Joan Jade and the Gates of Xibalba: General Information

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Overview: Joan Jade's children are missing from an archeologist expedition in the jungle. Can you help find them?

Cursors & Symbols:

1.       Magnifying Glass – You can examine the item closer.

2.       Puzzle Symbol – You will need to solve a puzzle.

Hidden Objects: All hidden object items will be circled in white, as they appear to be the same for everyone.

Journal: When you find something of interest, it is automatically recorded on the right page of the journal. On the left page is a map of where you have visited. There is also a letters tab.

Hints: These are unlimited but you must wait for them to "fill up." You can find it in the top left corner.

Mini-Games & Puzzles: You can only skip these games once the color has run out of the snake. Each game gives you detailed information, but if you need to read it again, click the "?" in the left hand corner.

Question Mark: You can click the "?" in the left hand corner at anytime for more information. This is not the hint button.

Trophies: You will earn trophies throughout the game. If you want to see them or what you need to get one, just click the hat in the lower left corner.

Menu: The menu button is in the bottom right corner.


Note: This guide starts after the tutorial!



1.       complete the first hidden object area – receive a key


2.       use the key on the chest – receive a machete

3.       examine the camp and find a piece of ancient ceramic

4.       examine the chest with the puzzle symbol above it – puzzle

      •   this is your basic pipe puzzle

      •   make sure you get the oil flowing to the funnel

      •   you do not use all the pipes

      •   if you need to reset, click the bar of oil at the top

      •   you can skip once the color drains from the snake

      •   receive a shed key


5.       use the shed key on the shed – receive a torch

6.       use the machete on the dense jungle

7.       exit

Dense Jungle


1.       pick up the ring

2.       move the small statue on the left and collect the snake tooth

3.       pick up the following items:

      •   blue crystal

      •   scale

      •   stick

      •   rock

4.       turn over the log and take the red crystal

5.       use the snake tooth on the left snake statue

6.       use the scale on the right snake statue

7.       throw the rock at the hidden cache in the left well

8.       use the stick to reach the object inside the cache

9.       take the white crystal

10.   the colored crystals are the snakes eyes

11.   place them in the correct spot by looking at the colored symbols on each side of the snakes

12.   click the temple door – hidden object area


13.   click on the temple door – puzzle

      •   this is your basic slider puzzle

      •   get the up/down piece through the hole at the bottom

      •   you can reset it by pulling the ring at the top

      •   you can skip it when all the color drains from the snake




14.   exit

Temple Door

1.       take the red crystal from inside the wall

2.       place it in the large hole in the upper middle – puzzle

      •   this is a twist on the "simon says" game

      •   click the red crystal and the door will open and shut

      •   the green and blue crystals will fall out

      •   remember where they were and put them back

      •   click the red crystal to see if the crystal(s) are in the correct spot

      •   do this three times

3.       enter

Temple – Middle

Note: You can go right and left from the first Temple screen! Click the arrows.


1.       pick up the three rubies in the water

2.       place the rubies in the fire

3.       use the machete to get the rubies back once they have all changed to black

4.       exit left

Small Chamber

1.       examine the skeleton

2.       examine the carvings on the wall

3.       replace the eyes with the rubies


4.       click the left puzzle

      •   solve the riddles

      •   click a letter to change it

      •   solutions: jaguar; crystal; stairs; dagger

      •   receive the wheel

5.       click on the right puzzle

      •   find the matching fish

      •   I won't tell you exactly which ones, but I will tell you which color to focus on

      •   solutions: pink, green, purple

      •   receive another wheel

6.       go right twice

Tiny Chamber

1.       examine the wall and find the small map

      •   solution: count five symbols from the left and then count three down

2.       hidden object area



3.       go left

Temple – Center

1.       place all the wheels on the axis – puzzle

      •   rotate a wheel until the symbol matches the one in the center

      •   this will also turn another wheel

      •   to reset the puzzle click the center

      •   this puzzle is random so I have no solution

      •   remember, once the snake drains all its color you can skip the puzzle

2.       exit


Note: You can go left from the first Courtyard screen! Click the arrow.


1.       use the machete to cut the vines

2.       collect the following

      •   stone

      •   statue fragment

      •   scale

3.       go left

Ball Court


1.       use the machete on the root

2.       collect the following:

