Fairy Godmother Tycoon: General Information

"The key to any level is to buy as much as you can on sale and fill your warehouse. Also have the best possible potion maker."

How do you get the godmother to pay what you owe?

The Fairy Godmother won't pay what you owe if you have money in other areas. Meaning if you have $68 beans in research, lower that down. If you have money in advertising get rid of it. Sometimes the game does glitch and even if you have zero money in other areas, she won't pay. The only way I've found around that is to exit out of the game and restart the level.


I usually start out buying 10 of each ingredients, I set my price at about $60 for the first potion when the demand is high and at about $55 when it is low, that is for swelled head. For flaming, I set it at $70 for high demand and $65 for low demand. Singing at about $85 for high demand and $70 for low demand.

For this scenario I put out about 30 mailers when demand is high (15 when low) and have the pop up gremlins to start with in the middle of town no matter what the demand is.

Pirates Cove

If people don't come to your store, you need to spend a little money on marketing. Flying monkeys usually do the trick

Piggytown Tips

* the persuasion troll in front of the pigs
* a town crier in front of the bulls and a big baby
* a billboard troll by your store
* you will need to do research and borrow from the loan shark godmother will pay him off once
* upgrade your warehouse your potion maker
* the only spells you need will be hush and the flying elephant.
* keep your prices good so you will have happy customers
* make sure you buy enough ingrediants I think this town has 100 or 150 people so try to keep enough if you get close to running out use the elephant to deliver more..
* you don't have to worry about really paying the loan shark back..just get to 4000 cash..just pay back when you can.
* the chicken lips are the hardest to keep in stock and I think the most exspesive sp

Last Level

Its common for this level to take a couple hours to finish

Tips from players:

"I just do all the upgrades and buy as many supplies that I can also everytime the shoe elves come up I use them."

"After I put everyone else out of business, I put the Giant Lazy Baby in front of Sneezewrorth store, a Siren, and a charming prince. I also put the bell ringer in front of the castle. "

"I made sure to severly undercut his prices and always took the opportunity to rob him if I could. I think you just have to get his popularity under 25% and you win. Doing the above, I won much quicker then the first couple of times I played."

"I used the spy device like crazy to see what Sneezeworth was offering in prices and I always undercut him by 3 or 4 beans. It really isn't that much of a loss in money because he will offer one potion very cheap and then charge a ton for the other two. I would just undercut his price for all 3 and the customers will love that."

Check the forum for even more tips.

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