Jewel Quest 2: General Information

  • If you're stuck for moves, wait a few seconds and relics will animate to show a possible match.
  • Two buried jewels of the same color next to each other can both form part of the same match, which will cause them to break at the same time.
  • There are two ways to deal with unidentified buried jewels: either try to match various relics with it until you figure out its identity by trial and error, or match three coins to get a special move and use the special move to bust it open. The latter is often less of a hassle.
  • Besides busting open buried jewels, the other good use for special moves is to turn hard-to-reach corners gold.
  • Do not squander special moves! You'll need them in later levels when you start to encounter abundances of unidentified buried jewels and oddly-shaped boards.
  • If you're close to running out of time, sometimes it's better to just lose a life and try the level over again than to use up all your hard-earned special moves out of desperation.
  • Your first goal in Tournament Mode should be to turn the entire board gold, which causes the game to introduce a bonus mode and start dropping silver coins. Match these silver coins for big points.
Sebastian's Levels
  • In the levels during Sebastian's story, you have to cover the board twice. The first time it turns silver, and the second time gold.
  • To get rid of the monkey heads, simply drop them down the board by creating matches underneath them and when they reach the bottom they'll disappear.
  • Do not match the monkey heads! You will lose points.

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