Cinema Tycoon 2: Movie Mania: General Information

Loan Shark

Some people overlook that there is a bank AND a loan shark.

Restarting a Level

You must go bankrupt to restart a level. Sell all upgrades, all firms, and then either take a loan from the bank or loan shark that you cannot pay.

Generic Walktrough for a Level

In general, here are the steps to follow on the harder levels:

- Borrow the max from both the bank and the loan shark.

- Only buy one "great" movie and play that movie on all the screens.

- Upgrade parking and sound first, then snacks, then the ticket window.

- At this point, you will probably need a new movie. After that, just continue to upgrade.

- You don't need to advertise until well into the round, in general.

Example: $300,000 Level

- Right from the start, borrow the maximum from both the bank and the loan shark. 10-20 day terms are good.

- The next thing to focus on the promotion, only concentrating on the special.

- Sound and Parking should have priority for the upgrades.

- Buy the HOT movies.

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