The Island: Castaway: General Information

The Island: Castaway Walkthrough provides detailed information on how to survive your time on the lonely island you find yourself shipwrecked on after your ocean liner sinks into the sea. Use our detailed step-by-step instructions to guide your progress or take a peek at our frequently asked questions to get the answers you're looking for as you play this exciting survival SIM game.

Where is everybody?
How does the map work?
I'm tired of clicking all the time. How can I move more quickly?
What happens to my character when I am using the map, my inventory, or my recipe area?
How do I know when I have to find somebody?
Should I pick up everything I see?
My inventory bag is too small. How do I get a larger inventory or get rid of excess inventory?
How do I buy stuff? What can I buy?
How does trading with Nomato work?
I have more than one task to complete or more than one person to talk to. Which should I do first?
What is up with the boars and snakes? They're mean.
How do I kill the boars and snakes?
Where can I find ...?
How do I find Steffi the first time?
Where is John?
Where is Nick?
Where is Mike?
Where is Phato when he is lost?
How do I catch a crab?
When I try to catch a crab, I run away. What's up with that?
How do I fish?
Where is the rosemary Boguro wants me to find before she teaches me to plant?
Where do I find turnips, potatoes, cabbage, pineapple, fuki, and watermelon?
I am hungry. How and what should I eat?
What kind of upgrades are there?
How do I use the protective potion?
What happens when I run out of food energy?
Where is the edelweiss needed for the antidote?
How do I get Boguro's fuki?
Where are the statues?
What do those initials mean?
Where is the Heart of the Island?
How do I get all of the Gold Trophies?

I still need help. Just give me the walkthrough.

Following the walkthrough--this is more than just one way to play the game. Sometimes you will have more than one task and you can more easily complete one than another. For example, Nick's later food requests can be done right away or more slowly depending on what you have in your inventory.

Part I
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

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