The Timebuilders: Caveman's Prophecy: General Information

Our Timebuilders: Caveman's Prophecy Walkthrough will step you through this exciting time management game. Included in this Timebuilders Walkthrough is step-by-step instructions and screenshots to help you get by even the most challenging levels.

The Timebuilders-Caveman's Prophecy is a time management game with an interesting twist.  Set in prehistoric time, you'll be collecting steaks instead of gold and stones to make a variety of buildings.  You will be harvesting giant eggs, bribing man-eating plants "Bigjaws", opening "Gotchas", and fending off crocodiles.  The goal for each level is to finish in time to obtain a Flystone; each one will add a building to your village.

Oftentimes when you play a game such as this, you will find that you just can't finish the level in the time allotted for an expert time. If you try one method several times and it just doesn't work, you need to come up with something different. Start with a different building first. Work in a different direction. Caveman's Prophecy has something different in this game and that is the ability and necessity to purchase different mounts. On some levels just purchasing the animal will be enough to allow you to finish more efficiently because they allow you to work faster and carry more stone. On other levels, you will find that you actually need to have a certain animal to finish your building task.
  • Consider restarting the level and press skip all so that you can go your own way. Sometimes the tutorial gives you instructions to do something before you really need to. 
  • Before starting a level, take a good look at what you need to do and make a plan. You can click on unobstructed obstacles to see their cost before starting; just don't click on any houses that have steaks to collect or you will start the timer. 
  • Wait before starting until all available buildings have steaks available and always start with collecting the steaks first. 
  • The market is a very important component in this game. You can make a lot of money selling your rocks. The market gives you way more money for your rocks than the pickarock (quarry) charges in every instance. The more stone you have on hand, the larger amounts of steaks you will be offered. 
  • At  1000 stone, you will consistently be offered 4000 steaks for 1000 stone. 
  • In some levels, you will not want to take the maximum amount being offered because while you will get few steaks in total, you will also use less rocks to do so.
  • Trading at the port is an interesting new twist. These are usually pretty good deals. Frequently you will be able to trade for eggs in addition to steaks, rocks, and mounts.
  • Building strategies for housing include:
    • Immediately upgrade after completing a building as you will have time before the first batch of steaks is ready
    • Upgrade immediately after collecting steaks
  • The pickarock is the name for the quarry in this game.  You will be able to buy more rock with the more expensive mounts.
  • Always purchase the maximum amount of stone available
Level 1
6 Huts
1000 steaks
  1. Build 4 more huts
  2. Collect steaks
Level 2
Clear 7 rock piles
1500 steaks
  1. Clear rock piles
  2. As lots become available, build huts
  3. Collect steaks
Level 3
8 huts upgraded once
2000 steaks
  1. Builds huts and upgrade immediately
  2. Clear rock piles
  3. Build upgraded huts on all lots
  4. Collect steaks
Level 4
6 huts upgraded once
200 rocks
  1. Build Pickarock (quarry)
  2. Build upgraded huts on all the other lots
  3. Collect 125 rocks from pickarock to finish the huts
  4. Collect 300 rocks when you get 1000 steaks
Level 5
6 huts upgraded once
1 pickarock
  1. Build pickarock
  2. Clear all rock piles
  3. Build 2 huts and upgrade
  4. Buy 125 rocks
  5. Build the rest of the huts
  6. Buy another 50 rocks
  7. Upgrade the rest of the huts
Level 6
6 huts upgraded once
Feed 2 Bigjaws
  1. There are 3 Bigjaws on this level
  2. You do not have to feed the 800 steak one if you don't want
  3. Clear the rock piles and feed the 2 other bigjaws as you have the steaks (200 and 250)
  4. Build and upgrade the huts as you have the rock
  5. Buy 125 rocks when you have the money
  6. Destroy the pickarock and build the 6th hut in its place.  


