Drawn: Dark Flight : General Information

Drawn Dark Flight Walkthrough has custom screenshots and step by step instructions to help you beat the game.

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Overview: In the sequel to Drawn: The Painted Tower, you once again find yourself in the world of Drawn, trying to light the beacons so that Iris can become Queen. Your journey starts right where you left off in the first game.

Advice: These are your "hint", given to you by Fredrick who's picture is in the lower, left corner of the game. Click on his portrait and then click on the task you need help with. He will give you up to three hints.

Objectives: You will see list of objectives int the lower, left corner. These will help guide you through the game.

Puzzles: There is a "?" in the upper, right corner of every puzzle. Click on it for directions. Above each puzzle is a bar. When the bar fills up you can skip the puzzle.

Tower Rubble
  1. read the Note
  2. examine the red scarf
    • take the Silver Note
  3. pick up the Large Rock
  4. pick up Rope sketch
  5. use the Rope on the nail above
  6. climb out of the rubble


The Foyer
  1. examine the area to the left
    • take the Silver Note
    • take the Lever
    • take the Orange sketch
  2. climb back down
Tower Rubble
  1. go forward once
  2. use the Lever on the box in the middle
  3. pull the Lever
  4. grab the Reflective Disc from the Lion's eye
  5. pull the Lever again
  6. quickly shove the Large Rock into the Lion's mouth
    • read the Note
    • take the Silver Note
    • take the Paper Phoenix
  7. go back once
  8. place the Reflective Disc on the edge of the rock
  9. pick up the Paper Flame that falls
  10. go forward once
  11. pick up the Paper Flame
  12. go forward once
  13. examine the book on the left
    • take the Scrap of Paper
    • read all three pages (use the arrows to turn the pages)
  14. pick up the Paper Flame
  15. take the Silver Note
  16. take the Pant Brush
  17. return to The Foyer





The Foyer
  1. use the Paint Brush on the spilled ink
  2. examine the paper beside the spilled ink
    • use the Paint Brush to trace the outline of the bridge (note: do not color it in)
    • take the Bridge sketch
  3. place the Bridge over the hole
  4. go forward
  5. tear off the wallpaper
    • take the Charcoal
    • look at the papers
    • take the Lamplighter sketch
    • take the Silver Note
    • move the picture to Franklin aside
    • take the Shovel out of the sketch in the lower, right corner
    • pay close attention to where the "X" is located
  6. enter the painting



The Shipwreck
  1. pick up the Coconuts
  2. examine the piece of paper
    • use the Scrap of Paper
    • take the Belt
    • make a note of the coordinates
  3. examine the ship's hold
  4. Ship's Hold Puzzle (Easy)
    • use the coordinates from the paper to complete this puzzle
    • drag the arrow to the matching coordinates
    • solution (highlight to see): Clockwise to the X, Counter Clockwise to the V, Clockwise to the III, and Counterclockwise to the VI.
    • see screenshot for solution
  5. pick up the Goblet, Anchor, Castle Wedge, and Fan
  6. exit the painting




The Foyer
  1. place the Belt on the gears
  2. place the Fan on the Belt
  3. take the Paper Cloud
  4. enter the painting
The Shipwreck
  1. wait for the storm to pass
  2. break the bottle that washes ashore
  3. read the message
    • give the Orange to the pirate
  4. use the Shovel on the "X" in the sand
    • take the Cannon and the Glowing Stone
  5. read the message again
    • give the Cannon and the Coconuts to the pirates
    • aim the Cannon in the direction of the sharks
    • click on a Coconut
    • click on the Cannon to fire it
    • use the Coal to draw the outline of a sail
    • place the Paper Cloud in the left sky
    • place the Anchor on the chain
    • click on each of the grasses
    • give the Shovel to the pirate
    • read the note
    • take the Tear
    • receive Love Letter
  6. give the Love Letter to the statue
    • catch the Tear
  7. return to the Tower Rubble


