Tales From The Dragon Mountain: The Strix: General Information

Allow our Tales From the Dragon Mountain: The Strix Walkthrough to be your companion as you fight to defeat an evil spirit. When Mina starts having nightmares about her childhood home being consumed by flames, along with her beloved grandmother, she decides to take a trip back to ease her worries. However her quest for peace quickly turns into an adventure full of trials and danger. Our step-by-step instructions, insider tips, and custom screenshots will give you the edge you need to help Mina defeat Strix once and for all.

As you start the game, you need to decide which difficulty to play. I recommend playing Casual mode.The hints and the sparkles aren't too helpful with this game, so you don't need Easy mode. If you play Adventure without the Find Items list, then the cursor will change when you hover over something you need to pick up. I think it's a more fun challenge to actually look for and find items from a list, rather than just hover over everything in the scene. I also found the Tasks list to be kind of obvious and thus not too helpful. So Casual mode it was for me! But the good thing is that you can switch back and forth if you want.

The Walkthrough is written as if you didn't play the Tutorial, but you still might want to go ahead and do so, just to get familiar with how the cursor changes and such. There are things to interact with in the game, especially in the beginning, that are not necessary for gameplay, so I have not included them. However, you should feel free to check everything out. There is really nothing you can do here to mess yourself up. On the Screenshots, I have circled items on the Find Items list in yellow. Orange circles were used for other areas/items you need to interact with. The game is divided into very distinct chapters.

  • You will start the game with the medallion in your inventory 
Front Door 
  • Pick up the wooden plank
  • Double click on the wooden plank in your inventory 
  • To spell "Malik" you just click on a letter and if it stays lit then that is the write letter in the proper order. 
  • Move the bucket and pick up the key 
  • Use the key on the front door and enter


  • Pick up the cogwheels 
  • Click on the cabinet to the left, open the drawer, and pick up matches


  • Go through the door to left into the kitchen 
  • Pick up the knife, teapot, and tea


  • Click below the sink. 
  • The pipes puzzle only has 3 moving pieces and you can solve it by moving 2 of them


  • Pick up the teapot and place it under the faucet to get a teapot with water 
  • You can click on the faucet to turn the water off if you would like. 
  • Combine the tea in the teapot (in the inventory pane) 
  • Click on the picture to the right 
  • Use the knife on the picture 
  • Get a key 
  • Use key on the locked door to the right of the stove and enter the pantry 
  • Pick up the 3 cogwheels and the petroleum jug.


  • Click on the stove 
  • Pick up the coal dust 
  • Double click on the wooden plank 
  • Put the coal dust on the indent on the wooden plank 
  • Click on the face and a flame will appear on the face 
  • Close out of the wooden plank
  • Put the petroleum jug on the coal. 
  • Light the coal with the matches 
  • Put the plank on the fire.


  • Meet Malik; he wants some tea 
  • Place the teapot on the stove 
  • Pick up the teapot after it steams 
  • You can't give the teapot to Malik 
Living Room 
  • Return to the entry and then into the living room 
  • Click on the map and then click on the circled area on the map. 
  • Click on the globe and keep clicking on it until you find the area that was circled on the map. 
  • Click on that spot and get a cogwheel 


  • Click on the far door into the bedroom 
  • Pick up the teacup 


  • Return to the kitchen 
  • Combine the teacup with the teapot 
  • Give the tea to Malik; he gives you a ring 
Living Room 
  • Go to the living room and click on the chest to the right 
  • Put the medallion on the chest lock 
  • Put the ring on the lock and the chest will open 
  • Pick up the crest 
  • Go to the bedroom and place the crest on the headboard 
  • Pick up the key
Back Room 
  • Go through the kitchen and pantry into the backroom 
  • Pick up the cogwheels 
  • Click on the door to the right and then on the bottom portion. 
  • Place the cogwheels on the posts; there is no puzzle here. 
  • Then click on the upper part and find the 4 differences on the right side. 
  • Use the key on the door lock/handle.



The Tree
  • Find the items on the list


  • Head to the right where the broken statue and fountain are and find the items on the list.


Garden Gate
  • Head right again to the gate area and pick up the items. 
  • When you pick up the last lamp piece, it will automatically be put together.


