Escape the Museum: General Information


You take your daughter Caitlin to work with at The Natural Museum when an earthquake strikes! You manage to get Caitlin to safety but as you go to check on the museum, you become trapped. With the help of John, the engineer, who contacts you via your cell phone, you can find your way through the museum and back to your daughter. However, your boss Marcus wants to you to find rare artifacts along the way (he's a tad insensitive).

Tips & Tricks:

Cell Phone: the first thing you need to do is pick up your ringing cell phone once you awake. This is your only contact to the outside world.

Finding Objects: this HOG actually has some objects hidden behind others, which you may not be able to see until you clear something. They creators of this game also like to hide things at the very edge of the screen.

How To Escape The Rooms:
* John, the engineer, will tell you what you need to do to escape each room, if you follow his instructions, you won't need any hints.
* Above the scene will be a silhouette of the items you need to find.
* When you get near an object/area of interest, your cursor will change to a magnifying glass with a + sign inside. Click whenever this happens and you will get an item or dialogue/hint (this does not take away from your points).
* You may also see your cursor have a ? mark beside it, that means you are near an object/area of interest, click it!
* Next, drag and drop items where appropriate until they fit together.
* If you are still stuck, I will post the steps in the guide below.

Find 10: After each chapter you will be able to go back to previous room and "find 10" of a certain object that is shown at the top of the screen. They are usually not in full color, I suggest you look for the "shape".

Mini Games:
1. Puzzle - simply drag the pieces back into the paintings until the picture is complete again, these are very simple.
2. Weights - click the empty pedestal to adjust the weight size and click again to drop the weight. You can only use 3 weights, once the meter is in the green zone you can take the artifact. The maximum amount of the weight is 200, so if you need 350 you could allow one to be full weight and another weight at 150 or the last two weights at 75.

Completing Levels: once you complete a chapter, you have to go back to certain rooms, once a room is complete it will turn yellow on the map. Some levels will have locked areas which will open up as you progress further into the game.


Level 1 - Dinosaurs

Escape Objective: you need to use the pulley to move the dinosaur head out of your way.
1. get mirror
2. use mirror on laser beam
3. get the pole
4. click on the crate
5. drag pole to crate
6. take rope out of crate
7. attach rope to the pulley above door
* Note: I tried to attach it to the dinosaur head and it did not work
8. click on the door to exit room


Level 1 E


Level 1 - 1

Level 2 - Main Vestibule, West


Level 2 - 1


Level 2 - 2


Level 2 - 3


Level 2 - 4

Level 3 - Stairs to 2nd Floor

Objective: bridge the gap to reach the 2nd floor
1. get drill
2. get charger
3. drag charger to live wires (hanging from lamp)
4. drag drill to charger
5. click on drill
6. use drill on lamp
7. drag lamp to gap in the stairs


Level 3 E


Level 3 - 1

Level 4 - Central Building, Gallery 1

Escape Objective: escape room by clearing finding a doorknob.
1. get flashlight
2. get knife
3. zoom in on book and pick up walkie talkie
4. use knife on walkie talkie to get batteries
5. drag batteries to flashlight
6. click on blue museum map and take light bulb
7. put light bulb in flashlight
8. drag flashlight to blocked area and take the buried doorknob
9. use doorknob on door
10. click door to exit room


Level 4 E


Level 4 - 1

Level 5 - West Wing, Gallery 1

Escape Objective: find key to exit through door on right
1. get piece of paper
2. get broken glass
3. use broken glass on rug and take out arm with quill
4. put paper under the door
5. click doorknob area to open window
6. use the arm with quill on keyhole to push key out and onto paper
7. pick up key and use it on door
8. click door to exit


Level 5 E


Level 5 - 1

Level 6 - Minerals

Escape Objective: open security gate
1. get diamond
2. use diamond to cut a hole in the far right display case and get magnetic rock
3. use magnetic rock on coin display case and get coin
4. use coin in soda machine
5. use soda on circuit breaker by door to short it out and raise security door
6. click on door to exit room


Level 6 E


Level 6 - 1

Level 7 - Archeologic Tools


Level 7 - 1


Level 7 - 2


Level 7 - 3

Level 8 - History of the Earth and Solar System

Escape Objective: move the crate blocking the door
1. get button
2. put button back in planet machine (left side)
3. scroll through the planets until Saturn (with ring) is in the forefront
4. take the ring off Saturn
5. get 3 wires
6. use ring on cart
7. use 3 wires on cart
8. use cart on crate
9. click door to exit room


Level 8 E


Level 8 - 1

Level 9 - West Wing, Gallery 2

Escape Objective: find something to knock the wall down
1. turn on display case lights
2. click first display case and take handle
3. click second display case and take sword blade
4. drag sword over blade
5. use sword on bottom of pillar five times
6. click hole in the wall to exit


