The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen: General Information

The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen Walkthrough includes step-by-step instructions for the entire game, the location of all hidden items and solutions to all puzzles. Some video solutions available. Help Munchausen find all the pieces of the magic stone and save the kingdom.

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Overview: In this twisted fairytale, evil comes to town and steals all the riches and happiness. Therefore, when a rather nasty man offers loads of gold to marry the King's daughter, he throws her to the wolves and says yes! The Princess calls upon her admirer, Munchausen to save her from a fate worse than death.

Hints: These are unlimited, but need to refill.

Hidden Object Puzzles: These are not your normal hidden object scenes. You must drag an image from the right onto a similar image in the scene.

Finding Items: A item is shown on the right in while form with a number beside it. This number tells you how many "parts" must be found to make the entire item. Sometimes not all the parts are in the current scene and it will say, for example, 1 + 2. Meaning, 1 item is in this location/scene and 2 other items to complete it are in another location/scene. The screen in some locations can be moved left and/or right.

Mechanism Puzzles: At the end of each chapter you must complete a puzzle. You will use your inventory items to complete the moving puzzle.

The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen

Chapter 1
  1. click on the pigeon
  2. find the items for the Slingshot and Hypnosis Disk


  1. use the Hypnosis Disk on the pigeon
  2. take the Letter
  3. use the Slingshot on the bell


  1. go forward
  2. find the 1 parts Horse Food (Carrot), 1 Horseshoe, and 1 Oilcan


  1. examine the water spout/pipes
  2. Pipe Puzzle
    1. rotate the pipe pieces so they are all aligned
    2. you must use all the pieces
    3. see screenshot for solution
  3. pick up the Key


  1. use the Key on the locked box
  2. open the box and move the hay aside - you'll need to move it forward and back
  3. pick up the 3 parts Horse Food (Apples)
  4. go down
  5. find the Horse Food (Cauliflower), and 2 Horseshoes


  1. examine the stable door - hidden object mini game
  2. receive Saddle and Box of Matches


  1. use the Oilcan and Matches on the lantern
  2. examine the box of papers
  3. Paper Puzzle
    1. put the pieces of paper together like a jigsaw puzzles
    2. right click to rotate
    3. see screenshot for solution


  1. take the Horseshoe


  1. go forward
  2. place the Horse Food in the trough
  3. place the Saddle on the horse
  4. click on each hoof separately and place a Horseshoe on it
  5. click on the horse
  6. find the Board and Fuse
  7. look in the tree and take the Hammer


  1. examine the swamp
  2. Swamp Puzzle
    1. find the 14 differences
    2. see screenshot for solution


  1. take the Target
  2. look in the tree and take the Spring
  3. examine the campsite - hidden object mini game
  4. receive Cannonball and Gunpowder


  1. pick up the Log


  1. go down
  2. find  the 2 Logs and Platform
  3. look in the basket and take the Crackers and Nails


  1. go down
  2. pick up the Log


  1. go forward twice (swamp)
  2. place the Logs on the slimy tree branch
  3. use the Hammer and Nails to secure the logs
  4. go up the ladder
  5. Mechanism Puzzle
    1. click play 
    2. place the Target where the arrow points
    3. click play again
    4. place the Board across the log
    5. open the Cannon and retrieve the Magic Stone
    6. place the Cannonball and Gunpowder inside
    7. click the Fuse twice
    8. give the Crackers to the woodpecker (in the tree)
    9. place the Spring Board on the platform
    10. click play
    11. see screenshot and/or video for solution


Chapter 2

  1. Slider Puzzles
    1. slide the furniture around so Munchausen can escape
    2. see videos for solution

  1. pick up the piece of Magic Stone


  1. find the 3 parts Sharp Sabre, Cat, Bell, Glove, 1 Berry and Rope


  1. use the Sharp Sabre on the tree fungus
  2. look inside the tree - hidden object mini game
  3. receive Berry and Plate


  1. move screen to the right
  2. find the GlovePlate, and 2 Carrots
  3. use the Gloves on the thorny branch
  4. use the Sharp Sabre on the Rope


  1. move screen to the left
  2. find the Carrot


  1. move screen to the right
  2. give the Carrots to the Rabbit
  3. use the Cat on the dog
  4. go (walk) right
  5. move the screen to the left
  6. find the Lever, Handle (Mallet), and 4 Mahjong Tiles


  1. move the screen to the right
  2. find the Mahjong Tile
  3. Match-3 Mini Game
    1. click the boat when one or two items on the conveyor belt are lined up with a matching item on the boat (an arrow will hover overhead)
    2. you are trying to match three like items
    3. continue for each ship until you've collected all the Coins
    4. puzzle is random


  1. move the screen to the left
  2. find the Bellow Part the Wheel


  1. go forward
  2. talk to the Guard
  3. give the Guard the Mahjong Tiles and Coins
  4. Mahjong Game
    1. match two like tiles
    2. clear the board
    3. puzzle is random
  5. take the Magic Stone