  • Return to the Tree and then go to the left into the shed; if you tried to do so before, you couldn't see but now you can with your lamp
  • Find all the items. 
  • Double click on the paper pieces in your inventory. 
  • Paper puzzle; just click on each piece to rotate it. 
  • When you place a piece in the proper spot it will lock in. 
  • You are trying to find a number.


  • Return the tree. 
  • Use the shovel on the pile of dirt and pick up a key 
  • Use the key on left bottom desk drawer
  • Piece together the recipe to "Revive the Sleeping Thing." 
  • You need a container, strawberries, mistletoe, water, and a pine cone
  • If you have collected 6 statue pieces, you can click where the head should be on the statue 
  • Solve the statue puzzle and get an Earth marble 
  • Click on the circle on the fountain base and enter the secret code from the shed and get another marble
  • Click on the water in the fountain 
  • Pick up the bucket and dip it into the water 
  • Pick up the net and catch the goldfish 
  • If you have 8 planet marbles (Pluto isn't a planet in this game, hrmph!), click on the door to the mausoleum 
  • Just place the marbles on the circles in no particular order or spot. 
  • Press the center sun area and the door will open 
  • Light a candle against the wall 
  • Pick up the leaf 
  • Click on the square section of the tomb. 
  • Swap tiles to make a picture and receive a pinecone.


  • Go to the area and catch a gold butterfly 
  • Drop the ingredients into the cauldron in any order 
  • Then place the flask on the cauldron to fill it up 
  • Return to the tree and give the filled flask to the tree 
  • After Stribor finishes his conversation, click on him again to ask about unlocking the gate. 
  • He needs 3 symbols of water, earth, and air (goldfish, leaf, butterfly) and will give you 3 gold coins. 
  • Click on the gate. 
  • Just place each coin one at a time until you see the weight move and then go to the next one. 

  • Pick up all the items on the find item list in the yard.


  • Pick up all the items on the find item list in the carriage.


  • Find the items on the list  
  • When you pick up the last items of the 5 branches, nails, hammer and 3 planks, you will receive a ladder 
  • Place the ladder up the side of the house and collect the key. 
  • Click on the door area and then use the key on the door.


House Interior 
  • Enter the house. 
  • Pick up the cloth on the chair and use it to clean the windows. 
  • Find the items on the list 
  • Double click on the 6 book scraps and put them together.


Wolf Statue 
  • Return to the outside and go to the wolf statues. 
  • Place the 3 wolf statues on the matching color pedestals and get the wolf medallion. 
  • Click on the metal rectangle on the statue in the center 
  • Spin each ring to make the picture and add the wolf medallion at the end. 
  • Press on the medallion and the statue will rise and expose stairs into the ground  


  • Take the stairs underground 
  • Pick up a piece of the magic wand 
  • Use the pickaxe on the rocks 
  • Pick up the glass jar
  • Use the key on the chest 
  • Pick up the book 
  • Match the gems to get the remaining white gem to finish off the magic wand 
  • Combine the book page with the spell book


  • Go through the tunnel to encounter the dragon 
  • Use the magic wand on the dragon 
  • Get a Match 3 game where you want to make matches to ultimately match the book tiles. 
  • When you win, the dragon will shrink. 
  • Find the items on the list 
  • Put the glass jar on the shrunken dragon to capture it. 
  • Double click on the 4 broken jar pieces and assemble it as usual


  • Go through the door on the left to the Wolfmaster 
  • Give the Wolfmaster the dragon in the jar to get a puzzle 
  • You will need to close out of it and get the items on the list 
  • Click on the Wolfmaster again to get the puzzle 
  • You want to place each rock in the appropriate hole. 
  • You can do this by looking at the translation sheet or just trial and error. 
  • The stones are in the right spots when the color lights up. 
  • You will get a magic pine and wolf's paw


  • Return to the cavern 
  • Place the golden pump on the water at the spring. 
  • Place the empty jar under the faucet 
  • Click on the pump and pick up the filled jar 
House Interior 
  • Return to the house and click on the contraption that looks like 2 dishes on the floor 
  • Put the pixie coins on the dishes and the open the doors 
  • Use the shovel to dig a hole 
  • Plant the magic pine 
  • Pour water onto the pine and watch what happens. 

