Bejeweled 2 Deluxe: General Information

1. Getting Started:

Playing this game is simple, but not as much as you might think at the first time!
The game has four types of playing (I should mention a fifth type which is unlocked after becoming a master in one of the four types; I will explain this later in the page!)

1. 1. First Type: [Classic]

What you do here is simple: Make 3-of-a-kind matches by the blocks.
There are six types of blocks: The blue block, the yellow block, the violet block, the orange block, the white block, the red block and the green block.

When you start playing (When you hear the voice telling you to “GO”!) you will see the blocks placed randomly in the playing field. You can make 3-of-a-kind matches vertically or horizontally. All you have to do is to look for two same blocks positioned beside each other. Let me explain it with an example. Imagine you have found two orange blocks beside each other (horizontal), and at the right hand of these two, there is a violet block and in the right hand side if the white block there is one more orange block.

You can make a 3-of-a-kind match by left clicking on the far right orange block (by clicking on it in fact you select it) and then click on the violet block.

As you see, the two blocks exchange position, because the orange block which you have moved gets beside two more orange blocks (in fact the 3-of-a-kind match is made) the three orange blocks will be omitted, and the upper blocks fall down to fill the remaining space. As for the vertical matches, you should do the same thing. There is a much faster way to move a block and that is to drag it (click and hold left mouse button and move the mouse in the desired direction).
Of course as you may have guessed, you can also make 4-of-a-kind and 5-of-a-kind matches too, although for a 5 one you should somehow be lucky! If you manage to make a 4-of-a-kind match, one of the four blocks is not omitted, and remains as a glowing block (Power Gem). Compare the two blue blocks in the picture, one of them is a glowing block.

This is a block that if you can make a match with, it will explode and omit 8 neighboring blocks.

If you keep the glowing block until the end of a level, in the next level you will have one glowing block, so you can keep the glowing ones for higher levels!
As for the 5-of-a-kind match you get a more precious block! This is a white somehow watery-electrically glowing block (Hyper Cube).

If you exchange the position of this block with another block, then all the block with the same color will be omitted (Example: You have a yellow block on the left hand side of the white glowing block, when you move the white glowing block to the left, all the yellow blocks will be omitted, as you see in the picture)

If you can make more than one matches by moving only one block (a kind of combo), you will earn more score. This can happen because the blocks which fall down may fall to a position which will make a match. When you manage to make combos, you may get an “excellent” sign!

If you wait some time, an example of a match will be shown to you (as you see in the right picture). But also you can click on “Hint” any time if you get tired of searching! This will cause you to lose score.
a                  a

There is a meter on the bottom of the screen which shows the progress you have made in that level. When the bar is full, you will go to the next level (the blocks will be placed randomly again). At higher levels you will earn more score by making matches and the bar takes more matches to be filled.

In classic type of the game, you will lose the game if you don’t have any other moves to make (no other matches are possible).

1. 2. Second Type: [Action]

In this type, the game rules are the same, but you should be fast! There is a time meter at the bottom of the screen, the bar will go emptier as time goes by, but if you make a match the bar will become a bit fuller! When the bar is full you progress to the next level, and when the bar is all empty, you lose the game.

In this type, if you happen to have “No moves” all the blocks will automatically be placed randomly again, don’t worry, you don’t lose the game, and the time meter stops ‘till all blocks are ready! As your level goes up, the bar goes empty faster and faster.
Don’t ever try to pause the game and find matches when the game is paused, because when the game is paused you can’t see the blocks any more! (Left picture is not paused, and right picture is paused)
a        a

In the action game, if you clock on “Hint”, the time meter gets empty much faster!

1. 3. Third Type: [Puzzle]

This type is a puzzle game. In each level there are some blocks positioned at some proper places. You should move the blocks in a way that no block remains in the end. If you move block in a wrong way, there may remain one or more blocks which can’t be made into matches. You can restart the puzzle or undo your moves simply, and also you can get hints for each level.
As you go to the higher levels, you will encounter some new blocks, such as stones, each new block should be handled its own way! When a new block is going to come, it will be introduced to you and you will see in an example how to handle that block, so don’t worry!
The levels are supposed as a galaxy, which have some planets. In each planet, there are 5 puzzles to solve, if you solve 4 of them, you can progress to the next planet.

1. 4. Forth Type: [Endless]

In this type, you can play and play and you will never lose (good for beginning to play the game or playing without stress!).

1. 5. Fifth Type: [Hyper] (Not Available From the Beginning)

If you want this type, you should unlock it! (Of course no where in the game you can find out that there is some game to be unlocked!).
The way to unlock is to reach level 10 or higher in the action type of the game (quite hard, don’t expect to reach it soon!). When you unlock it, by clicking on the question mark at the bottom of the main menu, the “Action” game will change into “Hyper” mode, and you can play this game by clicking on “Hyper”. The hyper game is a kind of action, but faster and more stressful!


2. Tips and Tricks:

1. In classic type gaming, it’s always better for you to make your matches at the upper part of game field, because you don’t know what’s coming down next, and you may have no more moves to make, if you have matches remaining at the bottom, you are sure you have more moves to make! But in second type, it’s better to make matches at the bottom, because the chance to make a combo is much more, and it can help filling the time bar sooner.

2. As you will lose time much faster if you click on the hint button in the action game, it’s better to forget it!

3. If you quit the game, it will automatically be saved, you don’t need worry, next time you come to play, you can continue your last game. Each type is saved individually, that means for example if you quit classic and start action and then quit the game, next time you can continue both the classic and action games, if you continue classic, the action will remain the same and you have a chance to continue it any time.

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