The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising Walkthrough & Cheats

The Timebuilders Pyramid Rising Royal Walkthrough is a complete guide covering all 40 levels of this exciting time management game! With this Timebuilders Walkthrough you'll have no problem helping architect Senmut save his people from Amen-Ra.

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Oftentimes when you play a game such as this, you will find that you just can't finish the level in gold time. If you try one method several times and it just doesn't work, you need to come up with something different. Start with a different building first. Work in a different direction. Pyramid Rising has something different in this game and that is the ability and necessity to purchase camels and elephants. On some levels just purchasing the animal will be enough to allow you to finish more efficiently because they allow you to work faster and carry more stone. On other levels, you will find that you actually need to have a certain animal to finish your building task.

The Walkthrough: Each level has a beginning screenshot. This screenshot will show you the goals for the level and starting state. In addition, it will show how much it costs to get past each Nomad, stone requirements for bridges,and what is in each treasure chest. You might want to take a look at the screenshot before looking at the level step-by-step instructions and try again that additional information in front of you. Use the control-F find feature in your browser to enter the specific level you are interested in to get there faster

The following are just a few hints:

Consider restarting the level and press skip all so that you can go your own way. Sometimes the tutorial gives you instructions to do something before you really need to.

Before starting a level, take a good look at what you need to do and make a plan. You can click on uobstructed obstacles to see their cost before starting; just don't click on any houses that have rent to collect or you will start the timer.

Wait before starting until all available buildings have rent available and always start with collecting rent first.

The market is a very important component in this game. You can make a lot of money selling your stone. The market gives you way more money for your stone than the quarry charges in every instance. The more stone you have on hand, the larger amounts of gold you will be offered. At around 1500 stone, you will consistently be offered 5000 gold for 500 stone. In some levels it really pays to build up your stone supply as fast as you can and keep it there to get to this high exchange amount.

Trading with the port is an interesting new twist. These are usually great deals. While you can wait for a new one if you don't want the current one, I thought it was faster to just take the deal offered quickly and then get another one. I suggest taking them unless you don't have the resources to trade with them or you are going to run short if you do so.

The Timbuilders: Pyramid Rising Walkthrough

Level 1
  1. Build 4 huts.
  2. Collect money.


Level 2
  1. Remove all the rocks.
  2. Build the hut as each lot is exposed.
  3. Collect money.


Level 3
  1. Collect rent.
  2. Remove the rocks as you come to them.
  3. Upgrade the 2 prebuilt huts
  4. Build and upgrade 3 new huts.
  5. Collect money.


Level 4
  1. Remove rocks in the path
  2. Build 7 huts.
  3. Upgrade 7 huts.
  4. Collect money.


Level 5
  1. Build quarry.
  2. Remove all stone piles.
  3. Buy 125 stone for 500 gold twice.
  4. Build and upgrade buildings. You will have enough stone.
  5. Keep collecting money,
  6. Buy 300 stone for 1000 gold.


Level 6
  1. Buy 300 stone for 1000 gold. The quarry is to the right of the shrine.
  2. Buy 2 workers and 1 priest
  3. Build hut to left of the shrine.
  4. Start removing stone.
  5. Buy 50 stone
  6. Start building huts and upgrading them; you will have enough stone to meet the goal if you pick up all the stone piles.
  7. Buy 1 more worker.
  8. Buy 2 more priests as you can afford them.


Level 7
  1. Collect rent.
  2. Open chest to the right to get 75 stone.
  3. Remove stones to the left and open the 2 chests for 300 gold and 50 stone.
  4. Remove the 2 stones blocking the vacant lots and the quarry.
  5. Buy 125 stone for 500 gold.
  6. Build 3 huts and upgrade 4 huts twice.
  7. Collect money.


Level 8
  1. Pay 300 gold to barbarian.
  2. Remove stone pile.
  3. Upgrade hut.
  4. Open treasure chest for 500 gold.
  5. Build 2 huts and upgrade 3 huts twice.
  6. Collect 1500 gold to pay nomad.
  7. Remove accessible stone piles and open chest for 300 gold.
  8. Buy 125 stones for 500 gold.
  9. Build and upgrade 2 hut twice.
  10. Collect 2000 for nomad.
  11. Buy 125 stones for 500 gold.
  12. Build and upgrade the hut twice.
  13. Collect money.