Front Door
  • Head to the front door straight ahead 
  • You want to turn the dials so that they match the colored lines on the door. 
  • A few of the dials cause another dial to turn, but only once. 
  • Start with the bottom vertical dial, then the top 2, and then the center one. 
  • The dials along the horizontal (except for the center) move singly.


Amala and Electricity Room 
  • Go upstairs to the left 
  • Find the items
  • Click on the table and find the items 
  • Click on the contraption in the center and place the battery
  • Solve the puzzle by getting all the lights to light up green
  • Click on the inside light and then the outside light and do so all the way around. 
  • A few of the outside lights will turn off some inside lights. 
  • Turn those lights back on and then the outside lights. 
  • Get the capacitor fuse 
  • Place it into the charger on the wall to the right and get the charged capacitor.


Plant rooms 
  • Return to entry and go upstairs to the right. 
  • Use the acid on the plant blocking the door. 
  • Find the items in the next 2 rooms 
  • Use the pliers on the dead vines covering the chest in the first room. 
  • Click on the chest and get a meteorite.



Electricity Room 
  • Give the Edelweiss to Amala in the electricity room and receive a sword 
  • Return to the entry and use the meteorite to open the door in the hole at the top. 
  • Find the items in the laboratory 
  • Click on the table and find the items 
  • Pick up the scraps of paper on the left side of the table and put them together
  • Double click on the recipe and it will tell you exactly what you need. 
  • Back away from the table and get the liquid glass with the ladle
  • Add all the ingredients. 
  • Use the flask on the potion.



  • Return outside 
  • Go to the left and cut open the plant's mouth with the knife
  • Use a stick to prop its mouth open. 
  • Grab the key out of the mouth 
  • Go to the right. 
  • Give the bone to the chest with the mouth and teeth. 
  • Click on the box once and then use the 2 keys to lock it shut.


  • Go to the ship and click on the square. 
  • Placed the charged capacitor in the center and then place the crystals so that each lights up.



Crash Site
  • Pick up items


  • Click on the bottom left and then click on the wing part twice and pick up items


  • Click on the blocked cave entrance to the right 
  • Use the saw on the wing and get a plank


  • Return to the first screen and place the rope and then a plank to repair the rope bridge 
  • Cross the bridge. 
  • Find the items


  • Return to the cave entrance. 
  • Place the handle in the detonator, the wire around the rocks, and then the dynamite
Cave Gate 
  • Enter the cave 
  • Find the items


  • Click on the chest to the right. 
  • Use the crowbar to open the chest 
  • Find the items


  • Go to the area to the left of the gate 
  • Find the items 
  • Place the medallion on the holder and click on it 
  • Place the 10 pearls and solve the puzzle 
  • Work from the outside in until the last 3, then get the inside pearl in place, then the third pearl, and then the second. 
  • Use the key to open the gate


  • Find the items


  • Click on the desk and find the items


  • Go to the right and pick up the screwdriver 
  • Click on the elevator motor and use the screwdriver to remove 4 screws 
  • Place the 6 cogwheels onto the posts 
  • Place the 3 levers below the top one 
  • Click to the right in the holes for the switches 
  • You need something to protect your hands so pick up the gloves and click again 
  • Place the switches and flip them 
  • Place the 2 green crystals in any of the slots 
  • Pull down the levers down in order. 
  • The top one will flip back up. 
  • Turn it down again and then turn down the bottom lever again 
  • The gears will start turning


  • Back up and go in the elevator which is now open 
  • Put the lever in the handle of the elevator and travel down


  • Find the items and click at the top of the screen to go back up 
  • Go back to the elevator motor and place the red crystals 
  • Go back in the elevator and end up top 
  • Click on the building to the right 
  • Place the book on the bookstand 
  • Double click on the potion and then click on the book 
  • You will transport back to the bedroom of the house  


  • Back out of the bedroom and all the way out of the house 
  • Talk to Strix 
  • Use the sword on him 
  • Play Match 3 again, except match sword tiles. 
  • Finish

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