Alice's Tea Cup Madness: General Information

Our Alice's Tea Cup Madness Walkthrough includes valuable hints, tips, and advice on how to succeed in this fast-paced time management game. Join Alice as she attempts to run her very own tea cafe and help her deliver delicious tea and pastries to her Wonderland guests.


Seeing as how Alice in Wonderland was released a few weeks ago, it's only fitting that I do a write up about Alice's Tea Cup Madness. Sorry to get your hopes up, but this game was NOT exactly based on the movie. I mean I did get up to use the ladies room and get a refill of soda, but I'm pretty certain Alice did not fall all the way down the rabbit hole, for a second time in hopes to open a café!

Also, I thought Alice was a natural blonde; it looks like she let her natural hair color grow back in. She's a brunette in this game. Ok, back to business. Those are the only bad things I can say about this game. It's a lot of fun and it's very fitting that it has the word Madness in the title. I'm sure it will make you think twice about the size of the tip you leave the next time you are out to dinner.


There are a lot of levels, so you'll be playing it for a while. As you'd expect, the levels get increasingly more difficult as you go. They are simple for the first few levels, really it's a tutorial, but then look out. It's MADNESS! You'll have fun with this one.

Hints and tips:

  • Multitask! This almost seems silly to write in for a Time Management game, but multitask. You can click and drag multiple tea cups and fill multiple tea cups at once. As long as they are the same item.
  •  Upgrade ASAP – Purchase and max out the "serve" item from the shop. It will help you get combo bonuses which are needed to reach expert level on many of the higher level.
  • Try, try again. If you don't get expert on a level, play it again. You'll only get to keep the difference in money, but every little bit helps in the shops.
  • Color Match – No, I'm not talking about sending your husband to home depot to color match your favorite robe to repaint the bathroom, Color match the customers to their stools. You get seating multipliers for this.
  • Don't always color match. You get more points for serving up a combo than for a color match. If you can seat and serve 4 customers, do it. Forfeit the color match bonus for the combo bonus.
  • When the cats go crazy, click on them to make them go away. As the levels progress, it sometimes will earn you more points than serving them.
  • Bonus games: Falling Food: Don't worry about getting every food item. Sometimes it's not worth the risk of being penalized and losing points because you were hit by 3 tea cups trying to get one ice cream cone.
  • Bonus game: Hidden Object: Save your hints, you only get 3 of them. There is no penalty for clicking like mad on the screen. If you are stumped, just click away.
  • If you can't serve a customer, bounce them out.

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