing and head straight into the madness of this case, hot on the trail of this maniacal killer. 

As a collector's edition, European Mystery: Scent of Desire comes with gorgeous screensavers, concept art, and wallpapers, downloadable music, an integrated strategy guide, and a bonus game that will have you traipsing along the streets of London!

One reviewer called it "A true gem!" while another told users to "Be prepared to have a great time!" But is European Mystery: Scent of Desire have what it takes to join the ranks of other popular hidden object adventure franchises? Only time will tell. Let us know what you think of it below! 

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