Level 7
7  huts upgraded twice
3 cavemen
3 cavewomen
  1. Buy 2nd caveman
  2. Buy 300 rocks
  3. Clear the rock piles down the left
  4. Build first hut and upgrade twice
  5. Build second hut
  6. Build third hut and upgrade both huts
  7. Buy 2nd cavewoman
  8. Pay off bigjaw at the bottom (500 steaks)
  9. Build 2 more huts
  10. Buy 3rd cavewoman
  11. Pay off Bigjaw at the top 1000 steaks
  12. You don't need to pay off the middle Bigjaw
  13. Build the last 2 huts and upgrade
  14. Buy 125 rocks to finish off huts
  15. Buy 3rd caveman  


Level 8
Build catapult
  1. You don't need to pay off the Bigjaw
  2. Clear the rock piles
  3. Build 3 huts and upgrade twice
  4. Buy 300 rocks
  5. Send 2 cavemen to the catapult
  6. Buy 4th caveman and send to catapult
  7. Buy rocks in batches of 300  


Level 9
7 huts upgraded twice
Harvest 4 food eggs
Harvest 4 rock eggs
  1. Place 4 food eggs on the 4 vacant lots
  2. Harvest these and place 4 more eggs
  3. Pay off the top Bigjaw with 1500 steaks
  4. Build huts and upgrade twice
  5. Pay off the bottom Bigjaw with 2500 steaks
  6. Build huts on all the lots but one.
  7. Upgrade without waiting if  you want; you have enough stone.  


Level 10
9 huts upgrade 3 times
10,000 steaks
  1. Place 3 eggs
  2. Clear rocks
  3. Place 2 eggs on the 2 vacant lots
  4. Harvest all available eggs
  5. Build 5 huts and upgrade fully
  6. Pay off the Bigjaw for 6000 steaks
  7. Clear rocks
  8. Build 4 more huts and upgrade fully
  9. You will have one vacant lot and do not need to build a Pickarock.  


Level 11
5 huts upgraded fully
Open 6 Gotchas
2000 rocks
  1. There are two Gotchas, one that is ready to open and one that will be ready in a bit.
  2. Be sure to open the Gotchas as they come available
  3. Harvest the 2 eggs
  4. Build 4 huts and upgrade as much as you can
  5. Pay off the Bigjaw 3000 steaks
  6. Open the 3rd Gotcha
  7. Build a Pickarock and start buying rocks 300 at a time.
  8. Build the 5th hut and upgrade fully.  


Level 12
1 Dino-Golem
Shake 3 kittens
  1. Clear the rocks you can get to
  2. Harvest the 4 eggs.
  3. Pay off the Bigjaw for 1000 steaks
  4. Build a Pickarock and 3 more huts
  5. Upgrade all huts just twice
  6. Pay off the second Bigjaw for 2000 steaks
  7. Open the Gotcha
  8. Build huts upgrade twice on all the lots
  9. When done, send 3 cavemen to the Dino-Golem
  10. Buy rocks 300 at a time 
  11. Buy 2 more cavemen and send to build  


Level 13
3 huts fully upgraded
30 civilization
3000 steaks
  1. Clear rocks
  2. Harvest 1 egg
  3. Open Gotcha
  4. Build 3 huts and fully upgrade
  5. Build 3 crystals for civilization goal and don't forget to repair them if you build them early
  6. Buy 125 rocks  


Level 14
2000 from Smoker
Shake 2 kittens
2 campfires
  1. Upgrade the hut and build another one
  2. Open the Gotcha
  3. Pay off the Bigjaw 1000 steaks
  4. Upgrade the other hut and build a 4th hut
  5. Buy 300 rocks
  6. Build 2 campfires
  7. Keep collecting from the smoker.  


Level 15
5 villas fully upgraded
1 smoker
12,000 steaks
  1. Harvest 3 eggs
  2. Clear rocks
  3. Build 3 more villas and a smoker
  4. Upgrade as much as you can
  5. Pay off Bigjaw 5000 steaks
  6. Buy 300 rocks twice
  7. Build the 5th villa and upgrade everything  


Level 16
5 villas fully upgraded
5000 from market
  1. Make 2 trades at the market for 500 steaks each time
  2. Clear rocks
  3. Harvest 3 eggs
  4. Open the Gotcha
  5. Make 3rd trade at market for 4000 steaks and don't use the market anymore
  6. Pay off the Bigjaw 4000 steaks
  7. Build a Pickarock and 4 villas
  8. Open the 2nd Gotcha
  9. Buy rock and fully upgrade all 5 villas  


Level 17
3 markets
Harvest 3 eggs
20 civilization
  1. Start clearing all the rocks
  2. Harvest the food egg
  3. Pay off the first two Bigjaws
  4. Harvest 4 rock eggs
  5. Build 2 markets
  6. Trade the middle trades at the market for only enough to pay off the Bigjaw at the bottom right for 3000 steaks
  7. Destroy the campfire as you move past it and build 2 crystals to get the civilization goal.
  8. Do not pay off the Bigjaw at the left of the screen and do not build a Pickarock.  


