Echoes of the Past: The Castle of Shadows: General Information

The Echoes of the Past: Castle of Shadows Walkthrough has step by step instructions for the entire game and includes solutions to all the puzzles with screenshots. Help restore the amulet and defeat the evil witch.

Echoes of the Past - The Castle of Shadows

A Navigation Arrow allows you to move to different areas of the game.
Placing your cursor at the bottom of the screen will allow you to exit scenes.
Some areas will be locked until you complete a puzzle or find a specific inventory item.
Hidden Object Scenes:
Many items change when you start a new game. Find the items listed and pick up extra items for your inventory or hints points.

Pick up inventory items along the way to solve the puzzles.  I will let you know with color codes ie: (green), (blue) 

Mirror in the upper right corner:
The game starts you off with 10 free hints. To gain more hints you must find the two mirrors in each Hidden Object Scene.
Each mirror adds 1 extra point to your game.

You have an inventory tray at the top of the screen where items you find are kept for future uses. Drag inventory items to an area you wish to use it and click it into place.  When you see sparkles this usually indicates and item to be picked up or and area that needs the use of an inventory item.  If you play in advance mode you will not see the sparkles.

Magnifying Glass:
This will appear when you mouse over areas you need to explore.

The hand will appear when you mouse over items you need to pick up for your inventory.

Use the journal in the upper left to learn valuable information about the game. You can also read the story as it progresses.

 The Chapel
* Pick up the Magic Book
* Pick up the Amulet Stand
* Click on the Sparkling Area on the right to play Hidden Object Scene


*  Pick up the two mirrors (green)
*  Find the hidden items
*  Strike the match stick on the box and light the candle (blue)
*  Pick up the lit candle


* Drag the candle from the inventory to the candle holder in the center
* Click on the figures behind the candle for a puzzle
* Put the figures in correct order using the torn pictures at the bottom to get clues



* Go up the stairs to the clock
* Pick up the weight to the right of the clock face


* Go down toward the street door at the lower right
* From your Inventory, Drag the Statuette to the door and place it there to unlock the door
* Go through the door and go straight


* You will come to a town square (click on blowing piece of paper bottom right of fountain for fun)
* Click on the fountain for a puzzle
* Grab the two mirrors (green)
* Find the hidden objects
* Use the hammer to break the pig (blue)
* Grab coin from inside pig
* Grab door handle (red)


* Go back to the chapel
* From inventory, Drag door handle to the cupboard
* Click on cupboard door for a puzzle


* Place all the items in their proper places
    1 Feather
    2 Gem
    3 Stamp
    4 Still Life
    5 Typewriter Key
    6 Check Mark (this will show up after you place the type writer key)
    7 Book Mark
    8 Eye (this will show up after you place the book mark)
* Upon completion of this puzzle you will receive a crank handle in your inventory


The Bridge
* Go out door to town square
* Grab the crowbar by the lampost near the Tavern
* Go straight between the two buildings/lamposts at the upper right
* You will come to a broken bridge scene
* Grab the beads in the upper left corner
* Move your mouse over the lampost and click on it to grab the fuse
* Move your mouse over the bridge and click on it to grab the red token


* Navigate towards the water below
* From inventory, drag the handle to the net
* Grab the keys



* Navigate back to the town square
* Click on the Garment Factory to note the time


The Tavern
* Click on the Tavern to open a puzzle
* From inventory, drag the keys to the peg board to start the puzzle
* Put the keys into the proper keyholes



* Go into the Tavern
* From inventory, drag the wine bottle to the tavern keepers shadow
* The Tavern Keeper will give you a piece of the amulet


* Click on the red pepper on the bar
* Click on the cabinet in the lower left and pick up the glass
* Mouse over the doors on the left to open a puzzle
* Grab the two mirrors (green)
* Find the hidden objects


* Grab the paintbrush (blue)
* Drag paint brush to the paint pot
* Grab paint brush, drag to egg and click on it
* Grab the easter egg


* Grab the street lamp in the upper right corner (red)


* Go up the steps in back of tavern

* Pick up blue token ot the left of the door

* Leave the Tavern and go back towards the chapel one click
* From Inventory drag lamplight to lampost
* From inventory give beads to the monk shadow
* Grab the clock hand (lower left)



* Go inside Chapel and upstairs to clock
* From inventory drag clockhand to clock face
* Set the time to 5:45


The Factory
* Pick up Factory Key at base of the clock (bottom right)
* Go to Town Square (fountain area)
* Mouse over the Factory and click to zoom in
* Unlock door with key from inventory, go into Factory
* Click on sparkling area lower left cupboard for puzzle
* Grab two mirrors
* Find Hidden objects
* Use pick up knife and put on pencil
* Pick up green token bottom shelf