Tower Rubble
  1. go forward once
  2. examine the Lion on the right
    • place the Tears on his face
    • take the Scrap of Canvas
  3. go forward once
  4. place the Scrap of Canvas on the painting
  5. you will automatically enter the painting
The Cell
  1. take the left Hook off the wall
  2. Bar Puzzle (Moderate)
    • use the Hook on the bars in the correct order
    • you need to strike them four times
    • if you have hit the correct bar it will make a "ding" sound and turn blue
    • solution (highlight to see): Two, Four, Four, Five.
  3. go forward
  4. pick up the French Horn
  5. pick up the five Silver Notes
  6. exit the painting



Tower Rubble
  1. examine the sheet music
  2. Sheet Music Puzzle (Moderate)
    • place all the Silver Notes on the sheet music
    • move each note until it turns green when highlighted
    • see screenshot for solution
  3. examine the pop-up book on the right
    • move the red tabs on the towers up
    • place the Paper Flames in each tower
    • place the Paper Phoenix in the back
    • move the Paper Phoenix all the way to the right
    • take the Queen Wedge
  4. exit through the doorway




The Cave
  1. go forward once
  2. examine the pedestal
    • take Stone Disk 1 out of the center
    • move the middle column twice
    • take Stone Disk 3 from behind the middle column
    • take the Chisel
  3. go down once
  4. use the Chisel on the left wall and take the Dragon Wedge
  5. examine the circle on the right wall
    • place the Dragon, Castle, and Queen Wedges into it
    • receive Stone Disk 2
  6. go up once
  7. examine the pedestal
    • place Disk 1, 2, & 3 in that order in the empty slots
    • move the columns so the picture is lined up
    • solution (highlight to see): Right, Middle, Left, Middle, Middle, Left, Middle Middle.
  8. go up the stairs


The Stairs
  1. pick up the Stone Symbol
  2. continue up


The Town
  1. take the Red Fabric
  2. go left twice
  3. take the Red Fabric
  4. continue up
  5. take the Scrap of Poster
  6. go down three times
  7. go forward
  8. take the Red Fabric
  9. take the Blue Lantern
  10. go down once and right
  11. pick up the Hummingbird sketch
  12. pick up the Large Disc
  13. examine the store window
    • speak to the window
    • place the Blue Lantern on the hook to the right
    • speak to the window again
    • pick up the Stone Symbol
    • pick up the Medium Disc
    • use the Scrap of Poster on the painting
  14. you will automatically enter the painting





The Windmill
  1. examine the broken sundial
    • take the Stone Symbol
  2. take the two pieces of Red Fabric
  3. place the Hummingbird on the rainbow feeder
    • it will eventually stop at the side of the house
  4. examine the window
    • wait for the hummingbird to merge with the outline
    • take the Small Disc
    • talk to the head
  5. examine the door
  6. Moon Disc Puzzle (Difficult)
    • rotate the center so it aligns and creates a small, medium, and large hole
    • place the Small, Medium, and Large Discs in the holes
    • rotate the discs so they are all lined up
    • the small disc will rotate the larger disc, the medium disc will rotate the large disc and the large disc will rotate both the small and medium discs
    • rotate the inner disc (moon) until the arrow on it and the arrow on the outer disc are lined up
    • move the entire disc clockwise until its lined up with the raven (it should already be lined up)
    • move the entire disc counterclockwise until it's line up with the rabbit
    • move the entire disc clockwise until it's lined up with the snail
    • take the Dragon
    • see video for solution
  7. exit the painting


 The Town
  1. place the Dragon on the cover of the book
  2. pull the snail
    • take the Heavy Stone Bird out of the hands
  3. place the Heavy Stone Bird on the left string
  4. take the Glowing Stone off the left shelf
  5. enter the painting


The Windmill
  1. examine the broken sundial
    • place the Glowing Stones in the sundial
  2. Sundial Puzzle (Easy)
    • rotate the rings so they all line up
    • hint: the yellow button on the outer ring should be on the very top
    • see screenshot for solution
  3. you will automatically be returned to the window
  4. talk to the head
  5. receive Paper Symbols
  6. exit the painting 


The Town
  1. go down six times
Tower Rubble
  1. examine the pop up book
    • move the left red tab down
    • place the Paper Windmill Symbol in the circle
    • move the bottom red tab left
    • place the Paper Hummingbird Symbol in the circle
  2. take the Magical Scroll
  3. return to The Town


