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[ courtesy of lara ]

Part I � Game play tips, hints, tricks, etc.

  • The BEST way to master this game is to play in SANDBOX mode for a little while! You can set it to "no disasters" so you have plenty of time to figure out the controls better and strategize a little on the outpost quests!
  • TAKE YOUR TIME! This is a long game with many quests and side-quests. You do not need to accept all the quests you get right away! Only accept them when your main town (at the time) is completely upgraded as far as you can make it (this makes the quests easier!)
  • The game play can be a little awkward. Remember: LEFT click on the character you want to perform an action on and RIGHT click on the action you want them to do!
  • The most townspeople you can possibly have is 40. This greatly lowers your town happiness though so make sure you need all 40
  • Your main hero can NEVER DIE. Use that to your advantage and send him out to explore in the gunslinger quests. There are dynamite traps in later quests. If your hero triggers them, that will save the rest of your gunslingers!
  • As soon as a new citizen arrives, give them a JOB ASAP or they will become town drunks! Once they have a job, you can pull them off to do side tasks like chop fallen logs or mine small gold veins.
  • The only way to rid yourself of Town Drunks is to build the Sheriff�s office and employ a Sheriff. Then, left click on the sheriff and right click on the nearest drunk. The Sheriff will arrest them and they will sober up! NOTE: they will still be unemployed so employ them ASAP or they will get drunk again. You can also destroy their house and they will eventually leave town.
  • If you are running low on food, click on a settler, then highlight the fish in the nearby stream and right click. The settler will start fishing adding a running count of +1 or +2 to your food count until the fish run out.
  • Bad Gunslingers don�t seem to bother the citizens so you can use a citizen to invade an enemy camp and steal their stuff!

Part II � Specific Quest Help

SPOILER ALERT!!! This contains Game spoilers!

NOTE: There are a LOT of quests in this game and the following spoilers are listed in no particular order. Highlight the text to see the spoiler.
ou can unlock in this game. So far, I�ve uncovered ONE.
  • SECRET BEAR � If you build 10 Flower Pots, you will unlock the ability to build BEEHIVES! Beehives add a +3 to your food but they also give you the SECRET BEAR! The Bear will automatically go with you on Gunslinger Quests and will do heavy damage to your enemies!
  • WHITE WAY, WONG WAY � Make sure you have all available Gunslingers, sheriff and deputies BEFORE starting this quest! NOTE: Unlock the Secret Bear too! As soon as the quest starts, the town will burn. Try to save the General Store if you can and buy dynamite (if you want to gather all the treasure) if not, save the farm. The most important aspect is beating the bad guys though so don�t bother trying to save the town. You pretty much can�t.
  • SPOILER � After �White Way, Wong Way� you have the choice of chasing after either Mr. White or Mr. Wong. No matter who you choose, the other one will set fire to your main town as soon as you return to it. The only thing you can do is try to save as many buildings as possible and re-build your town before you can continue on any quests. It can get frustrating (I had 61 fires at once!!) but by then, you should have a nice stockpile of supplies.
  • GATEKEEPER Quest � This one is tricky. You need to find two halves of a key but you have to complete 3 or 4 side-quests to do it.:
    1. The first half is in the pool near the Trading Post (1st side-quest)
    2. After completing the Trading Post Quest, do the �Cakey Bakey� and �Tornado Alley� Quests (more on that later)
    3. After that, wade into the stream to reach the one pool that can only be reached via the stream (You can�t build a bridge to it and you�ll have to destroy/re-build) bridges to get to it.
    4. Once to get the other key-half, you need to complete another quest in order to re-instate the only Blacksmith that can fix the key back into his shop. I can�t remember the name of the quest but you�ll need as many gunslingers as possible to complete it. HINT: I stationed them all around the Town Hall and kept buying health kits to keep them alive while I built the Bank

