Burger Island: General Information


  • Pick Up Game: Save time by picking up multiple burger patties or fries orders. Patty can hold up to four at a time!
  • Assembly Line: Group your work. Different recipes often start out with identical ingredients. Pay close attention to these and save time by plopping down several identical ingredients in one pass.
  • Overwhelmed? If you're losing track of too many orders, recipes & ingredients, try doing groups of 2 orders at a time or wait for 2 identical orders to appear and finish those first.

Buying Recipes

  • Shopoholic? You might not need to buy each and every recipe! Try making your Daily Goal without adding too many recipes and save up to grab those high-value ones!
  • Veggie Challenge: Don't tell your vegetarian friends: purchasing veggie-patty recipes makes the burger-making process much harder. They'll make it more challenging to anticipate what kind of patty the next order will need. They're worth a lot of money, but only buy them when necessary.

Advanced Strategy

  • Avoid Burns: If a Burger patty or Fries are about to burn, click on them to hold them on your hand! The next Order will probably need the item you are holding and you'll be able to free up your hands without having to throw anything away.
  • Hard Times: If you're losing orders because you're running out of time later in the game, go for the most valuable orders first. You might be able to lose a few orders but still meet your Daily Goal.
  • Think Ahead: Even if you don't have an order, you can get a head start on Fries & Burgers. Grab that Straw before the blenders are done when making shakes to get a jump on finishing those orders!

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