Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge: General Information

Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge Walkthrough takes you on this delightful journey with Nancy Drew to Japan with detailed instructions, custom screenshots, and video solutions for some of the most challenging puzzles. It's up to you to discover the secrets of this heart-stopping mystery before the ghost takes its ultimate revenge.

Note: This is a nonlinear, point-and-click game; this means actions can be done in several different orders, although there are a few steps that must come before others. Feel free to deviate from this walkthrough, but if something isn't happening that this walkthrough mentions is supposed to happen, go through the steps I took before to make sure you've done all of them up to this point as well.

Tip: Everything in this game works on the clock; if for some reason, someone isn't where they should be or where this walkthrough mentions they are, it's probably because it's too late or too early. Don't worry—just head back to your room at the ryokan, set the alarm for 7pm, and then pick up where you left off.

To Start
The game starts in Nancy's bedroom, where you have four options:
  1. Read through the scrapbook, which contains information about previous cases (games).
  2. Read "How to Be a Detective," which contains information about how to play the game.
  3. Read the Case File, which contains background information on this case (game).
  4. Click on the plane ticket, which starts the game!


After you click on the plane ticket, you'll have to decide if you want to play in junior detective or senior detective mode; the junior detective mode has more clues (including a checklist to help you decide what to do next) and easier puzzles.

Day 1: The Ryokan Hiei (Inn)
  • Follow the storyline until Miwako places the key to room 24 on the counter; pick it up by double-clicking it. Go through all the options of talking with Miwako.
  • Explore the lobby next. It includes the tea ceremony fire pit (with the burning coals), the easel with the guests' names on it, and two tables with books on them, one to each side of the entry door. If you try to look at the fallen portrait, Miwako warns you away.


  • After you're done exploring the lobby, head to your room by going through the doors to the left of the fire pit. Bess and George call you as soon as you're through the door. After the conversation, continue up the stairs (for now, ignore the hallway to the right). When you get to the hallway of doors, go to yours, room 24, which is the third door on the right.
  • Use the key you got from Miwako to get in. Right now, the main items of interest are to the left: the box with the green lid and the welcome folder.


  • In the welcome folder, you'll find information about the ryokan and local transportation. You'll also find envelopes that Nancy calls "useful." In the box, you'll find Nancy's teaching supplies. If you grade all the homework assignments (a total of five), you'll get an award at the end of the game. New assignments show up each morning.
  • To grade, stamp to the left of each answer, then to the right of each name at the top.


  • When you're done grading, turn around to face the door you came in. To the right is a close; in it, you'll find your suitcase. Open the suitcase to get the train pass and the Japanese dictionary.


  • That's all you can do in your room for now. Start exploring the rest of the ryokan: there are four hallways, two on each side of the lobby, one upstairs and on down. Go down the stairs to the hallway you passed earlier; you'll find the baths mentioned in the welcome folder on your right. When you tro to go in, you'll run into Rentaro, who explains that the blue banner means men only right now; the red banner means women only, and it alternates every other day.
  • Head back towards the lobby and through to the other hallway of rooms. Go down the hallway to your left all the way to the end, to the Cultural Room (room 18, on the right) to get your first lesson with Takae. It will be in katakana (Japanese calligraphy) and you'll write your name (well, Nancy's name).
  • Once takae has finished explaining katakana, you'll be presented with a brush and paper; try to stay in the lines and fill the lines in as much as possible or you'll have to start over. Each number counts for one stroke; if you try to add another stroke (for example, to go back and fill in an area you missed), you'll have to start over. To start over, grab a new piece of paper, which you can access by clicking on the stack in the top left corner.


  • Once you've successfully written your name, talk to Takae, asking her all the questions possible. Then, head out to the gardens: go out the back way by taking a right when you leave the Cultural Room, then take two lefts. Both downstairs hallways start in the lobby and end in the garden.
  • Now it's time to explore the gardens. The first thing you come to is Rentaro's shed. Go in and speak to him completely. He'll talk to you about puzzles and give you three different types, one at a time: first, a nonogram; then, a Sudoku; and finally, a renogram. You'll have to complete one of the previous type before he'll give you one of the next. Rentaro will also offer you another puzzle of the type you've completed (for example, once you complete the first nonogram and go back in to tell him, he'll offer you a Sudoku and another nonogram).


