Wonderland Adventures: General Information


1.Part 1: Introduction
2.Part 2: Characters And Objects Guide
3.Part 3: Monsters and Magic Guide
4: Part 4: Shard Guide
5: Part 5: Location Guide
6: Part 6: The Cheat

Part I: Introduction

(*If You Are New To The Wonderland Adventures Series,You Better Read This!)

This Is A Sequel After The Events Of:
Wonderland(Where You Retrive The Rainbow Coins),
Return To Wonderland Classic Edition(Where You Retrive The Yet Again Stolen Rainbow Coins),
Return To Wonderland Deluxe Edition(Where You Try To Figure Out The Mystery Behind The Rainbow Spirits),
Return To Wonderland Platinum Edition(Where You Rescue Stinky From The Fireworld) And
Wonderland Secret Worlds(Where You Rescue the Wee Stinkers)
Wonderland Adventures Is Also A Prequel For Wonderland Adventures 2: Mysteries Of Fire Island.
The Graphics In The Adventure Series(Wonderland Adventures,Wonderland Adventure 2 and So On) Are Dramaticly More 3D-ish Than The Classic Series
(Wonderland,Return To Wonderland(Classic/Deluxe/Platinum)Edition and Wonderland Secret Worlds).The Wonderland Adventures Series Also Introduces New Things,Such As: Using Magic To Defeat Monsters,New Monsters,The Ability To Even Use Magic!

Part II: Characters And Objects Guide


(*Note: You Can only Play 1 Character)
Stinky: First Appears In Wonderland.The Primary Playable Character.Saved Wonderland Along With Loof,His Best Friend in"Wonderland",And Saved Wonderland Again With Loof,Peegue and Qookie In"Wonderland Secret Worlds" and "Return To Wonderland(C/D/P)Edition"

Loof: First Appears in Wonderland.The Secendary Playable Character.Saved Wonderland Along With Stinky,His Best Friend In "Wonderland"And Saved Wonderland Again With Stinky,Peegue and Qookie In"Wonderland Secret Worlds" and "Return To Wonderland(C/D/P)Edition"

Peegue: First Appears In Wonderland Secret Worlds.The 2nd Secendary Playable Character.Saved Wonderland With Stinky,Loof and Qookie In "Wonderland Secret Worlds" and "Return To Wonderland(C/D/P)Edition"He Is The Mayor Of WonderTown.

Qookie: First Appears In Wonderland Secret Worlds.The 3rd Secendary Playable Character.Saved Wonderland With Stinky,Loof and Peegue In "Wonderland Secret Worlds" and "Return To Wonderland(C/D/P)Edition"She Lives In Her Cottage.

Custom: First Appears In Wonderland Adventures.You Can Customise This Character.The 4th Secendary Playale Character.(Not Much Is Known About Him/Her.)

Other Stinkers: You Can Interact With Them.Sometimes They Give You Items,Sell You Items or Give You Adventures.First Appears In Wonderland Adventures.There Are Different Stinkers,Some Good,Some Bad.

Wee Stinkers: They Are Children Of Other Stinkers.They Are Naughty And Often Get Into Trouble,Then They Sleep.They Need To Be Rescued If They Are in Trouble and You Have To Do It!First Appears In Wonderland Secret Worlds.

Thwarts: The Enemy In This Game.They Are Jealous Of Wonderland's Diversity Of Colours.First Appears In Wonderland Adventures.

Keys: Unlock Gates

Button: Unlock Gates,Changes The Colour Of Gates And More.

Gloves: Enable You To Charge The Glove With Magic And Use Magic.

Coin: They Serve The Same Purpose As Money.

Gems: Gives You Bonus Points.

Tokens: Allows You To Play At The WonderTown Video Arcade.

Lamp: Lights Up The Area.Needs To Be Refilled.

Glow Gem: Lights Up The Area.Does Not Need To Be Refilled

Spy Eye: Allows You To See The Whole Level.

Blue Flower: Purpose Unknown.Will Be Used In Either WA2: MOFI or WA3.

Package: Purpose Unknown.Will Be Used In WA2 or WA3.

Letter: Purpose Unknown.Will Be Used In WA2 Or WA3.

Gold Star: If You Get To It,You Will Win The Adventure.

Glove Charge: Charges You With Magic.See The Magic Guide Section For More Infomation.

And Many More!

Part III: Monsters And Magic Guide


Believe It Or Not,There Is Good Monsters!Read On To Find Out More................