Level 9 E


Level 9 - 1

Level 10 - Trilobites


LEVEL 10 - 1


LEVEL 10 - 2


LEVEL 10 - 3


LEVEL 10 - 4

Level 11 - Golden Fever, Pioneers of the West


LEVEL 11 - 1


LEVEL 11 - 2


LEVEL 11 - 3


LEVEL 11 - 4

Level 12 - Ancient Fish

Escape Objective: find key to the left door
1. get glass
2. get lever
3. get superglue
4. drag glass shard to fish tank
5. use superglue on the piece of glass
6. use lever on faucet underneath fish tank
7. when water floats up take key
8. use key on door
9. click on door to exit




LEVEL 12 - 1

Level 13 - West Wing, Gallery 3

Escape Objective: find a way through the hole in wall made by the freezer
1. read the display case on floor (left side, under window)
2. get bow
3. get arrow
4. get wood
5. drag arrow onto bow
6. use bow and arrow to shoot down spear head
7. get spear head
8. use spear head to cut a piece of hair off caveman
9. place wood underneath caveman in ice
10. place hair on top of wood
11. place bow and arrow on top off hair and wood
12. Eureka! Fire!
13. click hole to exit room




LEVEL 13 - 1

Level 14 - Human Predecessors


LEVEL 14 - 1


LEVEL 14 - 2


LEVEL 14 - 3

Level 15 - Second Floor Ledge

Escape Objective: escape through the window on the other side
1. get bent pole
2. use bent pole on hanging cable, this will bring the cage up
3. click on toolbox and get screwdriver
4. use screwdriver and get window knob
5. get brick
6. throw brick through the other window
7. use window knob on the window you just broke
8. exit through window


LEVEL 15 - E


LEVEL 15 - 1

Level 16 - Central Building, Gallery 2

Escape Objective: find a way to reinforce the support column
1. get keys
2. take the chair while you're at it
3. use key on locked display case (right side) and take out hammer
4. get pole on ground
5. get wood plank
6. click gold bust on left side to move it
7. place chair where bust was
8. use hammer on pole directly above the chair
9. click in background near the blue sign and a window will open
10. place wood plank and then the two poles in there
11. click on area to exit room




LEVEL 16 - 1

Level 17 - Central Building, Gallery 3

Escape Objective: find a way out of the far right door
1. get broom
2. get hammer
3. get gum
4. get string
5. click red box near door and use the broom to block the live wires
6. use hammer on glass (red box) and get axe
7. click on far right door and use axe on boards
8. combine gum and string
9. zoom in on far right door and see key through hole, use the gum-string to retrieve it
10. use key and exit room




LEVEL 17 - 1

Level 18 - Souvenirs


LEVEL 18 - 1


LEVEL 18 - 2


LEVEL 18 - 3


LEVEL 18 - 4

Level 19 - Maintenance


LEVEL 19 - 1


LEVEL 19 - 2


LEVEL 19 - 3


LEVEL 19 - 4

Level 20 - East Wing, Hallway 1

Escape Objective: find the door number for Caitlin
1. get pole
2. get electrical cord
3. put electrical cord in wall outlet by sticker machine
4. use sticker machine to get museum sticker
* (click buttons from left to right: 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 2, 3, 3, 4)
5. get mirror from purse
6. combine the pole, mirror, and sticker
7. use it to see the door number on the ventilation over the door
8. click door to exit room


LEVEL 20 - E


LEVEL 20 - 1

Level 21 - Egypt

Escape Objective: avoid the live electrical box
1. get crop
2. get sickle
3. place sickle and crop in the hands of the mummy
4. get liquid nitrogen
5. throw liquid nitrogen at corner of wall where the water is coming out
6. click door to exit


LEVEL 21 - E


LEVEL 21 - 1

Level 22 - Greeks and Romans


LEVEL 22 - 1


LEVEL 22 - 2


LEVEL 22 - 3

Level 23 - Medieval England and Age of Discoveries


LEVEL 23 - 1


LEVEL 23 - 2


LEVEL 23 - 3

Level 24 - Native Americans

Escape Objective: rescue golden idol and get key from wall
1. get fire extinguisher
2. get nozzle
3. combine nozzle and extinguisher
4. use fire extinguisher on orange pole and get key (you have to hurry because it's hot again fast, if you don't get it the first time, try again!)
5. get coins
6. get empty bag
7. put coins in bag
8. replace golden idol with bag
9. use key and exit room