The Town
  1. go left twice then right until you read the top of the first beacon
  2. place the Magical Scroll over the floating one
  3. examine the inside of the beacon
  4. Beacon Puzzle 1 (Difficult)
    • rotate the areas by click on the blue buttons
    • you can also flip them
    • the object is to rotate them into the correct positions so all the outer symbols light up
    • puzzles are random and will not be the same for each player
  5. go back down the stairs and go forward twice
  6. talk to the Wooden Doll
    • open his heart
    • take the Needle and Thread
  7. examine the broken kite
    • pick up the Hammer and Nails
  8. continue forward
  9. take the Wood
  10. take the Red Fabric
  11. go back one
  12. examine the broken kite
    • place the Wood down the middle
    • where the wood meets place the Nails
    • use the Hammer on each of the three Nails
    • use the six pieces of Red Fabric on the kite
    • use the Needle and Thread to sew together the fabric where they meet
  13. go forward to the library
  14. wait until the books on both sides start to sparkle
  15. examine the book on the right
  16. Library Book Puzzle  -  Right (Easy)
    • watch the right side of the book closely
    • in the circles a faint image will appear
    • drag the symbol that matches that image from the left side into the circle
    • make a note of the symbols below each number
    • this puzzle (both books) will vary per game, per player
  17. examine the book on the Left
  18. Library Book Puzzle - Left (Easy)
    • watch the right side of the book closely
    • two faint images (symbols) will appear
    • make a note of them
  19. examine the book on the right
  20. Library Book Puzzle - Right (Easy)
    • place the symbols you saw in the left book into the circles by the birds talons
    • see screenshot for solution
  21. examine the book on the left
  22. Library Book Puzzle - Left (Easy)
    • remember the symbols that you put in the book on the right under I, II, III, and IV
    • place those same symbols in the I, II, III, and IV spaces in the left book
  23. enter the Library


  1. examine the chair on the left
    • take the Net
  2. use the Net to catch the two red Library Books that are flying around
  3. go up the stairs
  4. use the Net to catch the third red Library Book
  5. continue up the stairs
  6. use the Net to catch the fourth red Library Book
  7. go back down the stairs and go forward
  8. examine the book
  9. take the Stone Symbol
  10. place a Library Book in each of the wall crevices
  11. make a note of the three symbols that appear
  12. go all the way to the top of the stairs
  13. Eye Puzzle (Moderate)
    • replace the four Stone Symbols
    • the green button in the center resets the puzzle
    • use the four triangles in the middle to turn the dial
    • each one turns them a different way and a different number of times
    • top = counter clockwise four spaces; left = clockwise four spaces; bottom = counter clockwise three spaces; right = clockwise three spaces
    • the object is to get each symbol you saw on the scroll (these vary per game, per player) into the the circle at the bottom
    • you have to do these in order
    • solutions varies per player, per game
  14. enter the statues mouth
Bat Cave
  1. read the Note
  2. look at the paper lying beside the red sheet
  3. make a note of the candle positions
  4. examine the red sheet
  5. Candle Puzzle (Difficult)
    • the object is to light only the inner ring of candles
    • clicking on the dragon will light a row of candles on the outer left edge
    • pulling the left lever will move the candles one way
    • pulling the right lever will move the candles another way
    • clicking the griffin will blow out the lit candles on the outer right edge
    • the gold ring resets the puzzle
    • see video for solution
  6. you will automatically return to the Library

  1. go forward
  2. examine the pedestal
  3. open the book
  4. Pop-Up Book Puzzle (Moderate)
    • move the purple tab on the middle bookshelf right
    • read the Note
    • move the purple tab on the far left bookshelf right
    • read the Note
    • turn the back circle so they correct symbols appear in the circles
    • turn it so a cloud appears in the left circle
    • turn it again so a sun appears in the center circle
    • and turn it again so a raindrops appear in the right circle
    • these do not have to be done in order
    • a purple tab will appear on the right - pull it up
    • a purple tab will appear on the left - move left
    • a green lever will appear - pull it
    • see screenshots for solutions (the second screenshot was taken after the puzzle was finished)
  5. go through the door



