The Agency of Anomalies: Mystic Hospital: General Information

The Agency of Anomalies: Mystic Hospital Walkthrough includes detailed screenshots and videos of all puzzles and hidden object scenes as well as step-by-step instructions on how to complete the game. The Agency of Anomalies: Mystic Hospital is an exciting Hidden Object Adventure Game with a mystery awaiting your sleuthing expertise. Explore the abandoned military hospital and defeat the strange experimental subjects running rampant before it’s too late!

Agency of Anomolies: Mystic Hospital

Objective: Explore the old military hospital and discover what's become of the old experiments still walking the grounds.

General Information

Notebook: All important information and clues are automatically recorded here. Check here for current goals as well.

Magnifying Glass: Your cursor will turn into a magnifying glass when there is something you need to take a closer look at

Hand Icon: Your cursor changes to a hand when you can pick something up. 

Sparkling areas: These indicate an interactive scene or a hidden object scene

Anomolous Activity Detector: In the lower right hand corner of your screen, clicking on this will give you hints on what to do next.

Top Secret Files: In the lower left hand corner of your screen, this shows you the experiments conducted at the hopsital. You will need to find the files throughout the game

The Nexus: This is where you store the paranormal energy you collect from the experiments

Chapter 1: The Lightning Man


* Click on the truck door on the left and take the AXE
* Click on the small shack on the right
* Use the AXE on the door of the shack three times
* Click on the shack to access the hidden object scene


* Use the matches on the lantern to get a lit lantern
* Put the kettle on the burner to get steam
* Find the abacus and move 5 beads the left get 5
* After you find all the items, you'll receive the detonator


* Click on the dynamite along the wall and use the DETONATOR on it
* This will start a mini-game where you will have to turn the right switches to make all the lights turn green.


* Click on the switchs in the following order: 1, 2, 5, 2, 4
* Check out the video for a detailed solution

* The wall will blow up and you will be able to proceed to the next scene


* Take the top secret page that's in the middle of the path
* Click on the horseshoe by the tree to take it
* Move toward the hospital.
* There's nothing you can do yet at the hospital doors, so go to the left


* Take the smoke grenange
* Take the key
* Click on the hidden object area to play


* Use the artist palette on the painting of the white cat to get a black cat

* Use the hammer on the ship in the bottle to get the toy ship

* Use the needle on the embroidery to get a heart

* After you find all the items, you will receive a gramophone handle

* Use the gramophone handle on the gramophone

* Go back two screens until you are back to the screen with the fountain

* Take the path to the right now


* Click on the door to the garage

* Use the key on the padlock and enter the garage

* Once the cut scene is done, click on the hidden object scene

* Put all the objects where they belong



* You will receive the lock pick once you place all the objects correctly
* Click on the chest to start a mini-game


* See the screen shot and video for the solution

* Take the crowbar from the chest you just opened
* Return to the fountain screen


* Use the crowbar on the grate
* Click on the grate to start a mini puzzle
* You have to connect the pipes to complete the puzzle
* See the screenshot for the solution


* Now go to the hospital entrance

* Use the crowbar on the door to remove the planks

* Enter the hospital 


* Click on the crate in front of you to open it

* Take the top secret files

* Go through the doors between the staircases


* Take the metal letter A on the left

* Take the nexus tube on the desk

* Click on the photo on the desk to start a mini-game


* Click any two gray pieces to swap the tiles of the picture.
* When you have it correct, it will turn brown
* See the complete image above
* Head back to the fountain scene and take the path on the left now


* Click on the shoe to move it
* Click on the valve to take it
* Return to the fountain scene


* Use the valve on the pipe by the fountain
* Click on it to turn it
* Go back down the path on the left


* Click on the water pump and then click on the handle to pump the water
* Use the nexus tube on the energy left by the lightning man

Chapter 2: The Invisible Man

* Once you collect the energy from the lightning man, enter the first door on the left


* Take the battery on the desk

* Take the brush on the floor 

* Take the tank for gasoline that's on the floor

* Exit the scene and go back to where the lighning man was

* Now enter the door straight ahead


* Take the lantern bulb in the case in front of you
* Click on the flashlight
* Use the battery and the lantern bulb to get the flashlight working
* Take the flashlight
* Click on the fusebox in the back of the room
* Use the flashlight on the dark fusebox to start a minigame
* Click on the frayed wires to repair them
* Then turn the dials to 15, 25, 15, 10, 10
* See video for a more detailed solution

* Now the lights are on in the hospital hallway on the second floor
* Go to the garage where the leaking gas was


* Use the tank for gasoline to collect the fuel
* Move one screen forward


* Take the ice pick on the bench

* Go to the hospital

* Head to the upper hallway on the second floor on the left

* The lights are now on

* Watch the cut scene of the invisible man

* Use the smoke grenade to scare him away


* Click on the broken glass on the floor.
* You have to place the broken pieces in the correct place to see what was written.
* See the screenshot above for the solution
* Go through the first doorway on the left


* Take the medal on the bed

* Click on the floorboards by the book to zoom in. Click the floorboard a few times. 

