1. Introduction
  2. Chapter 1
  3. Chapter 2
  4. Chapter 3
  5. Chapter 4
  6. Chapter 5
  7. Chapter 6

I. Introduction:
You are a world famous author stuck in a ten year bout with writer's block. It's a dark a dreary night when suddenly a raven comes to your room and begins gently rapping at your chamber door.

Honestly, all the Edgar Allan Poe writing I've experienced I know from seeing Homer Simpson do The Raven during a Tree House of Horror Halloween Special 15 years ago. The lack of Poe knowledge did not take away from the fun of playing this game. I imagine if you've read some Poe in the past it would only increase your enjoyment of this game.

Get a blanket, some milk and cookies and keep the lights on if you are easily spooked. It's time to set out into a ghost story and save Poe's soul from eternal damnation.

Gameplay Basics:
The world's worst grounds keeper was hired to maintain the graveyard where Edgar Allan Poe is buried. Do your best to sort through the mess and find all the hidden items on your list.

Along the way items are automatically added to your tool bag. You'll need these tools to collect items listed in blue. As with most games, it starts out very easy and gets more complex the further along you proceed.

The curser will change from a skeleton's hand at certain points during the game. See below for the forms it will take.


  1. Blue hand with gears: An item from your tool bag is needed here.
  2. Blue hand with tail: Item is in the correct spot. Click and see what happens.
  3. Green hand with eyeball: Click to investigate this area more closely.
  4. Red hand: You are in the correct spot, but are not using the correct item.


Cheats and Tips:
Extra Hints Cheat: To obtain extra hints; in Chapter 1 – Scene 1, first collect the lantern.
After you have the lantern, find the two ravens in the scene.
Click on "Menu." The menu will come up. Click "Menu" again. You'll be asked if you're sure you want to exit. Click "Yes".
At the main menu Click "Play"
You'll be brought back to Chapter 1 – Scene 1. Your Hints will be increased by two and the two ravens are back in the scene. Click on them again for two more hints. Repeat as many times as you wish.


Tips: Even though this is a hidden object game, some items are hidden in plain sight. If you are asked to find a Pen or Mushrooms take a look on the nearest desk or the ground next to a tree. They won't always be there, but it will save you time a few times.

A rose by any other name is still a rose. Different author, but it still works, so just go with it. As the game progresses, items on your list will change to clues. Instead of "Rose" you'll see "Flower with Thorns."  You can always click on the list item for a preview in the lantern, but keep it in mind.

A rose is not always a rose. When you are first asked to find an item, it's pretty straight forward. You'll see a red rose on the ground or next to a headstone. As the chapters progress the items will turn into a stone etchings, engravings in wood or even a cloud formation.

What would a hidden object game be without camouflage? Items such as chains and handcuffs will change color. Sometimes they will be silver, other times black and other times rust color.

My last tip is to have fun. Don't get caught up looking for an item in the hardest spot it could be hidden. If you can't find it in a hard hiding spot, it's probably oversized and right in front of you in the dead center of the screen. Remember you have hints if you need them.

  1. Chapter 1 – Scene 1 – Poe's Tomb - Number of Ravens: 2


Here we go! We start off at Poe's Tomb. Find the two ravens (circled below) and begin looking for the rest of the items. As you'll see, the items are very random.


When asked to find Dates your tool bag will automatically open. Chose the tool you need. Since you only have a Scrub Brush your choice if pretty simple.  Take the scrub brush and place it below the picture of Edgar Allan Poe to reveal the dates.


MURDERED!!! (Crack of Lightning) DUN-DUN-DUUNH! Follow the blue light to the next scene.

            Chapter 1 – Scene 2 – At the Gates - Number of Ravens: 2
After you watch the animation, collect the two Ravens.


This is an easy scene. Just walk right through the gates. Not quite. You can't get through the gates yet. You need to crack the code. To do this you'll have to visit several headstones and collect 8 icons.

When you find the Paper and Charcoal Sticks they'll be added to your tool bag. Use them to take an imprint of the items. In this scene you'll find the Flower Icon and Open Book Icon.


After you have the two icons, follow the blue light to the next scene.

Chapter 1 – Scene 3 – Graveyard - Number of Ravens: 1


After you find the items listed you'll be able to get four more icons from this location.