The Children's Wing
  1. take the two Snowflakes
  2. go left
  3. examine the piece of paper
    • use the Charcoal to draw the outline of a key
    • take the Key sketch
  4. go down
  5. move the ladder three times
  6. use the Key on the lock
  7. go up
  8. use the Lamplighter on the lamp
  9. go back down
  10. take the Plank sketch
  11. pick up the Plank
  12. go forward into the painting




Fantasy Painting
  1. take the following items:
    • Bee (use Net)
    • Butterfly (use Net)
    • Frog
    • two Leaves
    • three Spring Flowers (only when they are open - they are circled unopened)
    • two Mushrooms
    • Grasshopper
    • Snowflake
  2. use the Goblet on the waterfall
  3. use the Goblet with Water on the mound of dirt (behind the squirrel)
  4. take the Spring Flower when it blooms
  5. place the Planks on the little bridge by the Gnome
    • take the Pickaxe
  6. use the Pickaxe on the rocks blocking the stream
  7. exit the painting




The Children's Wing
  1. examine the upper - left book
    • place the two Leaves and the two Mushrooms
    • take the partial Acorn sketch
    • receive the Book of Fall
  2. examine the lower - left book
    • place the thee Snowflakes
    • receive Book of Winter
  3. examine the lower - right book
    • place the four Spring Flowers
    • take the partial Carrot sketch
    • receive Book of Spring
  4. examine the upper - right book
    • place the Bee, Butterfly, Grasshopper, and Frog
    • receive the Book of Summer
  5. enter the painting
Fantasy Painting
  1. examine the leaf boat
    • use the Carrot and Acorn to complete the sketches
  2. watch the Rabbit and Squirrel float away!
  3. exit the painting
The Children's Wing
  1. continue to watch the Rabbit and Squirrel until they disappear
  2. go left
  3. place the books on the bookshelf in the correct oder
    • solutions (highlight to see): Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.
  4. Spring Scene Puzzle (Easy)
    • turn the dial on the right to the carrot
    • the rabbit will jump in the scene
    • place the paper Flower (from above) in the scene
    • change the meter on the left (green triangle) to make it rain (middle)
  5. pull the red cord
  6. Summer Scene Puzzle (Easy)
    • place the Sunflower (from above) in the scene
    • place the Ladybug (from above) in the scene
    • change the meter to hot (all the way up)
  7. pull the red cord
  8. Fall Scene Puzzle (Easy)
    • place the Pumpkin (from above) in the scene
    • turn the dial on the right to the acorns
    • wait for the squirrel to jump in the scene
    • change the meter to rain (middle)
  9. pull the red cord
  10. Winter Scene Puzzle (Easy)
    • place the Tree (from above) into the scene
    • place the Snowman (from above) into the scene
    • turn the meter to cold (all the way down)
  11. use the Net to catch the falling Paper SnowflakeFlowerLeaf, and Butterfly
  12. return to the Library





  1. open the pop up book
    • place the Paper Snowflake, Flower, Leaf, and Butterfly in the middle
  2. go down the stairs
The Basement
  1. read the Note on the shelf
  2. examine the scrolls
  3. Scroll Puzzle (Moderate)
    • make note of the four symbols in the upper, left scroll
    • in the right scroll use the little girl with the book to catch matching symbols
    • that symbol will float up on the left scroll
    • move the birds out of the way or they will eat the symbol
    • the object is to get the symbol to the top
    • repeat this until the puzzle is finished
  4. go forward
  5. take the Key out of the book
  6. listen to Iris
  7. continue forward twice
The Town
  1. look left and read the Note
  2. continue right twice
  3. pull down on the paintbrush
  4. take the Frog
  5. open upper window
    • take Frog
  6. move forward
  7. swing the lantern
    • take Frog sketch
  8. gown down twice and forward once
  9. take the Frog
  10. examine the door
  11. use the Key
  12. go up the stairs
  13. take the Frog sketch
  14. examine the second beacon
    • take the Scrap of Poster
    • read the Note
  15. exit all the way back to the statue and left
  16. place the Scrap of Poster on the painting
  17. you will automatically enter the painting




