Home Sweet Home: General Information

Go into your c:\program files\home sweet home\resourceFiles\ directory, and find the file gamedata.xml

  1. Look for the word “=== WORKER DATA ===” by using edit > find.
  2. There are three sections for the workers, under “Goran”, “Fat Guy”, and “Chick” - yes, I find that just slightly demoralizing. A “chick” goes around hammering nails in as fast as the other ones. Hmmm.
  3. Change the Stamina to “999.9″
  4. Change the build speed to “0.50″
  5. Change the walk speed to “2.5″
  6. Change the stamina drop to “0″
  7. Do this for all three workers.

Once you’re done that, let’s tackle the global difficulty. It should be RIGHT ABOVE the worker data.

  1. Look for the phrase “<DEFAULTS name=”THE_EQUATION”>” (Just use “edit > find” it’s easier that way)
  2. Change value= to 0. <VALUE id=”per_furn_tools_inc” type=”float” value=”0.1″/>
  3. Do this for per_furn_injury_inc, stamina_decrease_rate_inc, furniture_decay_inc, item_request_time_inc, as well as worker_injury_percent_inc.
  4. Save the file.

Load up the game, and you should have workers that:

  • Don’t get tired
  • Don’t ask for things
  • Don’t get injured
  • Builds like absolute maniacs
  • Walks faster
  • Whose work “deteriorate” VERY slowly over time.

You can go ahead and fool around with the rest of the settings.


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