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Overview: Based on the best selling book series, Women's Murder Club by James Patterson's, this game takes you inside the lives of three woman (as opposed to the four in the books although you will see Jill inbetween levels) who fight crime. The series was also a short lived television show in 2007-2008 on ABC which was not picked for a second season. However, even if you don't know anything about the books or show, you're sure to love this great murder mystery type game which brings together puzzles and hidden object genre's.

The Characters: you will need to switch between characters from time to time in order to progress through the game



Lindsay – Homicide detective on the police force


Claire – Forensic Examiner


Cindy – Reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle

Other Characters

Jacobi – Homicide detective and Lindsay's partner

Jill – Attorney and part of the club

Tips & Tricks:

Locations: locations will sparkle until all possible actions are done there

Hidden Objects: on your notepad at left, you will see what you need to find at different locations, it will be crossed off as you finish it – several of the items to find will change from game to game, therefore I have only circled the ones that are needed for your Inventory

Inventory: these are items from the Hidden Object list that are placed into your inventory and will be in the same spot every time you play the game

Evidence: on the bottom of your notepad you will see what evidence needs to be collected at each scene, it will be crossed off as you finish it – not everything will be done at that location, you may have to return to the Police Station for further investigation

Hints: you start out with 5 hints per investigation, they are located by the characters picture in the form of a Police Badge

Sparkles: these indicate an action or puzzle area and need to be clicked on to activate

Puzzles: all puzzles are explained step-by-step in the guide but you can skip any puzzle you want by clicking Solve in the upper left corner

Investigation Docket: this tells you what items must be found for each investigation

Investigation Cards: this has folders on Evidence, Victims, Information, and Suspects in case you forget anything

A Guide to the Guide:

1. Red Circles – hidden object/inventory items
2. Yellow Circles – puzzles (note: I won't circle the larger ones which are quite obvious due to the sparkles)

Note: not every level is listed in this guide, only the ones that you may need help with, some are self explanatory or very much like a previous level

Investigation 1

Crime Scene Under Golden Gate Bridge - Lindsay

1. I like to start by getting all the hidden objects out of the way, so lets find them
2. click on various parts of the body using your Evidence list as clues - examine victims face, click on the facial area, etc. - when you hover your mouse over them they glow
3. if Lindsay wants a picture, simply click on the area that sparkles
4. to complete the task Object Belonging To Victim you'll need to find an object that sparkles


Puzzle 1 – Holes

1. you have to use the items in your inventory to block the various holes
2. once you've blocked the various holes, use the stick to grab the crab
3. pick up the earring


Police Station

1. go to the Police Station and meet Sun Loong who tells you the mark on the body says Unfaithful
2. find the hidden objects in Lindsay's office area
3. read the conversation between Lindsay and Claire
4. you're character has now switched to Claire
5. head back to the Crime Scene

Crime Scene Under The Golden Gate Bridge

1. the note pad says What Lindsay Needs From Me lets work on that list by clicking on the body
2. when you click on the hand you'll get a chance to do some forensic evidence work
3. grab items in your Inventory and try them on the victims hand
4. use the brush on the dirt
5. use the ink/roller to lift her fingerprints
6. go to the Forensic Lab

Forensic Lab

1. find the hidden objects
2. now click on Claire's computer
3. click the brown bottles


Puzzle – Brown Bottles

1. the brown bottles have to be put in correct order according to their labels which is written in the form of a riddles
2. not everyone will get the same combination, the combination below is an example only!
3. by reading the bottles you find that:
* C is only used after B
* E must be used first
* B is after E but before D
* A is used after D
* D is used immediately after C
4. answer: E, B, C, D, A

Puzzle – Computer Chemicals

1. now that the chemicals are in order we have to input them into the computer
2. click on the first bottle
3. use Eye Dropper to get some of the chemical
4. squeeze into the Petri Dish
5. read the results (ie, green boil)
6. the chemical row you are working on is highlighted, so put a check mark in whatever Color and Reaction you get
7. continue with the other chemicals
8. when done click submit
9. you now know the cause of death
10. note: these puzzles are not the same for everybody

Police Station

1. click on Lindsay's computer
2. select Victim ID Report
3. select Check Fingerprints
4. drag Victims Fingerprints from Inventory onto computer screen
5. hmmm, no match, let's go back and select Missing Person's
6. input the victims information by using Victim Report in Inventory

Investigation 2

Crime Scene On The Fishing Boat

1. find hidden objects
2. examine the body
3. click the Fishing Net to the victim's right

Puzzle – Fishing Net

1. the object is to click the various ropes until you have cleared them all
2. the puzzle is easier than it looks
3. hover your mouse over various ropes they will glow
4. you can only move ropes that are covered by one or no other strands
5. hint: just click ropes until they disappear
6. pick the Keys