* Take the pistol

* Click on the bookshelves to access the hidden object area


* After the hidden object area, you will receive a playing card. 

* Leave the room and enter the second room on the left from the hallway


* Take the ceramic insulators on the floor

* Take the wire scraps on the table

* Use the gasoline on the lantern on the table on the right

* Take the lit lantern

* Click on the xray machine

* Use the insulators and the wire scraps on the xray machine

* Go back to the main entranceway of the hospital
* Now enter the hallway on the left on the ground floor


* Use the lantern on the hook on the wall to light the hallway.
* Click on the doors on the right
* Click on the switch behind the doors to light the hallway
* Enter the room on the right


* Click on the radio on the mantle

* Click the radio dial three times

* Take the notes

* Click on the playing cards on the table

* Use the playing card in your inventory to complete the deck
* Solve the mini-game. See the video for a detailed solution

* Go through the door straight ahead


* Take the bread crumbs on the table on the right
* Click on the hidden object scene to access it



* Once you complete the hidden object scene, you will receive the cupboard handle
* Use the cupboard handle on the cupboard to open it
* Go back to the hospital entranceway
* Click on the door on the second floor on the right with the padlock
* Use the pistol on the padlock to break it open
* Take the chain on the door


* Enter the second door on the right


* Take the wrench from under the bed

* Click on the nightstand drawer and take the empty tin box

* Click on the pillow to move it

* Click on the diary to play a mini-game

* See the video for the solution

* Take the medal from the book
* Go back out to the hallway


* Use the wrench on the wheel of the cart
* Click on the cart to move it from the door
* Go through the door that was just opened for you


* Click on the skull to take it

* Click on the bottle for acid on the shelf to take it

* Click on the maze on the table to start a mini-game

* Use the breadcrumbs on the maze to entice the mouse through the maze



* Guide the mouse through the maze

* See the solution in the screen shot above

* Take the projector detail
* Click on the projector on the table
* Use the projector detail on the projector to turn it on
* Return to the kitchen downstairs


* Click on the open cupboard

* Use the empty tin on the flour to fill it

* Click on the flour filled box to take it

* Go back outside to the fountain area
* Go down the left path
* Enter the first door on the left where the headless skeleton is


* Use the skull on the headless skeleton
* Take the wrench that was behind the skeleton on the shelf
* Take the nexus tube that fell on the floor
* Go back outside and then go in the door straight ahead of you


* Click on the pool on the right to zoom in
* Use the chain to hook the key out of the liquid
* Take the key
* Use the wrench on the tanks in the back right to take the hose
* Go back to the room in the hospital with the x-ray machine


* Use the flour filled box on the floor to find the invisible man's footprints
* Click on the x-ray machine to zoom in on it
* Click on the switch on the right to start it
* Once the invisible man is zapped, use the nexus tube on his energy to capture it
* Click on the green flask on the right shelf to take the distilled water

Chapter 3: The Burning Man

* Go back to the entranceway of the hospital
* Now go into the hallway on the left on the ground floor


* Zoom in on the second door and use the key you found in the liquid

* Go through the door


* Click on the safe on the right to zoom in

* Enter the code 6-13-19, which you found on the glass puzzle earlier

* Once the safe opens, you'll see a scrap of paper

* Click on the paper to see the code C68B104

* Close the safe and take the safe handle

* Now click on the machine in the desk



* Enter the code A27A957 that you found in the playing card mini-game

* Take the medal

* Now enter the code C68B104

* You'll receive another top secret file

* Go back to the main entranceway of the hospital
* Now go into the hallway on the right on the second floor
* Click on the back of the hallway to zoom in on the stairs


* Place the safe handle on the place with the missing handle

* Now, click on the wheels in the order shown above

* Go up the stairs


* Take the nexus tube on the floor

* Click on the right to access the hidden object scene



* After you match all the objects, you will receive a grime covered record

* Go through the window


* After the cut scene, take the cone on the ground to your right
* Go back two screens to the hallway with the fire extinguisher on the wall


* Use the hose and the cone on the fire extinguisher
* Take the fire extinguisher
* Go back to the burning man
* Use the fire extinguisher on the burning man
* Go to the kitchen downstairs and click on the hidden object scene



* Once you match all the objects, you will receive a stove governor

* Go back to the burning man


* Click on the tank by his feet
* Use the governer on the tank
* Use the nexus tube on the energy left behind by the burning man
* Head down the stairs straight ahead of you