Chapter 1 – Scene 4 – Back to Scene 1 - Number of Ravens: 0

The last two icons needed to get the code are here. The Anchor Icon and Skill Icon are shown below.


Now that you have all the icons, go back to the gate and enter the code. It's impossible to enter the code incorrectly. Change each icon by clicking on it. When you reach the correct icon it will lock into place. Lock in each of the eight icons. The door will open. Walk through the door and onto Chapter 2. Do you guys give up or are you thirsty for more?


Chapter 2 – Scene 1 – Original Grave of Edgar Allan Poe- Number of Ravens: 1
The raven quite fittingly is on top of Poe's headstone.


Use the Hand Rake to rake up the leaves just above your list. You'll reveal the newspaper. Usually you read newspapers for the articles, but this time, take a good look at the picture. It's a clue and will come in handy very shortly.

After you've done that, take the sponge and do some spring cleaning. You may as well start on the headstone to the left of Poe's. What do you know! It's the Face Etching.


Once you click on the Face Etching, click on Poe's headstone to take a closer look.

Chapter 2 – Scene 2 – Edgar Allan Poe's Headstone - Number of Ravens: 0
Find the items. You'll add the Holds Liquid(Bottle), Wire Cutters and Stone Raven to your tool bag.
To get the Wire Piece, use the Wire Cutters on the spool of wire on the top right of the screen. Remember the picture in the newspaper? There was a Stone Raven in the arch of Poe's grave wasn't there? Wait a minute, don't you have a Stone Raven in your tool bag? You see where this is going right? Place the Stone Raven in the arch and it will move to reveal a scroll.


Place the bottle on the ring mark at the base of Poe's headstone. Honestly people, don't you realize that if you don't use a coaster you'll leave a ring?


Use the corkscrew to open the bottle, then place the scroll in it. After an animation, TADA!!! The Secret Map is revealed. An exit to the back left go into the Crypt.

Chapter 2 – Scene 3 – The Crypt - Number of Ravens: 0
The Crypt is a mess too and items are hidden very well. Look closely on shelves and between shelves for the items. You'll add a Weight to your tool bag, which you'll use to find the Family Crest. Place the weight on the platform in the center of the screen. The Family Crest will drop from the ceiling.


How often are you alone in a crypt? Why not examine the Skeleton before you leave.

Chapter 2 – Scene 4 – Examine the Skeleton - Number of Ravens: 1
The raven is nesting on the top left on the skeleton's ribs. Find the items and your work here is done. Back to the Crypt.


Chapter 2 – Scene 5 – Back to the Crypt - Number of Ravens: 0
Click on the Cask. Below the Cask a tile will be highlighted blue and the Secret Map will open. It's time to find keys. The clues tell you which direction to go and how many tiles. Follow along in the picture for Key 1.


Key 2 – Follow the clue on the secret map or just go Up x2, Left x2 and find the 2nd key.


Key 3 – Again, follow the clue on the secret map or go Left x6 Down x1 for the 3rd key.


Key 4 – Even Paula Abdul and MC Skat Kat would have some issues with all these steps. Follow the clue on the Secret Map or just go Up x3 Right x3 for the 4th key.


After you find the 4th key, a skeleton will fall revealing a Hammer. Collect the hammer then investigate the back wall. Use the Hammer to break the wall and collect the Fortunado Key.



The skeleton will fall apart and you can access the secret room.

Chapter 2 – Scene 6 – The Secret Room - Number of Ravens: 1
The raven can be found just to the top-left or the fireplace.


While collecting the items, you'll add Monkey Food (Banana,) a Roller Dolly and a Chimney Brush to your tool bag. Give the Banana to the monkey. He will eat it and the crate he is sitting on will open up revealing the Straight Jacket.

Take the Chimney Brush and use it on the fire place. Chim chiminey, Chim chiminey, Chim chim cher-ee! A sweep is as lucky as lucky can be. The Book will fall out of the chimney. Click on it to continue.

You are left with 5 keys and a Roller Dolly. Place the Rolling Dolly on the trunk located in the center of the room.


Open the trunk. Match the icons on the keys with the icons on the lock. You must open the locks on the chains before opening the lock on the trunk.


