Swarm Gold: General Information

  • Destroy asteroids and rocks for bonus shields and weapons.
  • Get some speed in a direction, then reverse direction as you let out a mine to "throw" it into a group of enemies.
  • Conserve your shots for nice big groups.
  • During bonus levels, use the mini map to seek out as many power ups as possible.
  • When playing level 21, blow up all the rocks and there's a special bonus prize.
  • Once past level 5, each rock destroyed has a 5% chance of having the Star Clubber in it. However, each level can only have 1, so you can stop looking after you've found it.
  • The Star Clubber can destroy as many rocks as you want, but only so many enemies before it blows up!
  • When you have enemies on your tail, drop a mine and then slow down. The enemy will also slow down - this trick will keep them in the mine's blast radius.

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