Level 18
Buy Mount 1
10,000 steaks
3,000 rocks
  1. Harvest 1 egg
  2. Open Gotcha
  3. Clear rocks
  4. Buy Mount 1
  5. Build two more Villas and upgrade all three fully
  6. Build a smoker
  7. Buy rocks 800 at a time and only up to 3000 rocks total
  8. Do not pay the Bigjaw.  


Level 19
1 Sunclock
2 Crystals
  1. Harvest food eggs first
  2. Pay off the Bigjaw to the south with 500 steaks
  3. Harvest more eggs.
  4. Pay off Bigjaw to the north with 3000 steaks
  5. Leave the other Bigjaw alone.
  6. Build a Pickarock and 3 fully upgraded villas
  7. Buy a mount
  8. Build 2 crystals
  9. Send 3 cavemen to sunclock and buy 2 more
  10. Save 1 caveman to make rocks.  


Level 20
20,000 steaks
6,000 rocks
  1. Harvest food rocks on the two available lots
  2. Open the Gotchas to the south
  3. Buy mounts.
  4. Pay off the Bigjaw to the right 3000 steak first and then the left one
  5. Harvest all the eggs
  6. Build a Pickarock and buy 350 rocks
  7. If you run short of time, take a look at the screenshot to see which Gotchas have the most steaks and rocks to pick up.
  8. I am able to do this with 20-25 seconds to spare.  


Level 21
7 Villas
1 Fountain
12,000 steaks
  1. Harvest 2 eggs
  2. Clear rocks
  3. Build 4 villas and fully upgrade
  4. Build the fountain
  5. Pay off the Bigjaw 4000 steaks
  6. Build a Pickarock and look at how much rock you have.  You need 900 to finish off, so collect 2 to 3 loads of 300 rocks
  7. Build 2 more villas
  8. Destroy Pickarock when you have enough rock to finish and build the last villa.  


Level 22
1 Windmill
  1. Clear rock
  2. Harvest 4 eggs
  3. Build Pickarock
  4. Build 3 villas and fully upgrade
  5. Buy a mount
  6. Build a smoker
  7. Pay Bigjaw 3000 steaks
  8. Send all but 1 caveman to the windmill and buy 5 more as you can afford them while keeping enough rock in stock.  


Level 23
4 villas
All bridges
3000 rocks
  1. Clear rocks
  2. Harvest the rock egg first.
  3. Destroy the market.
  4. Harvest the other eggs.
  5. Build the top bridge and open the Gotchas.
  6. Buy a mount
  7. Build Pickarock. and buy 800 rocks at a time
  8. Build a villa.
  9. Build the second bridge, destroy the market, and build another villa.
  10. Build the third bridge and build a third villa.
  11. Once you have 3300 rocks, destroy the pickarock and build the last villa.  


Level 24
5 palaces, fully upgraded
5 deals at the port
  1. Activate the port
  2. Collect the 500 steaks and destroy the villa
  3. Build  2 palaces
  4. Pay off the Bigjaw 2000 steaks.
  5. Open Gotcha
  6. Build a Pickarock
  7. Save the other lot for harvesting eggs (if you have any to harvest); otherwise build a palace.
  8. Buy a mount (if you haven't traded for one at the port)
  9. Build bridge to the last two lots and build palaces  


Level 25
25,000 steaks
  1. The Gotcha across the bridge has 20,000 steaks
  2. Build a palace on the first lot and upgrade fully
  3. Clear the rocks
  4. Harvest the egg on the second lot
  5. Activate the northern most port and trade for at most 2 more eggs
  6. Pay the first Bigjaw 2000 steaks
  7. Build a market and use a tendency to choose the middle deal
  8. Build a Pickarock
  9. Buy a mount
  10. Buy rock at 800 per load
  11. Build the bridge for 6000 stone
  12. Open the Gotcha for 20,000 steaks
  13. Collect the last 5,000 steaks with the market and palace  


Level 26
2 contraptions
2 statues
2  musical horns
  1. Harvest 3 eggs
  2. Build 3 palaces and upgrade fully
  3. Pay first Bigjaw 4000 steaks
  4. Buy mount
  5. Build a Pickarock and buy in 800 rock batches
  6. Build a second smoker
  7. Build 2 contraptions first to increase the palace frequency
  8. Pay off the next Bigjaw 2500 steaks
  9. Build 2 musical horns
  10. Pay the next Bigjaw
  11. Build 2 statues  