Frog Cave
  1. pick up the Sharp Rock
  2. use the Sharp Rock on the diving helmet
  3. Tube Puzzle (Moderate)
    • the four tubes to the right play sounds and show different colored circles on the wall
    • play them in the correct order
    • there are seven rounds
    • solution (highlight to see): 1, 2, 3, 4; 1, 4; 1, 3; 2, 1, 4; 2, 3; 2, 3; 1, 4, 3.
    • see screenshot
  4. exit the painting


The Town
  1. move the paper on the top
  2. use the Charcoal on the outline of the frog
  3. take the Frog
  4. enter the painting
Frog Cave
  1. place the Frogs on the lily pads
  2. Frog Puzzle (Difficult)
    • click on a frog to catch a fly
    • each frog must catch one fly
    • each frog can only hold one fly
    • see video for solution
    • open the chest
    • take the Yellow, Blue and Red Dye
  3. exit the painting

 The Town
  1. go right and continue forward until you reach the second beacon
  2. Beacon Puzzle 2 (Difficult)
    • fill the three reservoirs in the crown with the dyes to match the picture (red, yellow, blue)
    • click the gates to release dye or lock in dye
    • you will have to mix dyes to make other colors
    • the ears are drains - if you mix it wrong, simply open the doors near the ears and it will drain everything that is the same color
    • see video for solution (note: there is more the one solution)
  3. go down twice, right, and forward
  4. take the Torch
  5. return to the second beacon
    • light the Torch
  6. go down twice, right, and forward
  7. examine the sign
    • use the Torch on the sign
  8. take the Partial Stone Violin
  9. go forward and left
  10. take the Partial Stone Violin
  11. go left
  12. take the Partial Stone Violin
  13. go down four times
  14. place the Stone Violin pieces int the wall
  15. pull the paint brush up
  16. take the Violin
  17. return to the Marionettes
  18. give the left Marionette the Violin
    • take the Blue Note
    • take the Blue Paper Plane
  19. go down twice and forward
  20. examine the left child (boy)
    • place the Blue Note on his back
    • take the Timpani
    • place the Blue Paper Plane in his hand
  21. return to the Marionettes
  22. give the middle Marionette the Timpani
    • take the Red Note
    • take the Red Paper Plane
  23. go down twice and forward
  24. examine the child on the right (boy)
    • place the Red Note on this back
    • take the Theater Poster
    • place the Red Paper Plane in his hand
  25. go down
  26. examine the board
  27. place the Theater Poster on the board
  28. Poster Puzzle (Moderate)
    • rotate and swap the pieces to complete a picture
    • there are two outlines on the board, use them as a starting point
    • the pieces do not fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, they will overlap
    • see screenshot for solution 
    • take the Cello
  29. return to the Marionettes
  30. give the right Marionette the Cello
    • take the Green Note
    • take the Green Paper Plane
  31. go down twice and forward
  32. examine the child on the right (girl)
    • place the Green Note on her back
    • take the Scrap of Poster
    • place the Green Paper Plane in her hand
  33. go down, left, and right
  34. place the Scrap of Poster on the painting
  35. enter the painting





 The Troubled Artist
  1. talk to the Artist
  2. catch the ten Fireflies
  3. place the Fireflies in the lantern
  4. receive Key
  5. exit the painting


  1. use the Key on the cart
  2. look inside the cupboard
    • take the Knife, Crayon, Paper Lance, Paper Dragon Head, and Paper Dragon Wing
  3. examine the painting
  4. use the Knife on the outline around the Artist
  5. use the Crayon the outline on the horizon
  6. place the Paper Dragon Head and Paper Dragon Wing on the Dragon
  7. place the Paper Lance in the Knights hand
  8. poke the Dragon
  9. use the Crayon on the outline in the sky
  10. use the Crayon on the tower outline
  11. pull the red tab left that appears on top of the tower
  12. turn Iris' arm and point it at one of the lights - fire will shoot out and light it
    • repeat this for all the lights
    • it may take a few tries to line her arm up correctly
  13. take the Marionette
  14. go left
  15. place the Marionette in empty spot
    • give the French Horn to the last Marionette
    • take the Yellow Note
    • take the Yellow Paper Plane
  16. go down twice and forward
  17. examine the child on the left (girl)
    • place the Yellow Note on her back
    • place the Yellow Paper Plane in her hand
  18. go forward
  19. use the Crayon on the outline around Iris







To Be Continued...