You're brought back to your room. Poe explains that the secrets of his past are hidden in his stories. There are 3 stories to choose from laid out on the desk. You'll need to visit each story. The order in which you visit doesn't matter. I chose to go left to right starting with "The Mystery of Marie Roget"

Chapter 3 – Scene 1 – Paris Street - Number of Ravens: 1

Le raven est sur le cote droit de l'ecran assis d'un signe. Oh sorry about that. I figured since the people in the scene are in France, but speak perfect English, that it worked both ways and you'd understand French. The raven is to the right of the screen sitting on a sign. And another thing, why is there a Gryffindor scarf in the bottom left corner? I thought Hogwarts was in England?


As I mentioned earlier, the people in the scene all speak perfect English. Click on each person and they'll tell you a story. Once they tell their tale, they will disappear and you can focus on finding items.
Use the Coin in the candy vending machine and the Diamond Ring will drop to the floor. That's the best 25 cents you've ever spent. LeBlanc's Hat is inside the hat box in the street. Use the Scissors to open the hat box and retrieve the hat. 



Chapter 3 – Scene 2 – Le Blanc Shop – Number of Ravens: 1

Click on the next stop on the watch. You'll be brought inside the Le Blanc Shop. Talk to the people in the scene first. One or more of them are standing in front of items.
The Raven is on the left side of the screen. Collect your items and it's on to the next scene.



Chapter 3 – Scene 3 – Bedroom – Number of Ravens: 1

I thought my room was messy. The raven is on top of the far left post of the four post bed.



Collect the items. You'll add the Key to your tool bag. To find the Sailing Ship, use the key to unlock the dresser. The ship is inside the drawer. Click on it to continue. The watch will appear and bring you to the next scene.


Click on the last scene in the pocket watch. Cool, the last scene. This is flying by. Correction, this was flying by. The last scene is very long. Use the rest room or grab a snack. You'll be here for a while.


Chapter 3 – Scene 4 – Fishing Scene – Number of Ravens: 1
The raven is sitting on a wheel just left of the center of the screen.


Collect the items. The Corn Kernels and Fishing Pole will be added to your Tool Bag. Once you have all the items, examine the Fishing Net.

Chapter 3 – Scene 5 – Fishing Net – Number of Ravens: 1

The raven is on the left hand side of the screen, next to the crate. There is nothing else you need here. Finish finding the items and you'll be brought back to the Fishing Scene.


Chapter 3 – Scene 6 – Back to Fishing Scene – Number of Ravens: 0
Place the Fishing Pole into the water at almost the center of the screen to find the Rudder. Then place the Corn Kernels in the bird house. The Necklace will fall onto the table. Collect the necklace, then move to the next scene.


Chapter 3 – Scene 7 – Crossing the River – Number of Ravens: 0
Your goal is to get all the characters across the river. You can only carry a maximum of three people on the boat at one time. The Boatman has to be on the ferry in order to move the ferry.

The Boys cannot be left alone; they have to be with an adult at all times.

The Sailors have to be accompanied by the Detective Dupin or by the Policeman. Click on a person to add/remove them from the ferry.

The Boatman has a gray outline.
The Boys are in yellow.
The Sailors are in red.
The Policeman is in blue.
Detective Dupin is in green.
Your character is in pink.


There are a few ways to do this. Below is only one solution:
Trip 1: Boatman, Sailor 1, Detective
Trip 2: Boatman
Trip 3: Boatman, Sailor 2, Policeman
Trip 4: Boatman
Trip 5: Boatman, Kid 1, Kid 2
Trip 6: Boatman
Trip 7: Boatman, You

Congratulations, you can now get a job working for Microsoft.


Chapter 3 – Scene 8 – River bank – Number of Ravens: 1
There is a raven in the tree on the right side of the scene. After finding the raven and the rest of the items, click on Detective Dupin. Then continue to the next scene.


Chapter 3 – Scene 9 – In the Woods – Number of Ravens: 1

The raven is in the center of the screen sitting on a cane. Collect the raven and the rest of the items listed. You'll then be advanced to the Match game. "Weak Wilbur is so weak, he's the only man in the world who ever got injured by playing _____________." Sorry guys, not that kind of Match Game.

Chapter 3 – Match Game
This is pretty straight forward. Pick the match for the item on the left out of the six options on the right side. There are eight matches to be made.






Chapter 3 – Scene 10 – Deluc Inn – Number of Ravens: 1
The raven in this scene is located on the Inn, between windows. You'll need to find a key. It's hidden very well, so I circled it below for you.


Use the Key from your tool bag on the mailbox next to the door towards the right of the screen.