  • If you finish all of one type (for example, if you complete all eight nonograms), Rentaro gives you information you can use later, although it is not essential information. If you complete all eight of each type of puzzle for a total of 24 complete puzzles, you'll get an award at the end of the game. (Solutions to all of these are at the bottom of this page.)
  • Finish exploring the gardens. Walk the paths on either side of the pond; you can cross the poind by taking the red bridge or by using the stepping stones. In front of the door to the lobby is a stone lanter; on the left side of the pond across from Rentaro's shed is a bamboo water fountain (if you've noticed a tapping noise, this is what's making it!).


  • Check your phone for the time; if it is earlier than 10pm, work on Rentaro's puzzles until 10pm rolls around. Once it is 10pm, head into the ryokan lobby to hear a guest complaining to Miwako. When she leaves, go back out to Rentaro's shed. Try talking to him again; this time, you'll have additional questions to ask him.
  • Ask about the portrait from the lobby and he'll let you try to fix it. Click on the gloves to get to the back of the portrait, where you'll have to move the dots around until no lines are crossing. There is obviously more than one way to do this, but here's how mine looked at the end.


  • Take the back off the portrait and pick up the certificate and article. Talk to Rentaro about both; he'll refuse to translate the article for you. Head back into the ryokan lobby and talk with Miwako. At this point, there's not much to do until 2am, so you can either work on more of Rentaro's puzzles or you can head back to your room to set the alarm for 2am. To set the alarm, click on your phone, then on menu; click on "clock," set the alarm for what time you want to wake up (in this case, 2am), and then hit the "set alarm" button.
  • After your nap, head back down to the lobby. Since it's past desk hours, Miwako won't be there and you can take a look behind the counter. You'll see the computer—for which you'll need a password to access—a puzzle box—which whenn you try to pick it up, Suki the robocat goes crazy—and of course Suki. Don't try to pick the puzzle box up twice or the game ends. You can, however, tell Suki to "tate"; that's not very helpful right now, though.


  • Behind you, notice the security system (which takes five cards), the four security cards (one is missing), and te instructions fo rhow the security system works. You can't do anything with this right now.
  • There's not much else you can do tonight, but if you end up wandering around until 4am, Nancy will decide to go to bed on her own. If you go to bed right now, set the alarm for 7pm.
  • During the night, a ghost appears on the patio. Once she leaves, open the door (the screen will rip) and step outside. Head back in to go back to sleep. (If you wandered around instead of going to bed, the ghost will appear the following night.)
Day 2: The Baths and Yumi
  • When you wake up, open the green box and grade the new homework if you want to. Then, head to the baths. ON your way out, Bess and George call you. Talk about what has happened so far and hang up. When you get to the baths, you'll see the banner is read—head on in! Approach the mirrors for a freaky apparition, then check out the baskets. All the upturned baskets have stuff in them, but make sure to read the Bad Luck Brochure and to pick up the animal card. Then, head into the baths themselves.


  • Once you get through the doors, turn to your right, towards the showers. Get up close to the center until you can use the magnifying glass; Nancy will notice that "something is missing here"—a mosaic tile. To the left is the bath itself. Feel free to take a bth; if you take them once every other day, you'll get a reward at the end of the game.


  • Next, head out to the lobby. Talk to Miwako about the screen in your room and any other questions that you'd like to ask. Once you're done talking with Miwako, head through to the cultural room for another lesson with Takae. Right outside the door, George and Bess call you again with a puzzle to solve in order to get the secret word that deactivates Suki's guard mode. George has it sent to the ryokan.
  • Enter the cultural room to learn that today's lesson is origami. Match the almost finished folds with the finished origami, as shown in the picture below. The second drawer in the cabinet on the left can now be opened, and inside is information on origami. Go through the options of speaking with Takae, but don't ask her about the article.


