Vogue Tales: General Information

The fashion world has taken over casual gaming with yet another fashion-based time management game!


Help Wendy earn money to travel to England to chase down the person who stole her present (or something like that). The real goal of this game is like all the others: keep the customers happy, earn money and upgrade, upgrade, upgrade!

What makes this game different is that you get to outfit people in whimsical, turn-of-the-century styles that give the whole game a warm and fuzzy “Disney” feel. The Tutorial at the beginning of the game will teach you the ropes but I have to admit, it took me a while to remember that I needed to click on the picture of the pattern first before I went to the cloth rolls.

Gameplay Tips

  • Wendy can only carry one thing at a time so if you mess up (say you have a pattern in your hand and you were supposed to pick up clothing instead) you can either click on the pattern again and it will disappear or you can discard it in the trash bin.
  • Although she only carries one item at a time, Wendy can also swap out items on the ribbon/lace/fur machines only (NOT on cloth/patters/outfits). For example, if you have a dress in your hand that needs lace and there’s already a dress in the machine, just click on it and you’ll be holding the finished dress now as the machine begins to work on the new dress.
  • Wendy doesn’t need to collect money or give impatient customers the magazines so you can perform those actions while she’s doing other things.
  • The bolts of cloth are grouped in twos and from what I can tell; you can’t attach a pattern to a bolt of cloth if the bolts right next to it is in use. This doesn’t pose too much of a problem because each customer’s request tends to point towards an accessible bolt of cloth. However, keep this in mind anyway as you dress your mannequins. If you are making an extra dress and an impatient customer comes in, you will have to make him/her wait.
  • You don’t get penalized for discarding garments but it does make everything take longer so if you’re having trouble getting used to the gameplay, save your mannequin for mistakes first – That way you have a chance to make up for a mistake by earning $$

Patience is a Virtue

The customers are rather patient in this game and you should have no problem serving them all (as long as you don’t screw up). Lucky for you, there is a stack of Fashion Magazines that you can give to your customers to make them happy. Don’t bother questioning why there are high-fashion glossy mags in medieval times… just go with it.

  • Oddly enough, these magazines seem to work on both men and women.
  • Once the stack of magazines runs down, it replenishes itself rather quickly the first time around but gets slower each time you go through the stack. Don’t be afraid to use them to maximize your tips in the early rounds.
  • There are plenty of other ways to increase customer patience as the game progresses as well. (See “Upgrades”)

Don’t call ‘em Dummies!

For some reason, Wendy has a strange attachment to her dress mannequins. You’ll start the game with the Female mannequin but it seems that her male counterpart also disappeared along with her present. (Don’t worry, he returns soon enough!)

Use the dummies (err… mannequins) to display outfits for sale. This allows you to earn more money with faster service since the work is already done!
NOTE: You can’t put a dress on the male dummy nor can you put a suit coat on the female (duh) so at the beginning of the game, you can’t have an extra male outfit ready.

TIP: I noticed that you’ll have more chances to sell extra clothes off the mannequins if you don’t embellish them. For example, if you have a yellow dress and the customer wants lace, you can pop the dress into the lace machine and save time… but if the customer simply wants a yellow dress, Voila! You have one ready!


This game has quite a few upgrades for both the shop (Decorations) and the output (patterns, cloth, etc.)

Note: Since it took me a little while to get used to the gameplay flow, I spent more $$ upgrading the shop than I did adding more patterns and bolts of cloth. This seemed to work well.

  • Shop upgrades are fairly inexpensive and add greatly to both your customer’s patience level and the amount of tips you receive.
  • You can proceed nicely through the game without adding all the patterns at once. This helps you get a better feel for the flow as well and makes it less confusing.
  • There are also “Automatic Upgrades” that occur in the game. For example: Wendy receives a new pair of shoes that make her go faster and the male mannequin suddenly appears at the beginning of the second level.
  • NOTE: Since the first level is always the easiest, try not to purchase too many decorations. You have to re-purchase them in every new shop anyway, so try saving some of that money instead for when you’ll really need it.

Keep your hat on!

The game also has a “Hat Stand” it comes with one women’s hat (you have to buy the rest).
Hats make great “up sells” for you to earn more $$ but be careful, customer’s order hats AFTER you give them their finished clothes and fetching a hat is a chore that Wendy has to do. It’s very easy to glance over at a customer and mistake the fact that they want a hat for the icon that means they are ready to PAY.

Since collecting money is not a chore that Wendy has to do, you can mess up your chaining tasks if you mistake the hat icon for the money icon.

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