Scritters: These Little Things Are Perfectly Harmless,but They Are Very Scared Of Stinkers!Can Assist You With Puzzles.First Appears In Wonderland Adventures.

DragonTurtles: DragonTurtles Can Help You Cross The Water And More!
First Appears In Wonderland Adventures.

Crabs: Crabs Can Help You Solve Puzzles and More!
First Appears In WA2: MOFI.

They Are Very Bad!

Chompers: They Follow You Around And Eat You!First Appears In Wonderland.

FireFlower: They Spit Fire Towards You And Kill You!First Appears In Wonderland Adventures.

SpikeyBall: They Move and When You Are In Their Way,They Crush You!First Appears In Wonderland Adventures.


Info: Wonderland Adventures Introduces A New Concept: Magic!To Cast Magic,You Need To Find A Pair Of Gloves,and a GloveCharge Spot.Gloves Will Be Found Eventually In The Game.

Gloves: Gloves is A Very Important Item Needed For Casting Magic.

GloveCharge Spots: GloveCharge Spots Are Tiles Needed For Casting Magic.They Are Spots Represented by A Glove And A Circle Surrounding It.It May Be Blue/Yellow/Purple In Wonderland Adventures,And May Be Blue/Yellow/Purple/Green/Orange In WA2: MOFI.

Purple GloveCharge Spots: They Are Tiles That Gives You The Power Of Purple Magic,Blink.More Info In The Blink Section.The 1st GloveCharge Spot To Appear.

Yellow GloveCharge Spots: They Are Tiles That Gives You The Power Of Yellow Magic,Pop.More Info In The Pop Section.The 2nd GloveCharge Spot To Appear.

Blue GloveCharge Spots: They Are Tiles That Gives You The Power Of Blue Magic,Brr.More Info In The Brr Section.The 3rd GloveCharge Spot To Appear.

Green GloveCharge Spots: They Are Tiles That Gives You The Power Of Green Magic,Grow.More Info In The Grow Section.The 4th GloveCharge Spot To Appear.Only Avalible In WA2 And Onwards.

Orange GloveCharge Spots: They Are Tiles That Gives You The Power Of Orange Magic.The 5th GloveCharge Spot To Appear.More Info In The ??? Section.Only Avalible In WA2 And Onwards.Not Much Is Known About It.

Blink: It Teleports The User To The Selected Tile.

Pop: It Activates Selected Buttons From Afar.

Brr: It Freezes Anything The User Selects.

Foing: It Is Activated By Talking To The Student Of Red Magic In WonderTown.It Sends You Back In Time And Allows You To Replay Levels.Rumor Has it That Floing Will Have It Own GloveGharge In WA3 Or Onwards.

Grow: It Grows A Growflower On The Selected Tile.A Growflower Has No Weight And Acts Like A Obsticale.Only Appears In WA2 Onwards.

???: It Shots Fireballs In The Selected Destination.Only Appears In WA2 Onwards.

Part IV: Shard Guide

Shards Are Key Elements Of The Game.You Need To Collect Them To Win The Game,Actually.They Can Teleport You To Other Places In The Game Later In The Game,After You Crossed To Rainbow Pool.

Orange Shard: Teleports You Outside WonderTown's West Entrance.

Indigo Shard: Teleports You Into Morklin's Temple,In WonderTown.

Red Shard: Teleports You To Forest's End.

Blue Shard: Teleports You To Foggy Mountain's Peak.

Green Shard: Teleports You Into The Wasteland.

Yellow Shard: Teleports You Into The Pyramid.

Purple Shard: Teleports You Into The Void.

Part V: Locations Guide
WonderTown: The Main Town.It's Where Morklin And Key Characters Live.Also Where You Find The Orange and Indigo Shards.

Mushroom Grove: Where Mushrooms Grow and Also Where You Find The Red Shard.

Foggy Mountain: Where You Find The Blue Shard.Also Where You Learn Brr.

The Temple Ruins: Where You Find The Rainbow Pool.The Old Temple Of WonderLand

Forbidden Forest: Where You Find The Green Shard.This Place Also Includes A Town,Forests End and The Lonely Top.

The Wasteland: Where You Find The Yellow Shard.It Is Also Home To Shadow Stinkers.

The Void: Where You Find The Purple Shard.The Is Where The Thwarts Lived.Now They Live In WonderTown.

Part VI: Cheat

If You Are Stuck In A Adventure and You Really Give Up,Press Ctrl,5(On The Normal Pad Not The NumPad)And F12.This Will Skip a Adventure.



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