  • Exit the cultural room and head back to the lobby. Miwako will have a deliver for you: the puzzle from George. Pick it up, talk with Miwako if you want, then start working on the puzzle. Before starting on the puzzle, you can head out to the garden to talk to Rentaro about the broken mirror in the baths, but he doesn't offer any new information at this point. The puzzle should look familiar—it's several sudoku puzzles overlapped.


  • Once you've finished the puzzle, head to your room, open the welcome folder, and take out an envelope. While the envelope is on the screen, click on the backpack to show your inventory, click on the Sudoku, and then—Sudoku in hand—click on the envelope. This will put the Sudokuin the envelope and George's name will appear on the front. Take it out to the lobby and leave it with Miwako. Next, it's time to go meet Yumi!
  • Head out the front door of the ryokan. Use your dictionary to translate the words on the sign in the left corner of the screen and head for the trains. Once you get to the train station, notice the map of routes on the left wall. Use it to pick which stops to go to until you reach Matsue Station, which is where the Exposition Center is. There's probably more than one way to get there, but the stops I took are: Nagoy – Otsu – Tokyo – Katsuta – Toyama – Fuji –Iga – Matsu.


  • At Matsue Station, pick up the piece of paper laying on the railing at the bottom right corner of the screen. Exit the station straight into the Exposition Center. Turn to the right to see Yumi at the Bento counter. Talk to her; she'll leave you alone to work on a Bento Box. These are random, so you'll have to do them on your own—read the instructions in the top right corner of the screen to get an idea of how to do them. After your first Bento Box, talk with Yumi again, going through all the questions you can. At some point, Yumi will realize she's running out of boxes and will give you the key to her apartment and her phone number.
  • Head back to the train station. This time, the destination is Kurume Station and the route I took was (albeit a little round-about): Matsue – Iga – Fuji – Niigata – Seto – Tochigi – Sendai – Hiratsuka – Naha – Obihiro – Saga – Kofu – Kurume. When you exit the train station, Bess and George call; talk to them about the Suki commands and Yumi, then hang up.  Your phone will beep; check it to see the "messages" button blinking; click on it to see new picture messages from Yumi.
  • Enter Yumi's apartment with the key she gave you. Grabd the Bento Boxes on the counter to the left. In the closet on the right, pick up the CD and use the dictionary to translate the name of the items in the box, which turn out to be dye.


  • Now go towards Yumi's bed. Click on the book on the bed to open it, then pick up Savannah Woodham's business card with her phone number on it. Her number is automatically entered in your phone, so give her a call now. Click on your phone, then menu, then on phone, and scroll through the numbers until you get to Savannah's. Logan, her assistant, will answer and then hang up on you. Call right back, only for him to hang up on you again. Go back to finish looking at the book. Click to turn the page to discover that the chapter on the Ryokan Hiei has been torn out.
  • Step back from Yumi's bed and look to the right. You'll see a shelf with frogs on it and a computer and shelf. Check the frog on the right to see that it can be opened, but needs a code to unlock it. Read the letter on the left. Now, focus on the shelf. Click ont he book under the picture frame to see that it is about shadow puppets. To the right is a DVD player—the CD you found in the closet is actually a DVD! Put it in the player and enjoy the creepiness. When it ejects automatically, pick it back up. Look at the computer. When you click on the Avatar icon, you'll be presented with a screen that asks for a password.
  • That's all you can do in Yumi's room for now. Head back outside and call Bess and George from the train station to update them on all you found. When you get off the phone, click on the stop for Matsue Station—notice that travel is automatic now; you don't have to figure out the stops in between.
  • When you get back to Yumi, she gives you a phone charm. Talk to her as much as you can; she'll also give you another Bento Box to do, after which she'll give you the password to the fashion/avatar program on her computer. Head back to Yumi's apartment to try it out. Right outside her apartment, you'll get a call from George saying it's time to call Savannah. Talk to her thoroughly. When you hang up, the phone beeps, showing that you got some new picture messages. Look at them—and notice the kinda creepy one with eyes and an...egg?
  • Head over to the computer and click on the Avatars button in the top right; use the password Yumi gave you to unlock the program.