Police Station

1. talk to Sun Loong again and he'll tell this time the message branded in the victims chest says Indiscrete
2. collect hidden objects
3. click on Lindsay's computer
4. select Victim ID Report
5. select Enter Name
6. enter the name Jennie Kwong
7. click submit

Crime Scene On The Fishing Boat

1. examine the body
2. use Magnifying Glass on victim's legs
3. use Evidence Kit to take the blood sample from pants
4. return to Police Station

Forensics Lab

1. collect the hidden objects
2. hint: the first five brown bottles are in the same exact spots
3. click on Claire's computer
4. follow through with the puzzles as before


Deadline's Coffee

1. we are finally getting to play Cindy, let's collect the hidden objects
2. click the game machine


Puzzle – Deadline Challenge

1. in this game there are 6 words
2. all 6 words have a common theme
3. you have to buy letters but remember, you only have 5 coins
4. if you get 3 letters in a row correct you get a bonus token which means you can have a total of 7 letters before you have to guess
5. not everyone will get the same words/theme
6. example: vest, cravat, jacket, undergarment, evening gown, trousers = theme: clothing
7. way to go, Cindy won a free cup of coffee

Investigation 3

Kwong Home Garden

Puzzle – Maze

1. we get to chase Jennies dad around the garden
2. the object is to get him to the center where the bench is
3. you can close the gates by walking up to them
4. follow the red arrows first and the blue arrows second in my screenshot
5. exit garden


Puzzle – Rose Bush

1. place 8 red bugs on the orange leaf
2. when the leave falls off use Swab to get Blood

Forensic Lab

Puzzle – Brown Bottles

1. this time we use Numbers to solve the puzzle
2. this requires you to do some math (ick)
3. remember a lower number minus a higher number will result in a negative number
4. example only:
* 4th minus 3rd bottles = - 21
* 3rd minus 5th bottles = 10
* 1st minus 4th bottles = 14
* 2nd minus 1st bottles = 4
* 5th minus 2nd bottles = -7
* Bottles 22, 1, 19, 12 & 15
* 22 – 12 = 10 therefore Bottle 3 is 22 and Bottle 5 is 12
* if Bottle 5 is #12 then 12 – x = -7
* 12 – 19 = -7 therefore Bottle 2 is 19
* if Bottle 2 is #19 then 19 – x = 4
* 19 – 15 = 4 therefore Bottle 1 is 15 leaving only one number that could be Bottle 4

Chronicle Office

1. collect the hidden objects
2. click the Microfiche Machine


Puzzle – Microfiche

1. time to put all the film back in the correct spots (this puzzle changes with every game)
2. the Rows are Colors - Across
3. the Columns are Categories – Up & Down
4. hint: find the row and column with no film to place the first one on the desk
5. Categories
* Weapons
* Musical
* Hats
* Medical
* Vehicles
* Food
* Kitchen Items
* Flight
* Toys
* Numbers
* Letters
* Farm Animals
* Symbols
* Painting


6. now we need to enter the name Kwong in Search Box 1
7. now enter Judge in Search Box 2
8. grab the film from 1984 and put it in the Microfiche Machine

Investigation 4

Lin Kwong's Office

1. collect the hidden objects
2. click on the upper cupboard and use your Swab to get Blood
3. click the Small Box
4. click the Day Planner


Puzzle – Small Box

1. take the Circles and place them onto the puzzle according to size
2. rotate them to make a complete picture
3. now place the Gold Circles in the four corners matching the red dots to the holes
4. click once to place then and click a second time if needed to rotate
5. take Cufflinks


Puzzle – Day Planner

1. click on the bottom left corner to turn the pages
2. hmmm, some are missing
3. take the Pencil and use it on the pages directly under the missing ones
4. hint: you can have some fun here and scribble your own initials or draw a heart if you wish
5. return to Forensic Lab


Puzzle – Microfiche

1. sort the Microfiche
2. enter the name Donald Wong into the computer
3. click submit
4. get film from 2002 and put it in Microfiche Machine
5. go to Deadline's Coffee

Lotus Flower Orphanage

1. collect the hidden objects
2. drag your Picture of Jane Doe to the Pictures on the Wall
3. do the Figurine Puzzle

Puzzle – Figurines

1. the figurines go boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, boy
2. the arms must be in the opposite direction
3. hint: one male figurine will not have a female opposite, he always goes on the right end
4. the order changes with each game
5. it turns on the light
6. click the Back Button and take a picture of the Symbol