Chapter 3 – Scene 11 – Back to the River Bank – Number of Ravens: 1
The raven is in the tree on the top right of the screen.


The Hole Digger and Gathers Leaves (Rake) will be added to your tool bag. Use the Hole Digger in the hole by the dead man's foot to find the Pocket Watch. Then use the Rake on the pile of leaves next to the hole to reveal the Drag Marks.


Chapter 3 – Scene 12 – Le Blanc Shop – Number of Ravens: 0

Just as I suspected...Back to Le Blanc Shop to hear Detective Dupin's theory and to find the Statue of Liberty. There's only one thing that could mean. Pack your bags, your going to New York.

Chapter 4 – Scene 1 – New York Street – Number of Ravens: 1
The raven is sitting on the lamp post. Collect the items on the list. The Sponge and Bag of Oates will be added to your tool bag. Use the Sponge to clean the door in the bottom left corner of the scene, revealing the Open Sign. Collect the Open Sign, and then find the note. Feed the Bag of Oates to the horse. He'll bend down to eat; when he does he'll reveal a note on the wall.


Chapter 4 – Scene 2 – Anderson's Liberty Store – Number of Ravens: 1
The raven is in the center of the room standing on the light fixture. After collecting the raven, talk to the people and continue to find the objects on your list. The Fabric Sheers and Key will be added to your tool bag.
Use the Key to open the cash register. You'll find the Billing inside the drawer. Next, take the Fabric Sheers to the chair closest to the cash register and cut it open. The Diamond Ring will fall out.



Chapter 4 – Scene 3 – Bedroom – Number of Ravens: 1
The raven is in the picture frame above the bed. The Nail File will be added to your inventory in the tool bag. You can find the Manuscript and Mary's Picture in the locked dresser drawer on the left side of the room. Use the Nail File to pick the lock. Luckily for you they teach you how to pick locks when you cross the state line into New York.


After looking over the picture of Mary and the Manuscript a giant quilt will appear. Find the 12 dress pieces that have been sewn into the quilt.


After you find all 12 dress pieces, you'll automatically transport to Mr. Anderson's office.
Chapter 4 – Scene 4 – Mr. Anderson's Office – Number of Ravens: 1
The raven is on top of the right hand bookcase. Collect the 12 pieces of paper scattered throughout the room.



Find the rest of the items listed. The Atomizer, Policeman and Tack Pliers will be added to your tool bag. Right now you'll only need the Atomizer. Spray it around the room to display ten hidden handprints.


The next thing you'll be asked to find is the Diploma and Picture. The diploma is directly to the right of the book case. Once you click on the diploma, it will disappear revealing the Picture.
Next you'll be asked to find four pieces of paper and a Key. There sure is a lot of stuff for such a  small office. Examine the design on the desk. The first Paper Piece is available for you to grab. The other 3 and the Key are not. You'll have to play the puzzle game.

Paper Pieces are hidden behind blocks 1, 2 and 4. The Key is hidden behind block 5.
The image to the left is how the blocks start; the image to the right is the solution. See list of moves below images.


Move block 2 to the left, collect Paper Piece.
Move block 2 to the right.
Move block 1 to the right, collect Paper Piece.
Move block 3 up.
Move block 4 to the left, collect Paper Piece.
Move block 8 to the right.
Move block 6 up.
Move block 7 to the left.
Move block 5 to the left, collect Key.

Once you collect the key, you'll be back to the full view of the office. There will be three more Paper Pieces and a Secret Message to find. Use the key you just found during the puzzle game to open the file cabinet on the right side of the room.

The three Paper Pieces are very easy to spot. The Secret Message is not as easy. Click on the folder tab that is out off sequence. The Secret Message will be revealed.


The next item on the list is Money. Use the Tac Pliers to cut open the back of the chair. Collect the Money that was hidden.


I know what you're thinking, Can't we leave this office already!!??!? Not much longer, hang in there. The screen will change automatically and now it's time to Assemble the Manuscript. Assemble the Manuscript by placing the right pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle. Drag the pieces around the puzzle and place them in the right spot. If the piece is in the right spot, it will lock itself into place.


Read the manuscript and get the police. You just solved a mystery.


