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The Totem Tribe Walkthrough covers a variety of topics including detailed information on how to pass each level, general tips, battle tips, hidden treasure and chest objects, gems, shaman masks, and more.

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About the game:
Boy, oh boy, where do I start? You play Akuru who faces many evil obstacles and battles. She has a best friend named Guro (you meet him in the second level). Don't expect these two heroes to be of much help to you.

There are hints in the game, but not in your usual fashion. The hints are written on what are called guide stones. There are also some hints when selecting an item or when interacting with an inhabitant. There are no time limits in the game; however taking too much time could have a couple of detrimental effects...i.e. loosing a battle or getting a lower grade at the end of the game. Yes, there's a grade card. There are also 3 ending variations...which one will you chose?

Well, let's just say it's an adventure/hidden object/strategy game. See, I couldn't decide...and neither could the developers at Enkord. They did a great job on this game and their customer support thus far has been outstanding. Initially there were a few glitches in the game, they quickly resolved them and came up with two updated versions, the latest being 1.03. You can receive an updated version from their website even if you purchased the game elsewhere; just shoot them an email to their customer service along with a copy of your receipt. They will generally contact you the next business day with a coupon code.

Also, due to many requests they have maps showing locations of some of the hidden object items. Many of the items in the game are hidden randomly so they give you solutions to all the places the items could be hidden. And you can also download a utility program (you may have to register first) that tells you what gems you're missing in your treasure box/Rainbow Road and on which island/s they can be found. Now on with the show...
NOTE: IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET A PERFECT SCORE OR REACH SOME ISLANDS WITH THE EARLIER VERSIONS OF THE GAME DUE TO A GEM GLITCH. Some 1.02 versions (supposedly from Big Fish) do not have a gem glitch and some do; depending on which portal the game came from.


  • Towers can be your best friends in this game, they not only let you see further, they're a good defense.
  • If you don't know what it is, go ahead and select it (most of the time . . . have to keep you somewhat off guard), it could possibly be an item you're looking for. There are no penalties for excessive "clicking".
  • You probably need to stay on an island to explore and finish more objectives after the primary objectives have been accomplished. The level isn't finished until everything has been found and every objective met.
  • A magnifying glass or using the built in magnifier (go to start\all programs\accessories\accessibility\magnifier) on your computer could also be another one of your best friends when looking for hidden objects.
  • You need to return to many of the islands after you've obtained more skills. There are many hidden treasures.
  • Go ahead, find all the gems/jewels . . . they're worth the reward near the end of the game!
  • Watch where you build. If you build on a hidden may never find it unless you demolish the building.
  • Use the mini map to move to different sections of the island faster.
  • Enemies on your mini-map are red, neutral objects are yellow and your structures and people are green.
  • The treasure chest on the main island map screen shows which items you've collected
  • There are 3 islands that can only be reached by accumulating items in your treasure box that can be usually obtained through secondary objectives. Playing these three islands is optional, however, I recommend playing them: Lonely Iceberg, Lost Temple and Guardian Moon.
  • Read all the guide stones as these are your hints. Unread guide stones will have a yellow highlight on them.
  • You can move your units should they get stuck or are in immanent danger by selecting and dragging them.
  • There is a progress bar at the bottom of each building, unit and enemy that indicated the health of the item when selected.

  • Build Towers around your village to protect your heroes as they usually stay close to the huts. Should one of them die, you'll have to restart the level.
  • Build as if you're preparing for battle...'cuz most of the time...there's a battle.
  • Put your explorer and battle flags in the middle of your village until you're ready to battle unless enemies are entering your camp.
  • Build and research all available upgrades before going to battle.
  • Repair buildings after battles, especially if the battle occurred in the village.
  • If enemies are approaching from different areas, cancel your battle flag. The troops will disperse to the areas of the enemies.

    Hidden & Treasure Chest Objects: Some of them almost made me bald from pulling my hair out! My monitor also took a few lickings.
  • After chapter 2 you have the option to find gems/jewels. Actually there are gems on the first island; you can't reach them until later in the game.
  • Most hidden objects are hidden amongst things of the same color and texture.
  • Some hidden objects are in chests.
  • Hover the coast with your scouts and build towers as many items are off the main islands.
  • Expose as much of the island as possible from the black veil.
  • If the game states there is nothing there...don't believe the game; keep trying. Persistence and patience are virtues in this game
  • You can paint some of the items in the game. ***Please be advised...changing these files could disrupt or make your game work incorrectly and ALWAYS, ALWAYS save the file before modifying*** (I painted some of the objects so they would show up better on screen shots.)
    1) Exit the game.
    2) You will see all the items, make sure you make a copy of each item BEFORE you modify them and put them in a separate folder.
    3) Use paint or another paint program to change the color of item you want to modify and save it. I used the spray can in paint and painted the outside edge of the item.
    4) After you go back in the game, the item/s you altered in the folder will be modified in the game.


  • There are 7 colors of gems/jewels: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Violet, Orange and White/Clear usually 3 of each color on an island.
  • There are 21 gems per island except: Volcano Island has 20, Comet Crash Site and Guardian Moon have 0.
  • You need to collect 99% to 100% of gems to reach Guardian Moon.
  • You will have to return to Tetala Island, Monkey Island, Witch Island, Lonely Iceberg, Cradle of the North and Beetle Island to find additional gems as they are not accessible during your first visit.