  • Once you're in the program, make some avatars! Send them to your phone to use them as pictures for all your contacts (go into "contact," click on "options," then arrows will appear next to their (blank) picture at the top; scroll through to the avatar you want to use for them), or send the avatars to other contacts in your phone. When you're done, exit the program, and Logan calls you. Talk to him as much as you can.
  • Head back to the ryokan (to the Misawa Station) and up to your room. Spooky stuff will happen on your way up, but once it's over enter your room. Just as you did for the Master Sudoku puzzle, place the article in an envelope. Logan's name is automatically written on the front. Head back down to leave the envelope with Miwako; you'll run into another unhappy customer. Talk to Miwako about the ryokan's situation. You'll have to leave the room and then come back to hand her the envelope, though, because she gets distraught. Once you leave the envelope with her, you can also ask her some additional questions.
  • The last thing you want to do today is try out the commans on Suki. Head back to your room and set your alarm for 2am. When you wake up, go back to the lobby, behind the counter. You can use all the commans you learn, but the one that matters is "Suki, mate."
  • Now you can access the puzzle box without Suki attacking you. To open the box, use the instructions on the paper you found in the train station. To highlight a panel, click on it. To unhighlight a panel, click on it. The steps for the junio level are: 1) all panels down; 2) middle panel left; 3) all panels up; 4) bottom panel right; 5) middle panel left; 6) top right panel right. See video. The senior level has a few additional steps: 7) top left panel left; 8) middle panel right.

  • Once you open the box, puck up the piece of mosaic, the envelope with the words on it (which you can translate using your dictionary), and the letter, which you can read but not take. This is also where my phone beeped with a text message from Logan containing the translated article.
  • It's late, but you know what the mosaic tile is for! Head back to the abths and click on the mosaic tile wall; the piece from the puzzle box is automatically added, but now you have to up all the pieces and rearrange them around the center area. It should look like this when you're done:


  • Immediately after finishing the puzzle, the circle in the middle lowers and you see Miwako and Rentaro arguing. That's all you can do for Day 2; head back to your room and set your alarm for 7pm the next day.
Day 3: The Pachinko Parlor and Savannah's Book
  • Wake up and grade the homework in the green box (if desired). When you’re done, you’ll get another picture message from Yumi. As with the past two days, a lesson from Takae is next! Head to the Cultural Room to learn about the tea ceremony. Place the correct name tag in front of each item used in the tea ceremony.


  • Once you finish, another specter appears; talk to Takae as much as possible. If she stops talking to you, try once more until she won’t answer any more questions.
  • Head out to the lobby; try to talk to Miwako, but when you tell her you know what happened to her mother, she gets upset and won’t talk anymore. Head out to the garden shed to talk with Rentaro. He’s a bit more talkative, so go through all the questions you can ask him; he’ll give you a task to go to the Pachinko Parlor to pick up a collar for Suki.
  • The Pachinko Parlor is at Kure Station according to the welcome folder in your room. Head to the train station and get to Kure Station. My route was: Misawa – Nagoya – Otsu – Aomori – Ube – Sakai – Kure. The Pachinko Parlor is to the right. Once you go in, you’ll see three main areas: the game machines to the left, the prize machine in the middle, and the photo booth to
    the right.


  • Get up close to the prize machine to find inside the collar for Suki, but more importantly, a comic book that Nancy finds "interesting." To get the prizes, you have to play the game machines to the left, using the animal card you found in the baths. This is also where Rentaro’s clue comes in from finishing all eight of a single kind of puzzle. Play the machine Rentaro said worked best (for me, it was the one all the way to the right) by first inserting the animal card and then turning the yellow dial in the bottom right corner of the screen.