Chapter 4 – Scene 5 – Mr. Anderson's Bedroom – Number of Ravens: 0

Find the Handcuffs and Fire Poker. Once you do that the police will arrive and a badge will flash on the screen. Use the badge to help the police find the evidence to put Mr. Anderson behind bars.
Place the badge on the Painting that is on the back wall.
Place the badge on the Wooden Chair that is behind the policeman
Place the badge on the Potted Plant that is on the left side of the bed.
Place the badge on the Mirror that is on the left side of the room.
Place the badge on the Padded Chair that is on the left side of the room.
The Padded Chair will flip over. Use the Fire Poker on the floor that was under the Padded Chair.
The Fire Poker lifts up some of the floor boards to reveal Evidence. Click on the evidence.


Slap the cuffs on Mr. Anderson, find the Newspaper on the bed and your are FINALLY done with this chapter. You will collect a 200K reward and be brought back to your room. Poe and Mary and there waiting for you. Mary thanks you and follows the light.

Chapter 5 – The Golden Bug
 Help William Legrand find a treasure. The items get harder to find are you ready for this?

Chapter 5 – Scene 1 – The Beach – Number of Ravens: 1

The raven is on a branch on the highest part of the tree. You're in a new scene, but gameplay doesn't change. Find the items you need. You'll add a Lantern to your tool bag. You'll need this to find the Key. Hang the Lantern in the doorway on the shack. It will illuminate the key. They key will then be added to your tool bag inventory. Take the Key and use it to unlock the trunk in the center of the screen. The Bug Collection will be inside.


Chapter 5 – Scene 2 – The Shack – Number of Ravens: 1
The raven is on the left side of the room on the exhaust pipe of the stove. The Water Bottle, Spool, Pot, Key and Shovel will all be added to your tool bag. You won't use them all in the shack. You'll have to wait until later to use the Shovel and Spool.

Use the Key to open the cupboard on the bottom right of the shack and retrieve the Blueprints. There are two steps needed to find the Handprint. First up, take the Pot from your inventory and place it on the stove. Then as if you were preparing a baby bottle, (does anyone really prepare a baby bottle that way anymore?) place the Bottle in the pot. The steam will reveal a Handprint.


Chapter 5 – Scene 3 – Ship Graveyard – Number of Ravens: 1
The raven is on the right, sitting on the pistol. Collect the items. Cough...cough...remember earlier when I mentioned hidden items in as cloud formations? Ahhhhhhemmmm, cough. .Use the Knife to open the shell  on the water's edge and take the Pearl.

Chapter 5 – Scene 4 – Bug Collection
You've collected a lot of bugs so far. Place them in the correct spot to win the Gold Scarab. Just like when you pieced the manuscript together, the bug will lock into position when you have it in the right spot.


Chapter 5 – Scene 5 – Back to the Ship Graveyard – Number of Ravens: 0
Collect the six Wood Planks and the Flint. These are the items you'll need to reveal the ink on the map. Place the Wood Planks and Flint  in the fire pit to start a fire below the paper. Just like in Elementary School when you wrote on paper in lemon juice and your teacher placed it in the open to reveal your message, here comes the ink on the Map. Honestly I expected a little more from Captain Kidd.  I guess it's true; Captain Kidd is no Captain Jack Sparrow.


Chapter 5 – Scene 6 – Skull Island – Number of Ravens: 1
The raven is on the top right of the Skull. Collect the items and add the Artillery Weapon, Match and Cannonball to your tool bag. You will no longer be able to pass through airport security, but you have the tools to make a canon.

Place the Artillery Weapon, Cannonball and Match on the cannon base. The cannon will fire and open a nose on the skull.


Chapter 5 – Scene 7 – Back to Ship Graveyard again – Number of Ravens: 0
Get the Torch and the Ship's Wheel, both on the right side of the screen. Light the torch in the fire. Sorry, no time for S'mores there's treasure to be found.

Chapter 5 – Scene 8 – Back to Skull Island – Number of Ravens: 0
Find the two Lanterns and the Peg leg. To locate the eyes, use the Burning Torch where the eyes should be. The sticks and leaves will burn away revealing eye sockets. Insert the two Lanterns in the Skull's eyes.

Finding the Throne is a little tricky. Stick the Peg Leg in the stump that looks like a gear on the bottom right of the screen. Then add the Ship's Wheel onto the Peg Leg. The Ship's Wheel will begin to turn lowering the Skull's mouth and revealing the Throne. Click on the Throne to continue.


