The Clockwork Man - The Hidden World: General Information

The Clockwork Man - The Hidden World Walkthrough is a complete guide to the sequel to The Clockwork Man. Included are solutions to all puzzles plus a thorough walkthrough for this hidden object game.

The Clockwork Man - The Hidden World Walkthrough provides step-by-step instructions to the entire game with solutions to all puzzles.

  • The game will not penalize you for over-clicking
  • Looking at the journal will give you hints on what to do as important items are sometimes highlighted in red
  • Use the task list frequently
  • Advanced object locator - standard hint to actually locate a random hidden item
  • Progressive hint system - gives you a nudge in the right direction.  It will use a hint to tell you that there is nothing to do in the current area, so be careful about that.
  • Object Database - shows you a picture of the selected item and recharges more quickly than the others
  • Scrolling scene - the fastest way to scroll is by clicking near the edge and dragging
  • The puzzles cannot be skipped.


  • Read the journal and note that you need to do something with a level that is locked
  • Pick up the crowbar.
  • Use the crowbar from the inventory on the padlock
  • Use the lever to turn on the lights


  • Find and investigate the steam engine
  • Zoom forward and click on the steam engine
  • Click on the water tank to discover it needs some water
  • Click on the furnace door
  • Pick up the bucket
  • Click on the furnace to discover you need something to burn
  • Click on the brake and the throttle to discover you can't use them until you start the engine
  • Exit the scene


  • Zoom between the 2 areas and find all hidden objects, including 10 coal and matches



  • Place the bucket under the water pump in the first scene and try the pump only to break it.
  • Pick up the bucket
  • Go to the Village Stream and scroll along to find all hidden objects, including lantern and iron bar
  • Use the bucket on the water to get a bucket of water



  • Return to the Abandoned Mines and then to the steam engine
  • Put the coals in the furnace.
  • Use the bucket of water on the water tank.
  • Use the lantern on the coals in the furnace
  • Light the coals with the matches
  • Try to release the brakes
  • Put the iron bar in the control panel
  • Place the first lever in the middle position
  • Place the second lever in bottom position
  • Put the third lever (iron bar) in the top position
  • Return to the steam engine and release the brake



  • Go to Parents' Bedroom
  • Find the hidden objects and Leatherbound Journal and Parents' Photo
  • When you pick up the Cashbox, you will discover that you will need to investigate the carpet's edge later.


  • When all objects have been found, click on the carpet's edge to discover you need the proper tool.
  • A new location will be available.  
  • Go to Parents' Attic and find hidden objects and Hammer.



  • Return to Parents' Bedroom
  • Use the hammer on the floor panels
  • Click on the floor safe and then the safe lock for cut scene
  • Next morning, go to the Cemetery.
  • Pick flowers 



  • Place bouquet between the 2 headstones
  • Click on Father's grave
  • You need to push all the pins down so that you can flip the number
  • Do so in the order show and then flip the number over.


  • Click on the heart-shaped hole on the angel's chest.
  • Return to the attic and find the hidden objects and the Heart-Shaped Object
  • Return to the cemetery and put the heart into the hole in the angel's chest.
  • Pick up the key from hiding place in the gravestone
  • Return to Parents' Bedroom 
  • Use the key on the floor safe
  • Pick up the items from the safe
  • Return to the Professor's Office and find the hidden objects


  • Click on the broken vase
  • Repair the torn valentine


  • Click on the safe to find the strange lock
  • Read the journal and note the numbers on the valentine and the numbers on the list of books
  • Open the lock by matching the numbers on the valentine to the books on the list in your journal and then clicking on the symbols that go with the name of the book.
  • Pick up everything in the safe


  • Go to the Village Square
  • Try to talk to the sleeping man
  • Go to the Farmhouse and find the hidden objects including the Wood Cage, Trumpet, and Trowel.




  • Place the Wooden Cage on the grass and discover you need squirrel food.
  • Go to the Village Stream and find the hidden objects including 9 Acorns
  • Use the Trowel on the earth pile (purple circle) and pick up the bone



  • Go to the Village Square
  • Use the Trumpet on the old man
  • Give the Bone to the dog.
  • Pick up the ball of yarn.
  • Give the yarn to the cat.
  • Pick up the stick that was under the cat.
  • Go to the Farmhouse
  • Put the Stick on the Wood Cage
  • Put the Yarn on the Stick
  • Put the Acorns into the Wood Cage
  • Wait for the squirrel to go in the cage and click on the string where it is tied to the stick


  • Pick up all the food and receive a cup of tea.



  • Go to the Village Square and give old man the Cup of Tea
  • Try to pick up the Fishing Rod behind the old man.
  • Pick up the bottles and the other hidden objects
  • Use the Fishing Rod to knock the Mini-Scarecrow off the roof and pick it up.