  • You can play each machine as many times as you like, and the animal card automatically refills each time you leave a machine. Once you’ve collected enough balls (you are presented with a sack of them each time you leave a machine), take them over to the prize machine. Dump the balls from your inventory into the specified slot, then click on the prizes you want: the comic
    book and the collar.


  • Once you get the comic, look at it so Nancy gets the idea to record the sighting of the haunting at the ryokan (make sure to read all the pages, even though Nancy gets the idea on page two). (To win an extra award, head over to the photobooth and step inside. Insert your phone in the slot at the bottom right, then click print photo. Choose to print the weird picture with the eyes and the egg, and it will dispense at the bottom. Pick it up to reveal a decorated egg behind it, and pick that up, as well.)


  • Now, before you head back to the ryokan, call Savannah’s phone and speak with Logan to learn that he has a thing for Bess. You barter: Savannah’s book for your help getting Logan in good with Bess. At the end of the conversation, call him right back and ask him about the book again. He’ll ask for help with an outfit for Bess and it’s time to head to Yumi’s apartment—not the ryokan, after all. Head to the train station, and go to the Kurume Stop.
  • Once you’re in Yumi’s apartment, log on to the computer, select or create an outfit for Bess, and send it to Savannah’s phone. If you want, send more outfits to the others in your phone to get a reward at the end of the game. Once you’ve sent the outfit to Logan and exited the program, you’ll get a text, letting you know he got it, but call him anyway. He’ll tell you he’s handing the book off to Bess to give to you. Now, head back to the ryokan (the Misawa Stop).
  • Head straight through to the garden to give the collar to Rentaro, who will leave to give it to Miwako. He leaves behind, on his workbench to the left, a key card. Pick it up. Head upstairs to your room to discover that someone’s been there.
  • Do one more round of talking to the family: head back to the lobby and talk with Miwako, asking her all the questions possible. Then, head into the Cultural Room and speak with Takae again, asking her all the questions possible. Finally, head back into the garden and speak with Rentaro again (he should be back from giving Miwako the collar). That’s about all you can do tonight, so go back to your room; once you get there, Nancy will notice that her name is now in red, when before it was in black. Set the alarm for 7pm.
Day 4: EVP, Secrets in the Garden, and Computer Password
  • The next day, you’ll wake up to a call from Bess and George saying they’ve got the book. While you’re on the phone with them, fill them in on all that’s happened. Optional: grade the new homework in the green box, then make a quick stop in the baths for the extra points.
  • Head to the Cultural Room. On the way through the lobby, pick up the delivery of Savannah’s book and speak with Miwako
    about Savannah. Take a look through the book now (paying attention to the EVP information) and continue on your way to the Cultural Room. No lesson today, but speak with Takae about Nancy’s name in red and check out the cabinet—you can open the big compartment now and inside is the tea ceremony items.
  • Head to the gardens and talk with Rentaro. He’ll give you an EVP recording device. Use it at all the spots that Savannah mentions in her book: the fire pit in the lobby, behind the cherry tree in the garden, by the mirror in the baths and in the shower/bath room, and in both the upstairs hallways.


  • *Now would be a good time to call Savannah. I actually waited and called her later, but it made me have to repeat some steps. If you call her now, you’ll save some time.
  • You can’t listen to the recordings until everyone has gone to bed, so go back to your room and set your alarm for 2am. When you wake up, go down to the garden and into Rentaro’s shed to use his machine.


  • By clicking on the machine, the recorder will automatically be placed into it. To listen to what you recorded, click on the channel, then click on the play button. The one that matters is the one from behind the cherry tree. Once you’ve listened to it, head out of the shed to check the water.
  • Cross over the red bridge and a right arrow will appear that lets you go under the bridge. Once you’re under there, you’ll find something in the water; pick it up to discover it’s the room key to room 18—the Cultural Room. Nancy also notices an area with some rocks missing. Time to go rock hunting!