Chapter 5 – Scene 9 – The Forrest – Number of Ravens: 0
You're close to the treasure. You can almost hear it yelling "come and get me, come and get me..."  Place the Gold Scarab on the skull that is on the top left side of the scene. It will fall through to the ground. Place the Spool where the Gold Scarab fell. The Spool will then unravel and land in the spot in which you need to dig. Captain Kidd will appear and like the UPS Man (or woman) he'll have you sign for your package.


Chapter 5 – Scene 10 – Treasure – Number of Ravens: 1
The raven is in the tree on the top right of the screen.
The treasure will explode out of the chest. Collect all 50 pieces. Then click on the hole to investigate further.


Chapter 5 – Scene 11 – The Hole – Number of Ravens: 1
The raven is to the left of the hole on a wood plank. Collect the list of items and you're done with this scene.


Chapter 6 – The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy
You've done the leg work, now it's time to solve the mystery and save your friend Poe's soul.

Chapter 6 – Scene 1 – The Lobby – Number of Ravens: 1
The raven is on the top right center of the screen just above the dart board. By now you know what to do. Talk to the people then find the items. The Bone will be added to your tool bag. With a knick-knack, paddy whack, give a dog a bone. He'll move and you'll have access to the Register Book.


Chapter 6 – Scene 2 – Room 213 – Number of Ravens: 1
Collect the raven from atop the closet. Add the two Black Books and one Red Book to your tool bag. You'll need these soon.

Chapter 6 – Scene 3 – Spot the Differences 1 – Number of Ravens: 0
You haven't done this yet in the game. Spot the differences between two pictures. Keep in mind there are differences in both sides. The method that worked best for me is left to right, top to bottom.


Chapter 6 – Scene 4 – Spot the Differences 2 – Number of Ravens: 0


Chapter 6 – Scene 5 – Street Level – Number of Ravens: 1
The raven is located towards the top of the screen on the edge of the building. Talk to the Police Officer, there may or may not be items hidden behind him. The Light Bulb and Electric Wire will be added to your tool bag. Put the Light Bulb into the streetlight on the left side of the screen. Then use the Electric Wire on the bottom of the street light. I've never seen a street light that was lit with an extension cord, but we're almost home, just ignore it and keep going.


You've found Poe. WHY, WHY, he was so young!!! Compose yourself and get him to the hospital.

Chapter 6 – Scene 6 – Hospital – Number of Ravens: 0
Help the doctor examine Poe. Click on each object, then on Poe.

Chapter 6 – Scene 7 – Inside the Caravan – Number of Ravens: 1
The raven is in the top right corner of the door. Collect it then find the rest of the items and move on.


Chapter 6 – Scene 8 – Poe's Grave – Number of Ravens: 0
You'll add the Wire Brush, Shovel and Lantern to your tool bag. The Roysters' Grave is to the right of the screen. You can investigate all the graves, but it's not necessary to continue in the story. Use the Wire Brush on the far right headstone. You'll see it's the Roysters' Grave.  Use the Shovel to dig up the Roysters.


Chapter 6 – Scene 9 – Roysters' Grave Close-up – Number of Ravens: 0
Place the Lantern anywhere in the scene to light your way. Collect items and move on to the room with the giant clock.

Chapter 6 – Scene 10 – Giant Clock Room – Number of Ravens: 1
The raven is hidden in the shadows in the back right of the room. Collect it and the rest of the items. The Royster Brothers will appear. Lock them in the room using the 2 Black Books that you collected earlier. Place a Black Book on each of the doors.


Chapter 6 – Scene 11 – New York Street – Number of Ravens: 0
You have the bad guys trapped. Click on the Policeman and bring him back to the room

Chapter 6 – Scene 12 – Back to the Giant Clock Room – Number of Ravens: 0
You're asked to arrest one brother and let whatever happens happen to the other one. You can choose either brother. There is no change to the ending of the game. No matter who you choose, things do not look good for the other brother.

Chapter 6 – Scene 13 – Back to the Giant Clock Room Again – Number of Ravens: 0
Use the Red Book to block Tweed's exit. You be brought into the room to play the Color game.


Chapter 6 – Scene 13 – Color Games – Number of Ravens: 0








Once you open the deposit box, the game is over. Congratulations you saved Poe's soul. He's thankful and gives you the gift to talk to ghosts and his ravens to help you on future projects.


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