The Witch and The Warrior: General Information

The Witch and The Warrior Walkthrough/Guide provides screenshot maps for every location. Information on how to complete the main storyline plus every optional sidequest are included. This is a must have if you are obsessed with finding every single thing in this game.

The Wizard and the Warrior is a classic RPG game. While it utilizes the standard RPG programming, what makes this game wonderful is the storyline and the optional sidequests. We've includes maps and screenshots of everything for you. One thing about this game is that there are a few sidequests that are time limited with the game. You may find that as you play through the game on your own the first time that you have missed some things. Take a look at the list of sidequests and see what you might have missed. I'll bet that you will want to play again so that you can have the pleasure of doing everything. I've put the world map and the Marnethia College Town map up here at the top because you will probably want to refer to them often just for convenience's sake. You may want to right click on them and choose to open them in another window.

Marnethia College Town Map


Map for when flying on your broomstick


General Information