    You can�t continue the main quest until all the side quests are done
  • TORNADO ALLEY � Ok� This one was pretty tricky. You need to ultimately build and maintain ~exactly~ 25 buildings and have an overall happiness of 120� all while multiple tornadoes hit your town (!!!) in order to win. It took some time, but here�s what I did.
    1. Establish your main needs (Food, Water, Gold, Wood)
    2. There is a limited supply of wood so start mining as much gold as possible and get the Trading Post Built ASAP
    3. You�ll also face multiple gunslinger attacks so after a while, I just put my hero near where the gunslingers enter (Far upper right corner of the screen) He stayed there and killed gunslingers (which gave me extra $$) while I used the Townsfolk to build the rest of the Town.
    4. Luxury buildings that raise happiness (Gazebos, Flowerpots, Outhouses and Welcome signs) do not count as your original buildings so make sure you have these unlocked BEFORE you start this quest!
    5. Build as many luxury buildings as you can while maintaining any buildings damaged by tornadoes. NOTE: You can build too many luxury buildings! You can click on each luxury to see how many happiness points it gives you. If you don�t see any happiness points, you�ve built too many so knock it down.
    6. Damaged buildings lower happiness so stay on top of them!
    7. Max out your population to 40 but start destroying houses and shacks and only build HOTELS (raises Town Happiness)
    8. Here�s the tricky part� Once you have a lot of Townspeople (I maxed out to 40) and you can purchase a good supply of wood, start destroying any severely damaged building and hotels!
    9. Now, try to keep a harmonious balance as you rid the town of as many people as possible! They will get drunk and drastically lower happiness but as long as they have no job and no home, they will eventually leave.
    10. Once you get it down to about 15 people, (and all the drunks leave and all the buildings are maintained and there are 25 buildings ONLY, plus all your luxuries) your happiness meter will suddenly skyrocket!
  • CAKEY MAKEY � This is another tricky one. You need to provide increasing numbers of flour (food) in a short span of time (15 bags in 1 minute, 25 in 3 minutes, 35 in 4 minutes, 45 in 5 minutes and 55 in 6 minutes). I walked around and gathered all the wood and gold I could BEFORE I walked too near the bakery. That way I had more resources to start with. Collect nearby food to get past the first flour requirement while you set your 2 citizens to build their farm. If you can build your food capacity up to 55 - 65 ASAP, then all you have to do is make sure you're making is as fast as you can. There are fish in the nearby stream. Once you�ve built granaries to hold 55+ food, put your hero in the stream and keep him fishing! This took me about 4-5 tries but once I got my strategy down, I cleared it no problem.
  • THE BAD SEED � You need to give the small town�s landlord 1,2000 which seems impossible since he takes your property for non-payment. I beat this level by building a LOT of Wells because the landlord took the wells first and they were the cheapest to build.
  • DECONTAMINATING THE WELLS � There are 4 wells and 4 boxes. Use the gravel on the sulfur well, the netting on the junk well, the baking soda on the iron well and the dried pine sap on salty well. NOTE: You need to do ONE box and ONE Well at a time! If you open all the boxes at once, you�ll have to re-start the level!
  • VILLAGE SPY � I am kicking myself for not writing down the spy�s name but I do know that it�s a woman. Just accuse all the women and clear the board by process of elimination.

PART III � Awards

Here�s a list of all the Awards I�ve uncovered so far. NOTE: There are FOUR secret missions. I�ve only unlocked one so far but will update as I get them all.

Settler Badge � Complete tutorial
Law Enforcement � Employ Sheriff
Master Farmer � Grow 3 different crops at the same time
Master Rancher � Raise 3 different ranch animals at the same time
Food King � Maintain 6 different food sources at the same time
Master Builder � Build every building at least once
Boom Town � Reach the maximum of 40 citizens
Paradise � Maintain a town happiness of 120 for 3 minutes with at least 20 citizens
Capital Gains � Save up 8,000 gold
Central Hub � Finish all 3 outpost settlement quests
Pioneer � Reach Gunslinger Gulch
Master Pioneer � Complete game
Democracy � Employ a Mayor at the Town Hall
Railroad Tycoon � Build a Train Station and upgrade to train tracks
One Tough Hombre � Defeat 50 bandits
Happy Town � Reach 200 happiness level
City Founder � Build a town with at least 30 town buildings
Food Storage � Store up to 150 food
Master Researcher � Purchase all locked items in the game
Disaster Challenge � Complete the Sandbox Disaster Challenge

[courtesy of daemon ]

Beehive Bear � Build 10 flowerpots to unlock beehive. Build beehive to unlock secret bear.