Investigation 5

Lotus Flower Orphanage

1. collect the hidden objects
2. click on the Telephone and get the good doctors number
3. click on the Calendar and then click Staff Meeting
4. click the Book Puzzle


Puzzle – Zodiac Book

1. match the Zodiac Pieces symbols in the book
2. the symbols are somehow related, you need to figure out what that is
3. if it blinks after placement it's correct
4. answers:
* Pig = Football
* Rabbit = Top Hat
* Horse = Saddle
* Rooster = Sunrise
* Monkey = Banana
* Snake = Snake Charmer
* Mouse = Cheese
* Tiger = Jungle
* Cow = Plow
* Dog = Bone
* Ram = Staff
* Chinese Dragon = Wizard Hat

5. click the main page and then page with pictures

Wong Ltd. Real Estate

1. collect the hidden objects
2. click the Fax Machine
3. click the Start Button and take the Fax

Pier 50 Shipping Wharf

1. collect hidden objects
2. hint: the Key is on the top, left corner of the container
3. click the Logo on the side of the container
4. click the Packing List on the front of the container
5. click the Lock
6. click the Bar
7. click the Light
8. put in the Key
9. click the Red Button

Investigation 6

Police Station

1. collect hidden objects
2. click on Lindsay's Computer
3. click on Look Up Phone Number
4. enter the number 555-6720

Dr. Yao's Office

1. collect hidden objects
2. click on Phone
3. get the doctors Home Phone Numbers
4. click on Schedule Book
5. click the Appointment

Police Station

1. click on Lindsay's computer
2. select Look Up Phone Number
3. enter 885-4601 and 886-0148

Gow Cum Movie Theater

1. collect hidden objects
2. pick up the Matches


Wing Fong Restaurant

1. collect hidden objects
2. click on the Registration Book
3. click Donald Wong Reservation
4. flip through the pages and then click back
5. use the Screwdriver on the Vent


Puzzle – Maze

1. Left 3x
2. Left 1x
3. Right 1x
4. Left 5x
5. Right 3x
6. Left 2x
7. Right 5x


Investigation 7

Chinatown Apartment

1. collect hidden objects
2. click on Picture
3. a new Puzzle will appear
4. click on the Paper on the edge of the desk


Puzzle – Paper

1. this is like a jigsaw puzzle
2. drag the pieces from your Inventory onto the table
3. right-click the pieces to rotate them
4. when they are in the correct place they will blink and you won't be able to move them


Nob Hill Luxor Apartments

1. collect hidden objects
2. click on the Desk



Puzzle – Lights

1. we need to place the light bulbs in the correct order
2. when a bulb is in the right spot it will blink and can't be removed
3. hint: rainbow
4. this puzzle can easily be solved by simply taking one bulb at a time and trying it in each spot
5. when the puzzle is finished pick up the Key
6. use Key to open Diary

Investigation 8

Qian Gai's Apartment

1. collect hidden objects
2. click the Computer
3. examine the body


Police Station

1. Sun Loong will tell you that the message this time says Cheat
2. collect hidden objects
3. click on Lindsay's computer
4. click Victim ID Report
5. enter the name Qian Gai's

Qian Gai's Apartment

1. click on the Desk
2. use the Backlight to look for blood.
3. use Swab to collect blood
4. examine the body

Wong Ltd. Real Estate

1. collect hidden objects
2. click Fax Machine
3. click the Start Button
4. take Fax

Lotus Flower Orphanage

1. collect hidden objects
2. click Radiator


Puzzle – Radiator

1. you need to match the Radiator Parts by color
2. each end of the radiator has the color Green
3. find a Radiator Part with a Green End
4. trying placing it on one of the two ends
5. keep doing this until all the parts have been assembled
6. hold the Letter From A Friend over the Steam


Nob Hill Luxor Apartments

1. collect hidden objects
2. click on Briefcase
3. read the Two Documents inside

Investigation 9

Sun Loong's Apartment

1. collect hidden objects
2. examine body and discover the marks on his chest say Traitor
3. after collecting all 12 Pieces of Photo, click the puzzle that appears on the floor


Puzzle – Photo

1. another jigsaw like puzzle
2. right-click to rotate
3. once a piece is in the correct place it will glow and cannot be removed


Chronicle Office

1. collect hidden objects
2. time to put the Microfiche in order again
3. in Cindy's computer enter Loong and Tso
4. get film 2004

Judge Tso's Office

1. collect hidden objects
2. click on Book Shelf
3. use Sample Kit from Inventory on Waste Basket
4. click on Dresser Drawer

Puzzle – Heart Box

1. first take the Cufflinks
2. now rearrange the puzzle so it makes a pattern
3. hint: little heart in middle


From here on out I think you can finish the game on your own… beware for a surprise ending!


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