  • Go to Farmhouse
  • Put the Scarecrow on the Crow.
  • Pick up the Key that was under the Crow and the Shiny Ring on the ground.
  • Use the Key on the locked drawer
  • Click on the Open Drawer


  • Pick up the hidden objects and the Fishing Hook


  • Combine the Fishing Hook and Fishing Rod together in the inventory
  • Go to the Village Stream
  • Using the Fishing Rod on the tangled object in the stream to get another obsidian cylinder


  • Go to the Village Square and give the old man the Shiny Ring to receive the Charm
  • Go to the Farmhouse and give Martha the Charm
  • As you explore the cave, use the Crowbar on the Chest to the right.
  • Click on the Chest to get hidden object scene.


  • The Brush is behind the Padlock and the Pickaxe is behind the Bellows.


  • Scroll to the far left and use the Pickaxe on the Ice.
  • Return to the middle of the screen and click on the Mosaic.


  • Use the Brush to clean off the Mosaic.
  • Find the 9 Stone Moons and Exit scene


  • Find 6 Disks
  • There is one disk in the trunk
  • Place the Stone Moons on the Stone Carving; when they are properly placed you will be able to place the Disks.
  • Place the Disks and rotate them to fit
  • After following down tunnel, click on the elevator to end the chapter


  • Starting in the Tundra, find hidden objects, Bone Knife, and Ladder.






  • Go to the Desert
  • Find the hidden objects and Mortar and Pestle





  • Go to Woodland
  • Find the hidden objects and Tweezers
  • Also pick up the Red Clay Deposit on the far screen (purple circle)
  • Place Ladder against the tree and pick up the Slingshot
  • Your Ladder is back in the Inventory
  • Pick up Pebbles from the first screen (purple circle)



  • Return to Desert.
  • Use Tweezers to pick some cactus thorns
  • Combine the clay with the thorns
  • Go to the Rainforest
  • Click on the Tree Door and the Giant, Drooling Plant will come to life
  • Use the Slingshot and Pebbles on the Beehive over the Plant.


  • Click on the Treehouse
  • Find the hidden objects on the three levels plus 2 Bamboo Sticks
  • On the top level use the Bone Knife on the strange plant
  • Combine the plant with the mortar and pestle.




  • Go to the Tundra
  • Pick icicles off the fence.
  • Combine the icicles with the drinking cup
  • Go to the Rainforest
  • Your icicles will melt.  Combine the water in the cup with the mortar and pestle
  • Combine the contents of the cup with the darts.
  • Combine the bone knife with the bamboo to cut the bamboo into short segments
  • Combine the darts with the bamboo
  • Return to the Tundra to finish the chapter
  • Go to the all 4 stations and pick up the shining yellow disk at each location
  • Go to Overlook Plateau
  • Click on the Spindle and place the 4 Disks on in any order
  • Rotate the outside, largest, black disk to match up the lines to the icons on the rock.
  • Then with the next 2 disks match the lines.  
  • The inside disk should be rotated to match up the icons on the rock.
  • This puzzle finished too quickly to actually get a screen shot (twice!) but it is not difficult.


  • Go to the Desert and click on the Panel on the Obsidian Station
  • Put an Obsidian Cylinder in the round opening
  • Solve the water puzzle by getting water into the tubes to match the drawing in the journal.
  • The water flows from the edges to the first junction and then on to the next junction IF you place a tube block.
  • Pick up the items from the hidden compartment


  • Go to the Rainforest and click on the Panel on the Obsidian Station
  • Put an Obsidian Cylinder in the round opening.
  • Solve the air puzzle by getting the floating disks to match the drawing in the journal
  • Start by pressing the white air button
  • You can swap the disks by pressing the small white buttons between columns
  • Pick up the items from the hidden compartment


  • Go to the Tundra and click on the Panel on the Obsidian Station
  • Put an Obsidian Cylinder in the round opening.
  • Take the glass tile out of inventory and place it on the puzzle.
  • Solve the fire puzzle by placing the glass tiles in such a way to form a fully-lit square with the light shining evenly through each square.
  • Pick up the items from the hidden compartment\


  • Go to the Woodlandsand click on the Panel on the Obsidian Station
  • Put an Obsidian Cylinder in the round opening.
  • Take the sphere out of inventory and place it in the puzzle.
  • Solve the Earth Puzzle by getting the metal spheres to match the drawing in the journal
  • Put the proper number of balls in each column.
  • Place the magnets so as to move the balls to one end of the column or the other.
  • A magnet on both ends places the balls in the middle


  • Go to the Machine Entrance
  • Place the Ladder against the wall.
  • Click on the circular opening and put an Obsidian Cylinder into it.
  • Put the Hexagons into the holes in the correct order.
  • Find the correct order from the Heracletus quote on p. 14 of the journal.
  • Click on the Entrance.
  • Click on the Hexagonal Pillar Structure


Premium Edition Bonus Level - This comes after Chapter 3.
  • Solution to Main Puzzle


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