  • There are four stones placed throughout the garden. You can pick them up in any order, but here is where they are.
    By the lantern between Rentaro’s shed and the red bridge, facing the lobby:


          Next to the base of the cherry tree, still facing the lobby:


          At the base of the stone lantern, facing away from the lobby:


        Following the path to the left back toward the red bridge, next to the bench before the wooden structure:


  • Once you’ve picked up all the rocks, go into the lobby to reread the book on rock gardens, which is to the left of the front door (otherwise, the drawer won’t open). Now head back to the water under the bridge and arrange the stones (your magnifying glass will turn red at the far left edge of the screen under the bridge to indicate where the stone is).


  • Retrieve the letter; Nancy will recognize the folds and mention the book in the Cultural Room. Read the letter by scrolling around until the magnifying glass turns red. Add the letter to your inventory and head to the Cultural Room.
  • Use the key you retrieved from the lake to open the door. Once inside, pick up the red card key that is sitting where Takae usually sits. Then go over to the cabinet. Open the large compartment and take out the pot and the key under the pot. Close the compartment and open the middle one on the right to look at the origami book. It will automatically take you into a screen where you can fold the letter you found in the pond. The folds are: Mountain Fold, Fold to Front, Fold to Front, Fold Unfold, Fold to Back, Push/Invert.

  • Head out to the lobby with the teapot and place it over the fire pit. As it starts to steam, place the password envelope in the steam, away from the pot, until it turns red. Then, click to open the envelope. (I held my envelope too close to the pot in the picture and when I clicked, it added both things back to my inventory and I had to start over.) The password is TAKAKAWA. Don’t forget to take the teapot off or it’ll get pretty loud.


  • Next, go out into the garden to check out the bamboo lead by looking at the bamboo fountain. It’s a match! Your magnifying glass turns red when it’s scrolled over the top left part of the fountain. Needing a tool leads you to Rentaro’s shed—which is full of them. Next to the listening machine you used to hear Yumi and Miwako argue is a screwdriver; pick it up and head back to the bamboo water fountain. Open it to discover a piece of paper with a bunch of numbers on it; can’t do anything else with that tonight, so let’s work on the password.
  • Head back into the Cultural Room to find the book on writing. Use the key to get in again. Open the top drawer in the cabinet and pull out the book. Open the book to the Hiragana page to find the symbols that match the password—Ta, Ka, and Wa.


  • Go back to the computer behind the front desk. Use the information you have to enter the password and check out the computer. Remember to push the “Ka” button twice and to end with “enter.”


  • Check out the Room Tracker. Note that rooms not rented out are 25, 30, and 33. At this point, Nancy sent me to bed, so I’ll have to finish this up the following night.
Day 5: Security System
  • There’s one more round of homework to do, but it didn’t show up this morning. Check back another day. I hadn’t finished what I wanted to last night, so instead of doing stuff during the day, I just set my alarm for 1am so I could pick up where I left off.
  • Go back behind the front desk. Put the password back in the puzzle box by opening it the same way you did previously. Inside you’ll also find another painted egg; take it for the extra points. Next, tackle the security system box on the back wall.
  • Insert the cards into the slots in this order, left to right: blue, red, green, yellow, and purple.


  • You’re not done yet. Turn the nobs at the top and bottom of the card slots until the color diagram looks like the one in the picture below. It will open the security box and inside is just one key; pick it up.


  • Now, head back to bed, since there’s nothing else to do in the middle of the night! Set the alarm for 7pm.
Day 6: The Hidden Baths and Yumi's Message
  • The next evening (when you wake up), call Savannah. Talk to her as much as you want, but definitely ask her about her stay in the ryokan. She mentions she probably stayed in a room that they don’t rent out anymore. (If you called her earlier, the conversation will be different—it should include something about a bird carving. You also do not have to re-check the computer for rooms not rented out, so skip the steps that do so below. If you waited to call her, read on. We have a few extra steps.)
  • You only have a key to open rooms ending in 8/9, so you can’t get into any of the rooms they don’t rent out anymore. Instead, use the key to get into room 39, which is in the hall opposite of where Nancy’s room is. Enter room 39 and turn to the left. As Nancy hints, use the card with the star on it to open the door. You’re trying to get to room 33, so keep going.
  • After some creepy noises, Nancy realizes she’s trapped. Head to the balcony door. To unlock it, you have to color the pieces so that they are identical in each of the six triangles. It’s a timed puzzle, so be quick!


