World Mosaics 2: General Information

While tracking the Sea People of Atlantis, you stumble upon an ancient hourglass. You are suddenly transported to a jungle. No, you are not in Jurassic Park; you have just been transported 65 million years into the past. Somehow Dr. Remington, a colleague of yours left a not in your journal explaing how to fix the hourglass and send you home.

You must solve the puzzles to get home. There is no time limit, but you are penalized for mistakes. If you make too many mistakes, ye will surely be meurto...dead. (The Goonies anyone...anyone?) If you make too many mistakes the hourglass will crack and you have to begin the level over. My first tip is to keep track of tiles that you place successfully. If you have to start over, you can replace those tiles right away.

World Mosaic 2 is based on Hanjie logic puzzles. There is s tutorial on the first few levels, but if you are still stumped, Google Hanjie logic puzzles for some practice and some strategies. It's a lot like Sudoku. Once you get it, it's fun and easy to play, but until you understand it, it can be very frustrating. This is a fun game, so hang in there. Some of the journal entries after the puzzles are solved are pretty funny and worth the read.

At the menu screen, you are given a page of hints and tips. Read them and take them to heart. They are actually very helpful.

The tip I found most handy was tip #1 – Start with the largest numbers first. I cannot stress enough how good this advice is. You can still solve the puzzles without it, but this made things much easier.

Use your hints wisely.  You start each level with one hint. As you place more tiles, your hourglass will fill up and you'll earn another hint. You now have a decision to make. Do you A) use your hint right away or B) guess to try to earn more hints. Keep in mind, the more mistakes you make, the longer it will take to accumulate enough sand for another hint.

There's not much more to say than that. Don't be fooled after the first 4 or 5 puzzles. The grids get larger and the puzzles get harder. Enjoy the game. Be patient and have fun.

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