Chicken Invaders 3: General Information

When you want to kill monsters, fire on its body to get higher scores. Firing on arms, legs and other parts causes much less damage. Don't forget to use your Rockets if you have them.

Find a way to get the powerups. You'll need them.

Cheat mode:
To use the following cheats, you must enable them under 'Options'. in the menu

Level skip [F5]
Extra lives [F6]
Extra weapons [F7]
Extra rockets [F8]

A cheat to win the game

Try to make a backup after finishing each level:
* You have to quit before making a backup
* Don't do backups while the game is running
* Location(c drive as default)
- Win98 c:\windows\application data\intr action studios\ci3
- WinXP C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\intr action studios\ci3

* Copy and paste the folder to a new name like ci3_bak
* When you get killed, dont panic. Just delete the ci3 folder and rename the copied folder (the backup) to ci3.
* The game is all set to previous level...

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