* Click upper righthand corner for a puzzle
* From inventory drag fuse to the empty hole
* Put fuses in the correct order to light up factory


The Tavern

* Go back to the Tavern
* Click on the red slot machine right hand side to open puzzle
* Goal is lions all in a row
* From inventory, drag red token to slot to start puzzle
* Push buttons on slot in this order:  B(x4), C(x3)


* Click on the blue slot machine to open puzzle
* From inventory, drag blue token to slot to start puzzle
* Goal is pirate flags all in a row
* Push buttons on slot in this order: B(x4), C(x6), D(x5), E, F(x3), G(x4)


* Click on the green slot machine to open puzzle
* From inventory, drag green token to slot to start puzzle
* Goal is monkeys all in a row
* Push buttons on slot in this order: C(x3), F(x4), E(x4), D(x3), B(x2), A(x5), G(x5)


* Go up the stairs
* From inventory drag the 3 coins to the slot on the gate to open
* Grab the hacksaw on floor, center of room in front of broom, by the bucket
* Grab the broom, center of room


* Click on the wooden cups on table (right hand side) to open puzzle
* Match the pairs (matches will disappear, no match will flip the cup back over to try again)


* Grab the keg on table
* Return to front room of tavern
* From inventory, place keg on table, right side
* Pick up handle off of table


The Garment Factory
*Return to Garment Factory
* Place broom in center
* Pick up garment tags on floor
* From inventory drag crowbar to floor in front of ghost
* Pick up wrench


* Go into back of Garment Factory (upper left corner)
* Click on tag machine in back of room to open puzzle


* Put the tags in correct order
* A green light will come each time a row is correct



* From inventory, use hacksaw on chains on box
* Pick up screw driver
* Pick up electrical tape on table (left side)
* Click on book on table
* Click on fabric on table
* Pick up handle
* Pick up garden pruners
* From inventory, use wrench on dripping faucet (left hand side)
* Pick up faucet

* Go back to the town square and click on lower right of fountain for puzzle
* From inventory drag screwdriver to screw in lower left of grate
* Click on the valve to drain fountain
* Click on fountain for puzzle


* Put the items back where they belong

* Cap will be added to inventory


* Go one click back to the street outside the chapel
* From inventory drag garden pruners to branch hanging by street lamp
* Pick up branch from ground
* From inventory drag faucet to shadow on wall (lower right)
* From Inventory place glass under faucet
* Pick up glass with water 



* Go Tavern and
* From inventory take the handle and place it on the door to the left
* Click on door to open puzzle
* Replace items
   * nutcracker to the walnut behind the Easter bunny cart
    * acorn to the leaf, lower center between shelves
* Knife will go into inventory


* Go to the factory
* From inventory give cap to factory guard shadow
* Guard will give you another piece of the amulet
* From inventory drag knife to cabinet lower left to open door
* Click on cabinet to open puzzle
* Put items back in their places
* Antlers will be added to inventory



* Go to tavern
* From inventory drag antler to deer on left upper wall
* Dart added to inventory


* Go to back of tavern up stairs
* From inventory drag dart to dart board
* Pick up button


The Pharmacy

* Go to pharmacy to open puzzle
* From inventory place button on empty center spot
* Object is to have all the green on top, all the red on bottom
* Click on buttons in this order (see picture)


* Go inside pharmacy
* Click on light hanging from ceiling
* From inventory drag electrical tape to light


* From inventory drag weight to scale lower right
* Pick up dry herbs off scale


* Click on cabinet in back of pharmacy to open puzzle
* From inventory place all ingredients on table


* Book will open, follow ingredients (note pages are not in order)
* Put leaves into pestle, then into beaker B


* Click right page 1 time
* Put pepper into juicer
* Click right page 1 time
* Put pepper juice into beaker C


* Click left page 1 time
* Put dry herbs on cutting board
* Click right page 2 times
* Put dry herbs into beaker D


* Click left page 1 time
* Pour water glass into blue dish
* Click right page 1 time
* Pour blue dish into beaker A


* Medication will be added to inventory
* From inventory give medication to Pharmacist
* Pharmacist will give you another piece of the amulet
* From inventory drag handle to safe, pick up hatchet


* Leave pharmacy and go to bridge area then to water
* From inventory drag hatchet to logs to open hidden object puzzle at fountain
* Go to the fountain in the town square and click on it for a puzzle
* Find all the arrows
* Arrow will be added to inventory


* Go inside Tavern
* Click on doors to left for puzzle
* Find all the feathers
* Give bread crumbs to bird, pick up feather(see pic)
* Feather will be added to inventory


* Go inside the factory
* Click on lower right cupboard for puzzle
* Find all the ropes
* Put rock in basket, pick up rope (see pic)
* Rope will be added to inventory