Level 27
Chase all crocs
Harvest 5 eggs
  1. Build a palace and upgrade once right away
  2. Buy a mount
  3. Chase the first croc
  4. Harvest an egg
  5. Build a Pickarock
  6. Buy 350 rocks
  7. Build bridge for 1000 rocks
  8. Open the Gotcha
  9. Activate the port
  10. Get all the crocs 
  11. Keep the contraption operational
  12. Build another palace and upgrade it
  13. Make trades at the port and harvest the eggs as you get them
  14. Build the top bridge at 2500 rocks
  15. Chase the two crocs at the top and open the Gotcha
  16. Keep buying rocks to get 5000 rocks for the final bridge and croc  


Level 28
1 rockboat
  1. Clear rocks
  2. Harvest a rock egg and then the other 2 eggs
  3. Build bridge for 750 rocks to port
  4. Open Gotchas
  5. Activate the port and make trades
  6. Pay the Bigjaw to the top 3000 steaks
  7. Buy a mount
  8. Build a Pickarock
  9. Upgrade the villa
  10. Chase the croc and remove the rock blocking the civilization items
  11. Buy rocks
  12. Build the bridge to the left for 1500 rocks
  13. Build and fully upgrade a palace on the lot where you hatched the eggs
  14. Pay off the Bigjaw to the right for 9000 steaks as you get them
  15. Send all but one cavaman to the build the boat.
  16. Buy additional cavemen and keep buying rocks  


Level 29
Buy Mount 2
2 Pickarocks
20,000 rocks
  1. Clear rocks
  2. Build a market
  3. Activate the port
  4. Make a trade at the market
  5. Buy mount 2
  6. Make as much rock as you can
  7. Pay off first Bigjaw for 2000 steaks
  8. Keep making trades 
  9. Pay off Bigjaw to the right for 5000 steaks
  10. Open Gotcha
  11. Build 2nd Pickarock
  12. Pay off the other Bigjaw for 7000 steaks
  13. Make trades for steaks and buy rocks 


Level 30
3 huts upgraded once
3 villas upgraded twice
3 palaces upgraded thrice
  1. Harvest all 5 eggs
  2. Destroy Pickarock and harvest eggs there too.
  3. Build 3 palaces and upgrade fully
  4. Pay Bigjaw blocking the smoker 10,000 steaks
  5. Pay Bigjaw down the right path 15,000 steaks
  6. Open Gotcha
  7. Pay the Bigjaw down the left path 5,000 steaks
  8. Buy a mount
  9. Chase the crocodile away
  10. Pay the next bigjaw 7500 steaks
  11. Build 3 villas and upgrade twice
  12. Pay the right most Bigjaw 25000 steaks
  13. Destroy the smoker
  14. Build 3 huts and upgrade each once
  15. You will leave the Bigjaw at the bottom center. 


Level 31
Shake 40 kittens
40,000 from market
  1. Clear rocks
  2. Harvest the eggs at the one vacant lot
  3. Make trades at the market 
  4. Buy mount 2
  5. Buy rocks
  6. Once eggs are hatched, build a market on that lot
  7. Build the bridge for 1500 rocks and build another market
  8. You will get 40,000 steaks well before the kitten shaking goal
  9. Keep shaking those kittens 


Level 32
1 hot air balloon
  1. Harvest eggs
  2. Pay Bigjaw to the right 1000 steaks
  3. Build palaces after eggs are hatched
  4. Buy mount 2
  5. Clear the path at the bottom to the right
  6. Open Gotcha
  7. Build bridge and clear the rocks
  8. Open the other Gotcha
  9. Build Pickarock
  10. Pay the Bigjaw blocking the contraption 2500 steaks
  11. Pay the Bigjaw between the two palaces 5000 steaks
  12. Send cavemen to the balloon to build
  13. Buy more cavemen as you can afford them
  14. Keep buying rocks 


Level 33
8 castles fully upgraded
40 civilization
80,000 steaks
  1. Clear rocks
  2. Build two castles
  3. Pay the Bigjaw blocking the upper castle  1000 steaks
  4. Pay the Bigjaw blocking Gotcha 3000 steaks
  5. Open Gotcha
  6. Build 3rd castle and upgrade all as much as possible
  7. Buy Mount 2
  8. Build Pickarock
  9. Destroy palace to the right and build castle
  10. Upgrade all castles
  11. Build 2 contraptions
  12. Destroy Pickarock after collecting 3000 rocks
  13. Pay final Bigjaw 9000 steaks
  14. Build the last 3 castles and fully upgrade
  15. Buy a few more cavewomen to collect the steaks 