  • You need to have one more conversation with Savannah, but it can’t be until after you follow up on her tip about rooms the ryokan doesn’t rent out. So—nap time to be able to have another look at the guest log. Set your alarm for 1am. Go back and check the computer again for rooms not rented out. Now, back to bed until 7pm.
  • When you wake up, call Savannah. She’ll tell you about a carved wooden bird that triggered the passage. Go back to room 33, through room 39, and look at the wooden carving on the left wall.


  • Follow the passageway down to the decrepit baths. There’s a pool of “Whoa!” to the right as you enter, but the stuff you really want to see is behind you, so enter the room a little and then turn around. To the right is a table with a letter on it, and to the left on the wall is a nonogram. When you get close, the numbers you found in the bamboo water fountain are automatically hung up next to it, but you’re still missing some.


  • By this time, you should have also received the final picture from Yumi—there are seven total, but you know you’ve gotten the last one when Nancy suggests printing them out. You can do that at the Pachinko Parlor, so it’s to there you go next (Kure Station). Head into the Pachinko Parlor, then over to the photobooth. Insert your phone, and print all the pictures—I had to do them one at a time, and pick up each photo in between. When you’ve printed all seven, open your inventory and click on a picture. It will take you to a screen where you need to organize the photos. The purple lines in each photo will create Japanese symbols when placed next to the correct other pictures.

  • In the end, it looks like this:


  • Once you complete it, Nancy decides she wants to talk with Yumi. Head to the Expo Center (Matsue Station). Talk to Yumi and get coerced into doing another Bento Box. You end up staying at Yumi’s that night, which is the perfect opportunity for you: use the symbols you uncovered from the pictures on the frog on the right side of the shelf over the computer. Inside you’ll find the other half of the puzzle for the nonogram in the old baths.


  • You’re staying here tonight, so just set the alarm for 7pm, as usual. During the night, the window starts to rattle; open it for a creepy message meant for Yumi.
Day 7: Nonogram and Ghost
  • When you wake up, you’re back in your own room. This is when I graded the last of the papers. Now, go back to the hidden baths—you’ll still have to go through room 39—to hang up the other side of numbers and complete the puzzle. For the junior puzzle, it’s a fox:


  • Once you solve the nonogram, a hidden compartment will open automatically. Inside, you’ll find a letter (read it) and a sword (pick it up). When you go to back away, the freaky ghost will come at you and throw you in the water, tossing a net over you.
  • Cut the net in half by using the sword you just got from behind the nonogram. As long as it’s cut from top to bottom, you’re good to go. Below is where I cut. This is a timed puzzle, so don't take too long!


  • Take a look at the ghost on the floor for Nancy to notice that it looks a lot like Rentaro's work. Then, head upstairs and get things clarified by talking to people.
  • First, talk with Takae in the cultural room. Then, head to the counter to find that Miwako is not there. Finally, go to Rentaro's shed. Rentaro's also not there, but go in and Nancy suggests taking the new recorder. Pick up the new one. Turn to his work desk to see a pink note; use the dictionary to translate it and discover that it's a work order for room 33. Guess where you're headed? Once you "exit" the note, there's a "door-o-matic" sitting there; pick it up, too.
  • Head to room 33—no need to get there through room 39 this time. Enter the door. There are two endings—if you want to see them both, save the game here so you can go back to this point.
  • Enter the room to see Rentaro—there's a lot of no-choice action here, but when Nancy tries to figure out a way to keep him from escaping, click on your backpack and use the door-o-matic on the door. Then, when a bunch of stuff falls to the ground, click on the recorder and click one of the buttons to record the conversation you have with Rentaro.
  • As for the two endings—one includes a slightly happier ending for Rentaro than the other.
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