* Go to bridge, then to waters edge
* Click on logs to open puzzle
* From inventory drag rope to logs to open puzzle
* Put boards in order



* Click on completed raft to go across the water
* From inventory drag arrow to crossbow lower left corner
* Pick up doll



The Castle
* Go up the steps towards castle
* Pick up the stone ball lower left
* Return by raft to the Chapel street door
* Place ball on shadow right hand side, pick up triangle key in wall


* Return to Castle
* Click on sparkling plate on castle wall
* From inventory use key to unscrew 3 triangle screws


* Restore the correct arrangement of the words
* Click any two stones to swap their positions
* Once completed it will reveal the words “LICITUM SIT”



*Go through the door
* Click on the sparkles for puzzle, lower right
* Find hidden objects
* Pick up the two mirrors (green)
* Pick up the knife, lower left and place on stump(left side), pick up wooden doll
* Pick up the kerosene can, on the left


* Click on the lamp post
* From inventory pour kerosene into lamp, click on lamp to light courtyard


*From inventory give feather to gargoyle (the symbols on the scroll will be needed for a puzzle)
* Place doll on seesaw, pick up wheel
* From inventory, place wheel on carriage to reveal puzzle


* Replace objects
* Bulbs added to inventory (needed for puzzle)


* Click down to outside of castle
* Click on sparkling area to the right
* From inventory drag the bulbs to the garden plot to open puzzle
* Place bulbs in correct order so none fade
    * Red bulbs can be placed next to yellow and blue
    * Blue bulbs can be placed next to red and violet
    * Yellow bulbs can only be next to red
    * Violet bulbs can only be next to blue
* See pic for solution, bouquet will be added to inventory


* Go back through castle gate
* From inventory give bouquet to girl shadow to receive piece of amulet
* Pick up chimera tablet from ground, lying where girl was standing
* From inventory place chimera tablet onto gargoyle statue, pick up door decoration


* Click on castle door
* From inventory place door decoration in center of snakes to open puzzle
* Set the correct order of the signs to unlock the door
* See symbols on the gargoyle statue for clues (see pic for solution)
* Click on white areas to scroll through the pics



* Go into the Castle
*Place the amulet on the stand, you will be taken to the dungeon
* Click on the sparkling wall opening on the right side to open puzzle
* Pick up two mirrors (green)
* Find the hidden objects
* Pick up the chalk and place on paper (orange), pick up the sketch
* Find the nail puller (red)


* From inventory use nail puller on boards on back wall to reveal puzzle
* Click on puzzle on back wall
* Set the correct position of stones
* The word Licitum Sit is engrave in the upper right of the puzzle
* The letters I S U L are engraved on stone pushed out from wall
* The Letters T C M are engraved on stone pushed fully in to the wall
*  Click on the stones to push them all in to the wall then follow this solution:
    L = out /  I = out / C = keep in / I = out / T = keep in / U = out / M = keep in
    S = out / I = out / T = keep in


* Go through the open doorway
* Click on door at right to open puzzle
* Click on the buttons until they are all lit


* Go through the door
* Click on sparkling wall area to the left
* Put objects in their proper areas
* Lever will be added to inventory


* From inventory drag lever to cog device along back wall
* Click on panel to the far right of back wall to open puzzle


* From inventory use key in trianguler hole to open
* Make all the lamps shine brightly
* Click on arrows in the right order to keep lights brightly lit
See pic for solution: Click in the order shown 1-4


* Go through the sparkling opening in the wall on the right
* Find all the keys
* Click on bag on bottom shelf (blue)
* Click on bread, pick up key
* Key will be added to inventory


* Go through doorway in back wall
* Click on Skeleton to open puzzle
* Pick up the hand cuffs


* Go through door opening on right
* From inventory give keys to the jailer
* Jailer will give you a gem for the inventory

* Go through the doorway in the back wall
* Go up through the hole in the ceiling, upper left (yellow)


* Go through the doorway on the right (yellow)


* Click on basket on chair (blue)
* Pick up the chicken (green)


* Go up the stairs
* Click on sparkling area on the right wall to open puzzle
* Find the hidden objects
* Pick up the two mirrors (green)
* Pick up the fly and put on web, click on spider (blue)
* Pick up the garden pruners (green)


* Click lever on right to fix the stairwell (blue)


* Go up the stairs
* Click on sparkling area on left to open puzzle
* Replace objects
* Quadrangular key added to inventory


* Click on stained glass window to open puzzle
* Place fragments properly to lock them in place
* Note the 4 white symbols in the corners


* Exit the window puzzle
* Click on the books on the shelf to the left
* Use the stained glass widow puzzle for the clues (see solution)


* Go through opening made by bookshelf on left
* Click on cupboard righthand side, and click on lever
* You will see a quick scene of an area of the tower stairwell