Level 34
3 castles
3 contraptions
30,000 steaks
  1. Clear rocks
  2. Harvest 3 eggs
  3. Buy mount 2
  4. Build 2 castles and upgrade as much as you can
  5. Pay Bigjaw down the center 10,000 steaks
  6. Open the Gotchas
  7. Pay Bigjaw to the right 2500 steaks and build the third castle
  8. Build the bridge with 2500 rocks
  9. Make one trade at the market
  10. Destroy the market and build a smoker
  11. Pay the Bigjaw to the left 5000 steaks
  12. Build a Pickarock
  13. Build 3 contraptions
  14. If you have enough rock left over, destroy the Pickarock and build a second Smoker. 


Level 35
4 castles
4 smokers
20,000 from the smokers
  1. Collect 250 steaks
  2. Destroy hut
  3. Pay the Bigjaw 750 steaks
  4. Build 2 castles and upgrade
  5. Pay the Bigjaw toward the bottom 2000 steaks
  6. Buy mount 2
  7. Build a Pickajaw and buy rock
  8. Remove croc at top, destroy the building, and build another castle
  9. Build a smoker
  10. Pay the next Bigjaw for 2500 steaks and build another castle
  11. Destroy the Pickarock after upgrading all 4 castles and having 1500 rocks
  12. Keep paying off the Bigjaws
  13. Build smokers as you have space 


Level 36
1 telescope
  1. Harvest 2 eggs
  2. Clear rocks
  3. Build 3 castles and upgrade
  4. Build Pickarock
  5. Buy mount 2
  6. Build bridge for 1000 rocks
  7. Pay Bigjaw for 4000 steaks
  8. Open Gotcha
  9. Build bridge for 2000 rocks
  10. Pay next Bigjaw for 8000 steaks and then the next one for 12000 steaks
  11. Build last bridge for 3000 rocks
  12. Send all cavemen but one to build the telescope
  13. Buy 3 more cavemen 


Level 37
Feed all Bigjaws
Chase all crocs
15,000 rocks
  1. Build villa and upgrade twice right away
  2. Buy mount 1
  3. Chase away  crocs
  4. Open Gotcha
  5. Trade at the market
  6. Pay off the Bigjaws blocking the castles
  7. Pay off the Bigjaw blocking the Pickarock
  8. Buy 900 rocks
  9. Build smoker
  10. Pay off the Bigjaw blocking the 2 Gotchas
  11. Buy mount 2
  12. Pay off the last Bigjaw
  13. Start buying rocks at 2000 at a time. 


Level 38
70,000 from markets
3 markets
  1. Clear rocks
  2. Open Gotchas
  3. Build 2 markets
  4. Take the middle deals
  5. Pay off the Bigjaws
  6. After paying off the 8,000 steak Bigjaw, start taking the high end deals at the market
  7. The last Gotcha has 70,000 steaks.
  8. Buy mount 2
  9. Build a Pickarock.
  10. Destroy the castle
  11. Build another market
  12. Buy rocks continuously
  13. Take the high end trades 


Level 39
25,000 from smoker
25 market deals
5 castles
  1. Clear all rocks
  2. Make deals for 250 steaks at each market
  3. Buy mount 1
  4. Chase away croc
  5. Open Gotcha for 5000 rocks
  6. Build another market
  7. Build 3 castles and upgrade
  8. Make small deals at the markets
  9. Buy mount 2
  10. When you make the market goal, tear down all the markets and build a Pickarock
  11. Buy two batches of 2000 rocks and destroy the Pickarock
  12. Build 2 castles
  13. Build smoker
  14. Fully upgrade the castles
  15. Build any civilization with any extra rock 


Level 40
1 parameteorite
  1. Harvest 1 egg
  2. Clear rocks
  3. Build a Pickarock and Smoker
  4. Make a trade at the market
  5. Buy mount 1
  6. Clear croc
  7. Buy rocks and trade for steak
  8. Pay Bigjaw 4000 steaks
  9. Open Gotcha
  10. Activate the port
  11. Use the lot near the port to harvest eggs
  12. Buy mount 2
  13. Send all but one caveman to build
  14. Buy more cavemen and rocks


Level 41

Level 42

Level 43

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