My Kingdom for the Princess 3: General Information

The My Kingdom for the Princess 3 Walkthrough provides detailed information so that you can complete all 50 levels in gold level time. Get all the trophies in the game using this guide. Included are hints, step-by-step instructions, and suggested build order.

My Kingdom for the Princess III is obviously the third in a series of resource management games.  The walkthrough below provides you with instructions for how to achieve gold level times for each level.

A few hints:

Keep collecting stuff at the end of the level (even if your final worker is on his way back) if you are going to records.  It won't affect your finishing time but will increase your score.

The 1/2 off building bonus does not reduce the cost of building any buildings but in addition to reducing the cost for building on the road, it also reduces the cost for scaring off bad guys or picking things like flowers.

There is a new bonus in this game which adds one resource for your building production for 30 seconds, which means you will add 2 of each resource you are producing for each bonus.  

The here-and-now bonus will instantly finish your time cycle to quickly produce in your buildings.  If you are producing more than 1 item at a time in your buildings, this is a better bonus than the higher production bonus.

While it is a good idea to wait for additional resource bonuses or for a warehouse to be built or upgraded, it is best to quickly pick up any item that is renewable (meaning it has a little clock under it).

Mini-games--once you lose a mini-game you can choose to not replay it and you will be allowed to move on.  For the whack-a-(insert-name-here) mini-game once things get kind of crazy you can just wait at the last intersection before the cottage and whack like crazy.  However, you do get more points by whacking them as far away as possible.

Trophies--You can get all but 2 gold trophies by just getting gold on all levels.  To get the mini-games one, you can just keep replaying the games as best you can.  It is the total number of points scored on the games so pick your favorite mini-game and play the heck out of it.  Once you get that one you will get the final gold trophy.

Each level of the walkthrough has the following circled:
Renewable resources in blue
Goal items in yellow
Buildings that need to be built or repaired in orange
Areas you do not need to go to in red

The recommended build order for each level does NOT include the buildings that need to be repaired since they do not take resources to do so.