Chapter 4: The Ice Man


* Take the top secret files near the path

* Click on the gravestone to zoom in

* Use the brush on the gravestone

* Take the medal 

* Click on the car to zoom in

* Use the bottle for acid on the dripping battery acid 

* Click on the hidden object scene to play



* The final object is the letter T

* Click on the chapel doors to access a mini-game


* Use the notes on the lock. You now have to play the notes to open the door. See the video for a detailed soltion

* Enter the chapel


* Click on the officer's lantern on the floor

* Use the wrench on the lantern

* Take the nexus tube

* Click on the letter B by the organ to take it

* Exit the chapel and go to the screen with the statue and the inscription


* Click on the inscription on the statue
* Place the letter B, T, and A on the inscription
* Take the pinned cylindar
* Go down the right path
* Click on the engine to the left twice
* Go back to the chapel
* Click on the organ
* Use the pinned cylindar on the organ to start a mini-game


* Play the tunes that are given. See the solution above.
* Once you play the final tune, a key will drop
* Take the hanger key that's on the floor
* Exit the chapel and click on the door in the back
* Use the hangar key on the door
* Go into the hangar


* Click on the ice block on the right to zoom in on it
* Use the ice pick to break off some ice
* Take the ice
* After the cut scene, click on the boxes on the left


* Use the grime covered record on the tin
* Use the bottle of acid on the record
* Take the record
* Go back three screens to the attic of the hospital
* Click on the hidden object scene



* You will receive the alcohol lamp
* Now click on the tray on the desk
* Use the ice, the alcohol lamp, and the distilled water on the desk


* Click on the items in the right order

* See the solution above

* Take the crystals

* Go back to the hangar


* Click on the gun
* Place the crystals into the opening to start a puzzle
* Place the crystals so they fit in the opening
* See solution above
* Click on the gun
* Use the nexus tube on the energy left by the ice man
* Take the medal on the floor

Chapter 5: The Wolf Man

* Exit the hanger and click on the tombstone to access the hidden object area


* You will receive the pliers
* Go to the front of the hospital where the gramophone is
* Access the hidden object area there


* You will receive the roll of paper

* Use the record on the gramophone

* Click on the paper in the drawer to see the code


* Go back into the hospital

* Enter the upper hallway on the left

* Enter the first room on the left

* Access the hidden object area


* You will receive the scissors

* Now go back to the hospital entrance and enter the upper right hallway

* Go up the stairs

* Click on the typewriter


* Use the scissors on the typewriter tape to cut it

* Take the telegraph tape

* Go back to the hallway and enter the first room on the right

* Use the telegraph tape on the projector


* You'll see that there is a code that gives you a number for each element

* Go back to the hospital entrance

* Go straight through to the office area and click on the device in the back


* Use the paper roll on the device

* Now plug in the code, 4,2,7,9,3 from left to right

* Get the message front gate
* Go back to the front gate to access a hidden object area


* You will receive the nexus tube

* Go to the garage to access another hidden object area



* You will receive the oar
* Go to the boat area


* Use the oar on the boat
* Take the fishing net
* Use the wire cutters on the engine
* Get the steel wire
* Go back to the hospital
* Go into the lower left hallway and enter the second room on the right


* Click on the phone
* Dial 3-9-7-4-2
* Enter the elevator


* Take the top secret files
* Click on the round panel

* Place the medals in the correct position

* Click on the lever


* Press the buttons in the correct sequence to turn all the lights green

* See the solution above

* Go back out of the elevator


* Click on the machine on the desk
* Use the steel wire and the horseshoe on the mahcine
* Click on the lever above the horseshoe to turn it on
* Use the net on the wolfman


* Take the screwdriver on the floor
* Take the top secret file on the right
* Take the ectoplasm tube next to the secret file
* Use the nexus tube on the wolfman's energy
* Click on the back wall. There are missing badges.

Chapter 6: Dr. Dagon

* Go back to the elevator and click on the lever
* Go to the hospital entranceway
* Go into the upper hallway on the left


* Click on the plaques above the door
* Use the screwdriver to remove them
* You'll receive the lightning and the telekinesis badges
* Go back to the hospital entrance and then head into the upper right hallway


* Click on the plaques above these two doors and remove them as well with the screwdriver
* You will receive the ice and werewolf badges
* Go back to the elevator and click on the lever to head back down
* Go back to the badges on the back wall


* Place the badges in the right slot. Check your notebook to see the corresponding numbers for each element.
* See the solution above: wolf, fire, ice, lightning, telekinesis
* Go forward to the next room


* Click on the circle under Dr. Dagon
* Use the tube of ectoplasm on the container to fill it
* Use the nexus on the alter in front of Dr. Dagon
* Click on the nexus to start the puzzle


* Congratulations! You have completed the game!

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