Catch of the Week: Riddles Of Fate: Wild Hunt Only $2.99!

This week's Big Fish Games Catch of the Week deal is for the hidden object adventure game Riddles Of Fate: Wild Hunt! That means for this week only, you can add this game to your collection for only $2.99!


Riddles Of Fate: Wild Hunt Walkthrough

Riddles of Fate: Wild Hunt is a remarkable hidden object adventure game featuring a ghostly army on the loose, as they search the town for a young girl. 

Only one person knows how to save the city, and he's currently rotting in the city prison! Can you free him in time, learn the secrets of the Wild Hunt, and discover the truth of the prisoner's identity before it's too late? 

We believe in you! We also have a walkthrough to help you with any issues you may encounter!

And for only $2.99, this adventure is just begging to be yours!

But remember, this deal ends on September 13, 2015. After that, the price goes back up to $9.99! 

Riddles of Fate Wild Hunt