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Some Help With Quests

The Sunken Treasure Quest

You have to build a well in the middle of the rocks and then send your hero down the well. When you do this, your hero will come out in the water where the sunken house is. If the hero doesn't do it automatically, send them to the house. They will unlock the house with the key and get the treasure.

We've noticed a lot of people have had trouble with this quest. It seems it might be a bit buggy. You have to complete it in this order.

1. Go to the enclosure at the top of the map. Blow up the big tree to the left of the enclosure. It will fall on the switch and the gate will open. Go into the enclosure and click on the chest. There will be a message about a key.

2. Go back down to the bottom of your map to the area where Redd was working on the wagon. Go to the cave in the water. Click on it and you'll get a crate. Open the crate to get the key and a note about the circle of blue stones, etc.

3. Go to the circle of blue stones and build a well in the center of the stones. Somewhat in line with the cave opening in the pool of water with the house in it.

4. After the well is built you should get a message about an unground stream. Move your hero to the well, if they aren't there already, then right click on the well. You should get some type of message (can't remember what is says now) and then your hero should go down the well and emerge in the pool with the house. If your hero doesn't automatically walk over to the house, drag them to the house. The hero should use the key on the house and find the treasure chest. After finding the treasure chest, your hero automatically exits the pool onto dry land.


3 Black Bears Pelts

You have to have a Tannery before you get pelts from your kills.  Once you have a Tannery you get pelts from rabbits, deer, and bears.  Pelts are converted to Gold when you pick them up. Don't forget you also have to have someone employed at your Tannery as well. 

Find the Mechanic

You will need as many gunslingers, sheriff and deputies as you can put together. Post 3 guns at the top of the town where bandits keep coming from to stop them from getting close to the wood shack. Put the rest at the bottom where the other bandits come in. Later post at least 1 at the gold mine.  Meanwhile use the citizens to do the repairs and add a couple of citizens as well to make sure food is produced at top rates. Use the hero to gather resources laying around such as wood and gold. 

Black Horse

The black horse appears randomly in a stable. If you want you can save the game before you build a stable. Then build a stable and if one does not appear, just go back to your previously saved game. Keep doing this until you get the black horse.

White Rabbit for Micah

You have to change all your farms to carrot and then bunny should appear in this area.

Secret Quest: Sleepy Hollow (highlight text to see spoiler)

To access this quest, you have to build a torch/lamp next to the mine entrance in the NE corner. If you try to enter before building the lamp, it will tell you it is too dark to go in there.

As soon as someone is possessed, build a tent so a new person will move in but DON'T go over 13 people 'cause if you hit 15 you need a sheriff and you do not have time for that.

Don't feed anyone. As they get mad and leave, new people will come in but watch carefully. If you get down to 3 people, build a tent or your people might leave before you get a new on in there and that ends the quest.

Employ 2 people panning and 2 wood cutting. Anyone else still alive send to chop logs and hit the gold deposits.

Blow up all the building except for houses, the general store, and the tavern. (If you blow up your houses, the zombies just move in when you build tents and you don't get new people).

Build the church as soon as you have the resources, don't wait. Have someone other than your hero do all the building, he or she will be busy killing bandits.

Make sure you save 100 for dynamite to get to the 3rd graveyard.

Rebuild the cemetary as soon as you clear off the bandits. It seemed like that slowed down the pumpkin headed dude.

Only buy one gunslinger and bring him in after the bandits have targeted your hero so you don't lose him.

Oh yeah, drunk people do not get possessed (at least mine didn't) and when they get too hungry, they pass out and then become employable again.




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