Westward: General Information

Take Virtual Villagers, Ant War and an old Clint Eastwood western, mix them all together and you’ve got Westward!  Westward is a new real time strategy and simulation game combo set in the wild west.  This hilarious and addictive game will have you lacing up your chaps and jingling your spurs quicker than you can say “dadgummit.”

Howdy Y’All!

Westward begins with a small group of settlers who have been duped by a nasty hombre known as the Mad Russian.  This varmit has taken off with all your money and left y’all stranded.  You objective in Westward is to take this small camp and turn it into a thriving boom town while at the same time trying to track down the Mad Russian and bring him to justice.

As you improve your town, and continue your search for the villain, you will encounter new camps that need your help.  It will be up to you to make sure these brave settlers have enough food and water to survive and to protect them from bandits who are lurking around every arroyo. 

And the outlaws aren’t the only thing threatening your townfolks.  Tornados, fires, droughts and famines will challenge your western skills.  It will be up to you to keep your settlers from pulling up stakes and heading for greener pastures.

There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills

One of the first problems you will need to solve is gathering resources.  Your settlers will need food and water in order to survive.  Make sure you create more than one way to bring in resources.  A single farm will sustain about ten people.  A ranch costs more wood and water to run, but each citizen on a ranch produces more than a citizen on a farm.  Farms and ranches are also a great way to keep your growing population employed. 

Keep at least one well near the center of your town.  This will protect your water supply from bandits.  A water tower is more expensive, but it hold more water.

Trading posts are another great resource.  If a drought or famine hits your town, you can buy food or water and keep your citizens from straying.

Be sure to explore the map.  You never know when you might find something useful.  You might even strike gold!

The Long Arm of the Law

Bandits made the wild west wild so don’t be surprised if outlaws start attacking your town.  Once you have built a jail, you can hire a Sheriff and deputies to keep the peace.  If that doesn’t work, once you have built a saloon, you can also hire gunslingers to clean out the riff-raff.  A mix of deputies and gunslingers works best.  And remember you don’t have to provide food or housing for gunslingers.

When you hear about a group of banditos camped outside of town, you can send out a posse to round them up.  You fighters will automatically being firing at the bandits when they are in range.  Don’t send your Sheriff out to fight, you need to keep him safe.

Bandits will only chase you so far before they give up and leave you alone.  So, when being chased by a bad guy, don’t stop running!

Whiskey You’re the Devil

Eventually you will have to build a saloon in your peaceful town.  You must have a saloon in order to hire gunslingers, plus your hard working citizens will want to kick back and have some fun.  The saloon will keep your population happy, but you may end up with a few drunks wandering the streets.  There are two ways to handle the town drunks.  A deputy can toss him in the pokey until he sobers up.  Or, once you have built a church, a kindhearted citizen can drag the drunk to church and he will reform.

Sneaky Details

One helpful tip for surviving in the wild west…outhouses.  Building outhouses for your town will help keep away plagues.

If you need to track down a bunch of bandits, use the mini-map at the bottom of the screen.  The bandits will be highlighted in red so you can track them down.

Don’t forget to check the quest text.  These quests can offer additional resources or ways out of a sticky situation. 

Good luck!  And y’all come back, ya hear!

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