* Go two clicks down to get to this area
* Click to go through the opening
* Go forward two clicks and then to the right
* Click twice on the lid of the coffin, pick up teddy bear


* Click on chest to open puzzle
* Click to put the identical pairs in the correct design


* Pick up the hexagonal key in the chest


* Click down 5 times, go down through the hole in floor and click 2 more times
* Click on the first door panel in back of room
* From inventory use the hexagonal key to open puzzle


* Make all the lamps shine brightly
* Click on arrows in the right order to keep lights brightly lit
See pic for solution: Click in the order shown 1-5


* Click on the middle panel in back of room
* From inventory, use square key to open puzzle


* Make all the lamps shine brightly
* Click on arrows in the right order to keep lights brightly lit
See pic for solution: Click in the order shown 1-5


* Go through right doorway
* Click up once, then go through hole in ceiling
* You are now in the kitchen
* Go through doorway on right
* Click up once
* Click on sparkling area on right wall to open puzzle
* Find all the hooks
* Click on the curtain to move it, pick up the hook
* Hook will be added to inventory


* Go two clicks down to kitchen
* From inventory, place chicken in fire
* Pick up scoop


* Go one click up to pantry
* From inventory drag scoop to flour pile
* Pick up funnel


* Go one click back to kitchen
* Go through right doorway
* Go one click up
* Go one click down stairs
* Go one click forward into scientists lab
* From inventory, drag hook to end of rope, pick up rake
* From inventory, drag funnel to table on right
* Pick up key out of pan


* Click on micrscope to open puzzle (blue square)
* Turn rings to see maximum number of atoms
* Click on the green, yellow and red rings to turn them
* Click each ring 3 times
* Oil can added to inventory


* Click down 3 times to kitchen
* From inventory drag oil can to bird cage
* Pick up knife
* From inventory place knife on table
* Take piece of cheese


* Go one click up to pantry
* From inventory use key to open chest on table on left
* Grab the ladle from the chest
* Go back to kitchen
* From inventory give ladle to cook
* Cook will give you gem
* Pick up electric bulb behind where cook was right hand corner (green)


* Go down through hole in kitchen floor
* Click down one time to cell
* From inventory drag cheese to box in center, grab pick


* Click up one click
* Go through ceiling
* Go through right doorway
* Go up one click
* Go down stairs
* Go up one click
* Go through doorway on right
* Go up stairs on right into garden
* Click on the street lamp
* From inventory drag electric light to lamp
* From inventory drag teddy to girl
* Girl will give you a gem
* From inventory drag rake to shadow on cobbles, lower left (red)
* Pick up shovel (green)
* Click on grate in center of cobbles to open (blue arrow)


* Click on vines at end of cobbles to zoom in
* From inventory drag garden pruners to vines
* Go forward one click to castle courtyard
* Click on sparking shrubs to open puzzle (right side)
* Find all the crowns
* Click on red ribbon on scroll (blue)
* Click on Scroll
* Click on crown
* Crown added to inventory


* Click down to waters edge
* From inventory, drag shovel to dirt pile at bottom of screen
* Click on Shakles


The Chapel
* Take raft back to Chapel
* Go back to chapel doorway
* From inventory, drag pick to weak area on left wall
* Click on helmet


* Go down one click to Chapel entry
* Click on sparkling area on right wall to open puzzle
* Find all the time measuring tools, clocks, watches, etc
* Find the two mirrors (green)
* Click on the key, upper right corner of shelf
* Click on the red box, lower right
* Click on the watch


The Castle
* Click up until you get to the raft
* Take the raft back to the castle
* Go up 2 clicks and the 1 click to the right towards garden
* Go 1 click into the garden
* From inventory, drag crown to lion statues head
* Pick up shield part


* Go down hole in cobbles
* Go 1 click up and 1 click to the right to cell
* From inventory drag shackles to right wall
* Pick up pipe part


* Go 1 click up and go through hole in ceiling
* Go 1 click right through doorway
* Go 1 click up stairs, then 1 click down to cellar
* From inventory, drag pipe part and put in place
* Pick up knight glove


* Go 1 click up and 1 click right through doorway
* From inventory, drag knigh helmet and knight glove to knight in right lower corner
* Pick up shield part


* Go down 1 click to scientist
* From inventory, give the hourglass to the scientist, who will give you the fourth gem
* From inventory, place the two shield parts on the door to open it


* Click on wall behind open door to open puzzle
* Place the gems on device
* Swap the gems to match the pattern
* When you click on a gem all available moves will light up


* Go up the stairs that has just been opened
* Click on the spiders to zoom in on them
* Place the corresponding jewel color with the color of the spider



* Direct the magic rays at the amulet to destory the evil power


* Congratulations! You have restored the amulet and completed the game.

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