Youda Farmer 2: Save the Village Walkthrough & Cheats

The Youda Farmer 2 Walkthrough is a complete guide that includes sections for Hints, Tips, and Maps, a comprehensive walkthrough of each level, and detailed information on upgrades and trophies.

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Hints, Tips, and Map | Level Walkthrough | Upgrades and Trophies

Hints, Tips, and Map

Goals of the game:
1. Pickup and deliver products in the time allowed.
2. Make enough money to buy all the upgrades
3. Beat the boss in all of the minigames
4. Get as many gold trophies as you can (if that is your thing)
5. As you move along in the game you will build and upgrade your buildings.

Hints & Tips
1. Use the recycle bin frequently. If you don't need a product right away, toss it out. Using the recycle bin causes production to stop for about 15 seconds.
2. Utilize the combo bonus. These are absolutely crucial to reach money goals. They also force you to be a bit more efficient with your movements and using the recycle bin.
3. Prepare the dishes that need to be delivered first. Don't wait too long to pick them up when they are finished.
4. Prepare the dishes with the most ingredients first.
5. Usually get the building materials later in the level. If you deliver them all at once you might achieve your upgrade cost as well.
6. If short on money at the end, aggressively get rid of everything but steaks or eggs. They will come fast and furious once you have trashed everything else.
7. Use the recycle bin some more. Throw out everything you don't need for the current or next goal. Be aggressive with this. This is very, very important.
8. Move around efficiently if you can but don't worry about it too much. See the map below.
9. If you have more than one building to upgrade or build. Be sure to upgrade one building when you get the necessary money so you can see how much more you will need to collect for the other building.
10. Go back to prior levels to improve your scores once you have upgraded everything. Look at the section on combos to see why.






-The top bar shows the goals for the level.
-The top bar is also how you navigate to a building in the village. By clicking on the shop icon, your view will be brought to that building. Your truck won't go there until you select a product to deliver.
-The different buildings are always on the top bar in the same order. Goals that are in the farm buildings are shown on the right.
-Goals are indicated on the buttons with the number left and an image of the goal item. The goal items will flash if the items or ingredients are on the truck.
-Turquoise goals are dish preparation goals.
-Purple goals are dish preparation for delivery goals; unfortunately this number does not indicate the number that has to be completed by the number yet to be delivered.
-Blue goals are single item delivery goals.
-Green goals are buildings to be upgraded in the farm area.
-Orange goals are buildings to be upgraded in the village area.
-If you hover over the button, the items needed to prepare the dish will be shown.

Top bar button shapes:
-The butcher icon above is thin and collapsed. This means you have no products for the butcher on your truck and you don't have a goal for that shop.
-The grocer icon is expanded (showing the shop owner), turquoise, and thin with no goals indicated. This means there are products in the truck that can be made into a dish that is not a goal.
-If the icon is expanded, thin, and yellow with no goals indicated, this means there is an item in the truck that can be delivered to that store that is not a goal.(not shown here).
-The fishermonger icon is collapsed (not showing the shop owner) but note that it is thick and has the goal quantity. The items for preparation are not in the truck. If it were blue, it would mean the goal is a single item type.
-The bakery icon is expanded, thick, and purple with a goal indicated, which means there are ingredients in the truck for a dish that needs to be prepared and delivered.
-The delivery ticket stays the size it currently is until all the deliveries are made and then it disappears.
-The green building ticket will stay thick and decrease in size until it is halfway expanded. This would mean that the building materials have been delivered and you have enough money to build. An orange village building ticket will work the same way. Don't forget to click on it so that you can upgrade the building, especially if you have two because you may very well need more money to finish the building.



-The bottom bar shows buttons of individual items. Clicking on the button will bring your view to that building. Your truck won't go there until put an item in a crate to be picked up.
-Note that the buttons become smaller and change colors (from green to orange to red) as they get closer to disappearing. You will be fined if you don't recycle an item and it disappears.
-If you click on a button, all of the buttons of the same time will get an orange triangle at the bottom.
-Once the item is placed in a crate the button will go away if the truck is already there.
-A little truck icon that fills up as it gets closer will appear while your crated item is waiting to be picked up (see above).
-A little number will appear above the item button if it is in line to be picked up next.
-At times you will see a blue button with a price over it. This is a luxury item for which you will get a higher pickup price the sooner you get it crated. I don't usually go for these but you do need to trash the item because the penalty for letting it expire is pretty large. However, if you do want to pick it up, it won't break a combo chain, which is nice. These items are never used in dishes.
-A purple button shows an item being prepared or ready for pickup. Only two at a time can be prepared including being ready to be picked up. You will see a clock that fills up and when it is done, it will say ready and be waiting outside the shop. More dishes won't be prepared until the two waiting are crated. Also dishes won't be prepared until they can fit on the button bar, which has a capacity of 8.



-Icons of each individual item will appear in the box when it is in the truck or in a crate.
-Item icon will be pale if it is in the crate and the truck is not on the way (not shown here).
-The icon box will fill up with yellow as the truck gets closer to picking it up.
-A solid orange box means the item has been selected to be delivered, but the truck is going somewhere else first.
-A draining orange box means the item is on the way to being delivered (as above).
-A green box means the item can be delivered at the current location (see truck on the left).
-A turquoise or purple box will appear after a green box item has been selected when the items can be combined into a dish. ---Purple all the time means it is a dish that needs to be delivered.
-Once an item is selected to be delivered or prepared it will be bracketed by orange triangles. The item selected to be delivered will appear in the round button. A dish that has all the items selected will show the dish and a prepared button.
-When the truck is full little clocks will appear on items on the way to being delivered.

 So what do all these buttons and icons mean? It means that you can go flipping around the place, trashing certain items and such, but still keep abreast of what your truck is doing. Also remember that you can stack things up to do as long as you don't fill the capacity of your truck or your crate pads.

Farm buildings
-Pick up products by clicking and dragging on the product and then on the delivery crate.
-As you go along in the game you can get up to 4 delivery crates per building.
-Each farm has a recycle bin. Moving a product into the bin allows you to not use that product or waste time sending your truck to that building. The recycle bin is a key item in the strategy of playing the game. See hints & tips.
-A red X will appear next to a product in the field if you have a full truck. You cannot crate an item if there is not room in the truck.
-Little orange clocks appear next to the items in the field once a full truck is delivering items. This shows how much time is left until there is room in the truck.

Village buildings
-Deliver products by clicking on the building icon on the top bar.
-If the item can be delivered at that shop it will turn green in the truck.
-Only one item type can be chosen to be delivered at a time.
-You can click and hold on the first item to choose all of them.
-When a green item has been selected that has accompanying dish ingredients, the ingredients will turn blue or purple.
-Prepare products by clicking on each item in the recipe and then prepare.
-Each building will only allow you to start off with items it carries. You can only prepare one dish at a time.
-Pick up prepared dishes for delivery as above with the farm buildings. Each dish will have its own pickup button on the bottom bar.

Hints, Tips, and Map | Level Walkthrough | Upgrades and Trophies

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