      •   hammer

      •   statue fragment

3.       examine the hoop on the building

4.       examine the scales

5.       place the missing pan on the scales

6.       place the stone on the scales

7.       use the hammer to chip away at the stone until its balanced

8.       take the stone

9.       go right


1.       place the stone on the button

2.       examine the left puzzle

      •   once again you have to find the matching fish

      •   here are the colors to focus on: purple; yellow; blue; teal

3.       examine the right puzzle

      •   this is your basic matching game

      •   just match the tiles

      •   you will need to do this twice

4.       place the root in the tree hole


5.       exit up


1.       collect all the fruit


2.       go through the left door


1.       examine the cabinet

2.       collect the bowl

3.       exit to the ball court

Ball Court

1.       use the bowl on the water

2.       return to the oratory



1.       repair the statues with the statue fragments

2.       place the bowl of water in the left statues hands

3.       place the fruit in the bowl of the right statue

4.       take the figure

5.       go outside and go right

The Store

1.       place the figure on the pedestal

2.       collect all the stone animals


3.       take the axe

4.       exit



1.       use the axe on the tree roots blocking the third door

2.       examine the door – puzzle

      •   another slider puzzle

      •   solve three puzzles




3.       exit

Dungeon Corridor 1


1.       examine the statue

2.       use the machete on the spider webs

3.       turn the left and middle faces

4.       the left face will cause a puzzle to appear

      •   solve the riddles as before

      •   solutions: skeleton; feather; tongue; bridge

      •   receive oil

5.       use the oil on the right face and turn it – nothing happens

6.       now turn the left and middle face upside down

7.       this will make the stairs and a puzzle appear

      •   match the fish again

      •   you should focus on these colors: green; purple; yellow; teal

      •   take the key

8.       the middle face should have revealed a chest

9.       use the key on the chest and receive the broken golden key

10.   collect the porcelain saucepan hidden behind the statue

11.   use the saucepan to collect the key pieces from the water

12.   use the golden key on the gate

13.   examine the gate

      •   this is a maze puzzle

      •   click within the maze to place arrows

      •   the arrows should face the direction you want Joan to go

      •   you can rotate the arrows by click them again

      •   you must collect all the keys

      •   once you have place all the arrows click the run button

      •   Joan will now run through the maze until she hits another arrow or an obstacle


14.   you will automatically exit

Dungeon Corridor 2

1.       click on the puzzle

      •   solve the riddles

      •   solutions: statue ;pyramid; jungle; fruit

      •   receive a crank

2.       use the crank on the mechanism and turn it


3.       go left

The Cave

1.       collect the hidden objects



2.       pick up the stalagmite (or is stalactite?)

3.       look on the ground and see a piece of Jim's coat

4.       use the stalactite (or is it stalagmite?) on the pile of wood

5.       click in a few times to dislodge the rock

6.       exit left

Dungeon Corridor 2

1.       place the stone creatures in the right places

2.       solution: pink  = bird; yellow = spider; red = turtle

3.       take the rope

4.       exit back to the cove

The Cove

1.       use the rope on the pile of wood

2.       exit via the red arrow

High Cave


1.       examine the carvings

2.       collect the following:

      •   two stones

      •   key

3.       use the machete on the thin stalactites

      •   this is another "simon says" type game

      •   repeat the sounds the stalactites make

4.       exit

Deep Cave

1.       collect the two stones

2.       collect the key


3.       examine the left chest

      •   play two match puzzles

      •   receive a statue

4.       examine the chest at the mouth of the cave

      •   solve three slider puzzles




5.       pike your four stones at the base of the large rock to make stairs

6.       now examine the third chest

      •   this is your basic pipe puzzle




7.       go back down

High Cave

1.       place the figures on the pedestals

2.       examine the gate

      •   lead Joan to the yellow tiles by clicking the arrows that surround her

      •   you can push stones in front of fire breathing snakes so you can pass safely

      •   you can also push statues in front of fire breathing snakes so you can pass safely




Secret Cave


1.       exam the paintings on the wall

2.       collect the crowbar

3.       examine the gate

4.       collect the jewels


5.       go back down

High Cave

1.       use the crowbar on the chest and take the key

2.       go back to the secret cave

Secret Cave

1.       place the jewels in the door

2.       use all three keys on the door

Sacrificial Pit

1.       click the board

      •   another puzzle like before where you need to get Joan to the other side




2.       click on the left door

      •   more slider puzzles




3.       click on the right door

      •   more pipe puzzles




4.       click the broken stalactite pile in the middle – hidden object area


5.       go through the right door



1.       pick up the large rock

2.       use the machete on the roots

3.       take the big stick and click on the floating grass – hidden object area


4.       exit down

Sacrificial Pit

1.       use the rock on barrel

2.       pick up the three wood shards at the base

3.       exit through the left door


Sacred Wall


1.       pick up the wooden stick

2.       place the three wood shards you currently have on the bridge

3.       use the machete to cut the vines on the right

4.       go back to the cliff


1.       use the vines and wood stick on the raft

2.       click the raft again

3.       click the door – puzzle

      •   solve the two matching puzzles

4.       you will automatically exit

The Twelve Lords


1.       click each of the statues on the right side

2.       find you sons shirt button

3.       collect the ten statue pieces

4.       repair the statues

5.       click the gate – hidden object area



6.       click the gate again

      •   this is another maze puzzle where you have to place the arrows exactly to collect all the keys and get to the exit

      •   this one is more difficult than the other and takes some thinking

      •   don't bother using the hint feature it won't help


7.       you will automatically exit

Vestibule of Xibalba


1.       examine the four paintings on the wall

2.       collect the statues

      •   fish

      •   bird

      •   flame

      •   human

3.       now match them to paintings and place them on the correct pedestals underneath

4.       click the door

5.       examine the left puzzle

      •   find the matches

      •   here are the colors you should focus on: teal; lavender (blue); green (bright); yellow

6.       examine the right puzzle

      •   more slider puzzles




7.       exit through the left door

Left Balcony

1.       listen to the kidnappers

2.       click on the alter and the area above their heads

3.       exit back out and go through the right door

Right Balcony

1.       click on the table

      •   another puzzle where you need to rotate each disc to match the center

      •   turning one disc may rotate another

2.       exit

Vestibule of Xibalba

1.       take the fire essence

2.       exit onto the left balcony

Left Balcony

1.       place the fire essence in the alter

2.       you will automatically exit

The Kidnappers Hideout

1.       click the toolbox and receive pincers

2.       move the rug and take the key

3.       use the key on the lock

4.       use the pincers on the gate

5.       examine the left puzzle

      •   this is another pipe puzzle

      •   receive a door handle




6.       examine the door

      •   once again we have to direct Joan through the obstacles




7.       use the handle on the door


The End...?

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