  1. move the screen to the left
  2. find the 1 part Wine (Cork), 2 Chain Links, 1 part Mallet, 1 part Lever, 1 part Bellows, Gun and Ladle


  1. move the screen to the right
  2. find the Gunpowder


  1. use the Mallet to smash the barrels
  2. take the Lid


  1. open all the shutters
  2. take 1 part Wine (Label)
  3. examine the upper window - hidden object mini game
  4. receive the Berry and Bottle


  1. go down twice
  2. place the Berries into the cauldron
  3. use the Bellows on the fire
  4. place the Lid and Ladle on the cauldron
  5. use the Empty Bottle on the cauldron
  6. receive Sleeping Potion
  7. go forward twice
  8. give the Sleeping Potion to the Guard by the gate
  9. use the Chain Link on the broke chain - left side of gate
  10. use the Gate Lever on the gate and turn it
  11. go forward
  12. Mechanism Puzzle
    1. fix the Rope
    2. use the Cork to load the gun
    3. place the Plate on the conveyor belt
    4. place the Carrots on the small, white plate by the wheel
    5. place the Rabbit in the wheel
    6. turn the clock hands to 9:50
    7. click play
    8. see screenshot or video for solution


  1. receive a piece of Magic Stone
Chapter 3

  1. move the screen all the way to the left
  2. find the 3 parts Cheese, Fan, and Tongs


  1. move the screen all the way to the right
  2. find the 2 parts Grapes and 2 parts Bread


  1. examine the three black robed figures - hidden object mini game
  2. receive Grapes and Ember



  1. give the Grapes, Cheese and Tongs with Hot Ember to the sailor on the ship


  1. make sure your screen is dead center
  2. click on the sailor to fire the cannon
  3. give the Fan to the sailor in the crow's nest
  4. take the Coin
  5. give the Coin to the strange man on the beach
  6. receive the Magic Stone and Bread
  7. give the Bread to the sailors on the ship
  8. board the ship
  9. examine the four floating crates
  10. take the Magic Stone and Board



  1. take the Rope and Pulley


  1. take the Board and Pulley


  1. take the Rope and Torch


  1. Mechanism Puzzle
    1. take the Magic Stone
    2. place the Pulleys on the top of the fish's mouth
    3. hook the Rope to both Pulleys
    4. place the Boards on the sails
    5. turn the cannon on the left towards the right
    6. turn the cannon on the right towards the left
    7. give the Torch to Munchausen
    8. click play
    9. see screenshot or video for solution


Chapter 4
  1. move the screen all the way to the left
  2. find the 1 part Flower, Roof Tile, and 1 part Brush


  1. move the screen all the way right
  2. find the 1 part Brush


  1. use the Brush to clean the statue
  2. watch for a donkey pulling a cart and take the Beehive
  3. give the Beehive to the bear
  4. find up the 1 part Hat (Feather) and 1 part Pipe


  1. move the screen all the way left
  2. find the 1 part Brush


  1. examine the knot on the lamp post
  2. Knot Puzzle
    1. untie the knot in the correct order
    2. see video for solution

  1. click on the cart - hidden object mini game
  2. receive Gun Powder and Brush


  1. find 1 part Ship


  1. look in the middle window and take the Hat
  2. place the Hat and Brush on the statue
  3. go forward
  4. move the screen all the way to the left
  5. replace the Roof Tiles
  6. Roof Puzzle
    1. drag and drop the pieces in the correct places
    2. see screenshot for solution


  1. find the 1 part Epaulettes, Cat, 1 part Flower (Pot), 1 part Ship and 2 parts Pipe


  1. move the screen all the way to the right
  2. find the Pliers and 1 part Ship
  3. use the Pliers on the ball and chain and get Cannon Ball


  1. examine the tent - hidden object mini game
  2. receive the Fishing Pole


  1. place the Flower Pot on the balcony when the woman is not there
  2. use the Gunpowder on the fire (by the tent) when the woman is watering the flower
  3. place the Cannonball in the canon while the guard is still knocked out
  4. go down
  5. place the Pipe in the horses mouth
  6. take the Magic Stone


  1. pick up the 1 part Epaulettes


  1. go up
  2. click on the town clock and change it to noon
  3. use the Epaulettes on the tavern door
  4. enter the tavern
  5. Mechanism Puzzle
    1. close the door
    2. place the Cat on the doormat
    3. place the Ship on the shelf under the window
    4. give the Fishing Pole to Munchausen
    5. drag the hook over to the door knob
    6. remove the umbrella from the hook and open it
    7. move the painting over the second from left window
    8. move the pillow onto the moose head
    9. move the frying pan to the middle of the table
    10. open the shutters on the window above the door
    11. inflate the bagpipes on the wall
    12. click play
    13. see screenshot for video for solution


  1. take the last Magic Stone

Chapter 5
  1. Magic Stone Puzzle
    1. put the Magic Stone back together like a jigsaw puzzle
    2. right click to rotate the pieces


  1. Magic Stone Puzzle 2
    1. find the differences
    2. see screenshot for solution


The End...?