LEVEL 24 - E


LEVEL 24 - 1

Level 25 - War for Independence

Escape Objective: use brute force to get out of room
1. collect 10 sticks of dynamite
2. pick up items
3. put rope in flammable liquid to create wet fuse
4. put all 10 sticks of dynamite in
5. put in rag
6. put in cannon ball
7. put in fuse
8. attach trigger mechanism
9. click on door and exit




LEVEL 25 - 1

Level 26 - Mesozoic Era Flora


LEVEL 26 - 1


LEVEL 26 - 2


LEVEL 26 - 3

Level 27 - East Wing, Hallway 2

Escape Objective: stop gas leak
1. click on electrical box on left wall
2. click 3rd button from the left
3. get gas valve (you have to do this before the lights turn back off)
4. use valve on gas leak
5. click on door and exit room


LEVEL 27 - E


LEVEL 27 - 1

Level 28 - America

Escape Objective: widen hole in floor so you can fit through it
1. get bayonette
2. get Confederate Flag
3. get American Flag
4. open electrical box and click the upper left grid to turn it green
5. get in case and take rifle
6. turn power back off
7. combine flags to make a rope
8. combine rifle and bayonette
9. use the rifle-bayonette to cut down chandelier
10. attach rope to pipe
11. click hole to exit room




LEVEL 28 - 1

Level 29 - Cloak Room

Escape Objective: set off the fire alarm to open the door
1. open first aid cabinet and get manual
2. get lighter
3. get key
4. use key on cash register to get lighter fluid
5. combine lighter fluid and lighter
6. combine lighter and manual
7. use manual on fire alarm
8. click on door and exit room




LEVEL 29 - 1

Level 30 - Main Vestibule, Eastern Part

Escape Objective: use steam engine to break down door
1. collect all the items
2. use rag anywhere on the floor to sop up some water
3. combine rag and bucket
4. pour water into the stack on top of engine
5. put beam on front of the engine
6. combine oil flask and empty can
7. use oil can on the engine wheel
8. use shovel to get coal from behind engine
9. put coal in the fire box
10. pull lever by fire box
11. click door to exit room




LEVEL 30 - 1

Level 31 - Modern Age


LEVEL 31 - 1


LEVEL 31 - 2


LEVEL 31 - 3

Level 32 - 1ST Floor, East Wing, Hallway 1

Escape Objective: start ventilator to clear room
1. get crowbar from crate
2. get door knob
3. use crowbar on bent pipe over right door
4. use doorknob to open right door and get filter
5. use doorknob to open left door
6. click bottom area to get filter tray
7. combine filter and filter tray
8. put filter tray back in
9. click on door and exit


LEVEL 32 - E


LEVEL 32 - 1

Level 33 - Old China


LEVEL 33 - 1


LEVEL 33 - 2

Level 34 - Incas, Mayas, Aztecs

Escape Objective: find key card and fix keypad
1. get both blowguns
2. get blowgun dart
3. get ID badge
4. get paperclips
5. combine blowguns and blowgun dart
6. use blowgun dart on security card
7. open up window to keypad
8. use paperclips on broken wires
9. swipe security card
10. type in name on ID card just like you would on a cell phone and hit enter
11. click on door and exit


LEVEL 34 - E


LEVEL 34 - 1

Level 35B - Security Room

Tips & Tricks for Level's 35B, 36, & 37:

1. use showcase lights for minimum light and main lights for medium lights, or both for the most light, but remember don't leave them on too long or you'll run out of power and have to wait for the back up generator
2. watch the power meter
3. don't let the gate go all the way down
4. use your cursor in the dark to find "hot spots", click them and then turn on enough light to see

Escape Objective: record a playback loop to fool the security camera

1. get the key
2. use the key to unlock the cabinet which has the video tape
3. go to the computer console
4. put the video tape in the top VCR and click the red record button
5. click the eject button (double arrows) and get tape
6. put tape in bottom VCR and click play (1 arrow)
7. reset the grate and click the door to exit



Level 36 - Computer Study

Escape Objective: find e-mail of security disarming code and print it out

1. find wireless adapter (this can be found in the dark)
2. use wireless adapter on the computer that says it's not connected to the internet
3. get paper from cabinet
4. find the screen that that says it has e-mail
5. open e-mail and click print button
6. go to printer and get paper
7. reset gate
8. click on door and exit


LEVEL 36 - E

Level 37 - Library

Escape Objective: feed security code to scanner to open emergency exit

1. get fuse
2. find fuse box and insert fuse
3. click on computer monitor
4. click on scanner
5. click on door and exit


Level 37 E

Last Task

You are given a picture of 12 items and 12 rooms to explore. There is 1 item in each room. Pay attention to the type of item it is so you know which room to pick.


Last Task

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