    1. Monkey Island -southwest corner by the crystal sphere
    2. Seagull Island -behind a tree and under boards slightly northwest of the workshop that needs repair
    3. Red Rock Island - Central north of the island on the beach
    4. Witch Island - you'll need to return to Witch island. You can choose to go after you receive the fire tower and melt the ice blocks, or after your shaman's can melt ice, or after your scouts can swim.
    5. Skull Island - Central south of the island on another island. Build a tower to see it or return after your scouts can swim.
    6. Frozen Vale Island - Southwest corner of the island near the shore.
    7. Yeti Island - Southeast corner on a small island. Build a tower (yes a building can build itself if you have enough patience)

    1. Cradle of the North - Kill the in the sharks of the northwest coast for the hermit to receive this gift.
    2. Scorched Island - Destroy the Wolf's Tribe buildings on the northern island; it will be in the rubble.
    3. Volcano Island - Solve the light puzzles (3 puzzles total) to receive 3 pieces of scroll. Give the scrolls to the scholar at the Hall of Mysteries.
    4. Shark Archipelago - Open chest behind gate. Put collected water run in gate to open.
    5. Island of Worship - it's in a treasure chest.

    Other Items (in alphabetical order-Sorry forgot to document what benefits each item gives):
  • Aqua Lungs - Chest on Shark Archipelago; scouts will be able to swim.
  • Bracelet of Hawk - Chest on Island of Yeti; buildings will train troops faster.
  • Crown of Defender - Chest on Scorched Island; towers will be constructed faster.
  • Diadem of Courage - Chest on Dolphin Island.
  • Healers Globe - Free the penguins from the ice blocks and Hermit will give you the globe.
  • Heart of Bull - Chest on Seagull Island; people can heal themselves over time.
  • Hunter's Luck Stone - Melt an ice block on Red Rock Island
  • Masking Cloak - Chest on Worship Island; makes scouts invisible to enemies.
  • Necklace of Spirits - Chest on Beetle Island; strengthens shamans.
  • Pendant of Nature - Chest on Monkey Island; 7 % chance a building will be constructed immediately after ordering its construction.
  • Pendant of Power - Chest on Cradle of the North
  • Sphere of Clarity - Chest on Witch Island; exposes distant lands.
  • Traveler's Boots - Chest on Skull Island; units move faster.
  • Tribal Amulet - Chest on Ruins of Dream Shore; makes cavemen move faster.
  • Necklace of Spirits - Chest on Beetle Island; strengthens shamans.
  • Relic of Prosperity - Chest on Guardian Moon.

    Buildings with Units (in order of progression through game):

  • Hut (Tutela Island) - Trains 3 workers per building that will construct buildings. Build 3 plus huts on most islands for construction efficiency.
  • Scout Lodge (Tutela Island) - Trains 2 scouts (explorers) per building that are faster and have a wider sight range during exploration than other units.
  • Barracks (Mushroom Island) - Trains 6 fighters per building that use swords.
  • Hunter Camps (Monkey Island) - Trains 3 hunters per tent that use spears and traps.
  • Archery Range - Trains 6 archers per range that use arrows; can fight flying enemies.
  • Witch Doctor Shack (Witch Island) - Trains 6 witch doctors per shack that follow your troops to aid in healing.
  • Shaman Tent - Trains 3 shamans per teepee that uses magic and advanced techniques in battle.
  • Cave of Trials (Dream Shore) - Trains 6 cavemen per cave who use clubs in battle.

    Other Buildings, Upgrades and Research:
    Buildings can be demolished by selecting the building icon, then select the building icon with an X on it on the lower left of the building icon pop up menu. A flame will appear on your curser, place the curser on the building you want demolished. The research upgrades from the building will stay on the island even after demolition. However, if you demolish the Archery or Sky Hall you will no longer be able to build other towers of that nature. I like to build the Market Place and Wiseman's house in later levels, and then demolish to have more room for troops.

    Buildings can build themselves from the heavenly energy source, it just takes longer.

    Up to 3 construction orders can be given at one time. Workers will tend to the last ordered construction, the second ordered construction and then the first ordered construction unless you select the resume task option above the building.

  • Tower - The ONLY building that can be built far from your village/camp. Will attack enemies and remove a greater range of the black veil. Upgrades: Arrow, Mud, Fire and Frost

  • Workshop - Produces more advanced equipment.
    Upgrades: 3 upgrades each to weapons and armor

  • Smithy (blacksmith) - Researches 3 types of weapons and armor upgrades.

  • Wiseman's House - Researches Ballistics, Mud and Frost.

  • Laboratory - Researches fire and frost towers.

  • Market Place - Researches enhances population of each building and enhances the speed of your units.

  • Sky Hall - Researches the power of thunder and lightening for towers.

  • Hall of Mysteries - Research enhances Shamans weapons.

  • Training Grounds - Research enhances all battle skills.

  • Herb Garden - Research enhances the health of your people and the efficiency of Witch Doctors.

  • Temple - Allows all powerful spells except the clairvoyance spell. The charged spell has to be used before another spell can be charged. You can have multiple temples for multiple spells.

    ABOUT THE WALKTHROUGH: I tried to cover most of the steps to get you through the islands with perfect or close to a perfect grade. The steps given are not the only way to accomplish the objectives. I didn't concentrate on many of the hidden objects as they are random. HAVE FUN!

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