Three Amigo Award: The Three Gunslingers with the White Hat are part of the Unknown Award. They cost 130 to hire so build and destroy saloons until you get 1 of them then hire and destroy the saloon without losing your "Lone Ranger."

5 Skulls: (First town after Tutorial) Fish in upper portion of river (above destroyed bridge) until your hero finds a note in a fish's mouth. This will trigger the quest to find 5 cow skulls. Each skull will have a part of a note. After finding all 5 skulls, walk to a big lone tree up on a plateau and you will find the treasure.

Shelter in the Woods: In Gunslinger Gulch you will see a pit that has 3 cow skulls in it. Build a Well in the middle of the pit. You will find a note that tells you to go to a "Shelter in the woods that is not trees". Go to the house in the bottom right island and you will find a rusty key. That key will open a rusty door that you can only get to from the bottom left island. You have to build 3 bridges for this quest. You also need 3 dynamite for clearing the way to the left side of your town (where the platform is) and to the only way for getting to the bottom left island (where the bandit base is).

Treasure Hunter (must complete Cow Skull Quest and Well-dug Treasure Quest in Gunslinger Gultch.)

Sheep Farmer (also done in Gunslinger Gultch. The Wild Horse lasso with a citizen and take to well. Unlocks Animal Round Up quest. Complete Quest now you can raise Sheep)

Animal Round Up is to capture a Deer, Bear, and Sasquatch in three different prebuilt pens. Walk in through the gate and escape out the back and the animal is locked in. These Quests can be buggy so save after each capture.

From the Sandlot Forums

Tips & Tricks for Westward:

  • Each Farm can support about 10 people.
  • Trading Posts are especially useful on maps with few resources.
  • A mix of Gunslingers and Deputies is more effective than one or the other alone.
  • Ranches use Wood and Water, but each Citizen working there produces more Food than a Citizen at a Farm.
  • When a character is selected, if you hold down the Shift key and then left-click on the map, the character will move to that location.
  • Focusing all your lawmen on a single Bandit at a time wins battles quickly.
  • Exploring as much of the map as possible is always a good idea.
  • Many advanced buildings bring Gold into your town.
  • Pressing the "TAB" key will cycle through all the units that you control
  • Combat units will not fight while moving.
  • Your combat units will automatically begin firing at bandits when in range.
  • Bandits will only follow you so far until they give up.
  • If a bandit is attacking one of your combat units and another of your combat units is in range they will automatically start attacking the bandit.
  • Trading posts are great for buying much needed food during a drought or famine.
  • Many buildings drop wood, food, or gold when destroyed.
  • You can scroll the view using the arrow keys.
  • Click and drag the left mouse button to lasso-select a group of characters.
  • Visit Trading Posts to exchange one kind of resource for another.
  • Only Citizens can take jobs at your buildings.
  • You need at least one Ranch before you can build a Sheriff's Office.
  • A Settler or Citizen has to walk to a construction site to build most buildings.
  • A Plague can wipe out your entire Food supply, but does not affect production.
  • Drought will slow the rate at which your town gathers Water.
  • Famine dramatically slows the rate at which Food is harvested.
  • Unlike Lumber Camps, Lumber Mills can gather Wood from any forested area.
  • Sheriffs and Deputies can throw Drunks in jail to sober them up.
  • Drunks will reform if they are taken to a Church.
  • Water Towers are more expensive than Wells, but hold a lot more Water.
  • You don't need to provide Food, Water or housing for Gunslingers.
  • Lasso-selecting a character will usually stop them in their tracks.

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