Level 9
  1. Don't send anyone to the mural at first.
  2. Remove stones and build 3 huts.
  3. Remove stones and open chests.
  4. Start upgrading your huts as much as you can.
  5. Pay nomad 1000 coins.
  6. Build quarry on the lot behind the nomad.
  7. Buy stones in batches of 125.
  8. Build 5th hut. Assign 2 workers to mural.
  9. Finish upgrading huts.
  10. Keep getting stone.
  11. Buy another worker.
  12. Assign 2 more workers to mural.


Level 10
  1. Start removing stones.
  2. Open the chest to get 500 gold.
  3. Build quarry.
  4. 2nd chest has 300 stones.
  5. 3rd chest has 500 gold.
  6. Build huts as you open up lots.
  7. Get to the second chest to get more stone.
  8. Once you have collected 1000 gold, buy 300 stones.
  9. After you buy the batch of stone, just upgrade the huts and don't worry about collecting rent.


Level 11
  1. You will not be paying off the nomad in the top center.
  2. Give nomad to the right 500 gold.
  3. Get 1000 gold from 1st chest.
  4. Remove stones and start building huts.
  5. Pay off next nomad to the bottom in with 500 gold.
  6. Upgrade huts until you run out of stone.
  7. Collect money.
  8. Pay off next nomad with 1500 gold and the next with 500 gold.
  9. Work down to chest with 200 stone at bottom left.
  10. Build and upgrade the fifth hut and upgrade all 5 huts.
  11. Collect 1000 to build quarry at the last lot and buy 50 stone when you have the time. Collect money goal


Level 12
  1. Pay nomad at the bottom of the screen with 500 gold.
  2. Remove stone to the sphinx.
  3. Build 2 huts and upgrade as you can while waiting for 1000 gold.
  4. Pay nomad 1000 gold.
  5. Chest has 300 stone.
  6. Buy another worker.
  7. Send 1 worker to sphinx.
  8. Finish upgrading the rest of the buildings.
  9. Buy another worker and send to the sphinx.
  10. Buy 150 stone for 500 gold.
  11. Keep 1 worker for the quarry.
  12. Get a total of 5 workers and have 4 working on the sphinx.
  13. Keep buying stone.


Level 13
  1. Skip building for joy in the beginning.
  2. Buy a worker
  3. Build a hut and open chest for 100 stone (upper right).
  4. Remove stone piles
  5. Open chest
  6. Build 3rd hut and start upgrading
  7. Buy 300 stone twice.
  8. Start upgrading all huts fully.
  9. When first hut is fully upgraded, send 1 worker to port.
  10. Send 2nd worker when all 3 huts are done.
  11. Buy another 300 stone..
  12. Buy 4th worker and send to port.
  13. Build a statue.
  14. Buy another 300 stone
  15. Buy 5th worker and send to port.
  16. Build 2nd statue
  17. Buy another 300 stone
  18. Buy a 6th worker to send to the port if you want; he won't be working very long!


Level 14
  1. Get 75 stone from chest.
  2. Build 1 hut and start upgrading the 2 huts while waiting for money.
  3. Pay nomad 2000 gold.
  4. Buy 125 stone for 500 gold.
  5. Fully upgrade the 3rd hut; don't worry about waiting for rent.
  6. Build 2 fountains.


Level 15
  1. Remove stones down at the bottom
  2. Build 3 villas and get 1500 gold to pay nomad to the top.
  3. Save 2 spots for the quarry and the temple
  4. Pay off the nomad and get the chest at the top left for 600 stone
  5. Build temple for 500 stones
  6. Build quarry when you have 1000 gold and start buying stones for 1000 gold
  7. Build 2 more villas.
  8. Keep buying stones as you need them and upgrading the buildings
  9. Pay nomad 5000 gold
  10. Build 3 villas and upgrade them without waiting for rent
  11. Withdraw money from the temple at 1000 coins
  12. Keep buying 300 stones at a time until finished.
  13. Collect rent.


Level 16
  1. Work way through the rock at the top to get to the chest with 500 stone
  2. Build quarry
  3. Remove the rest of the rocks
  4. Trade 50 stone for 500
  5. Buy 125 stone for 500
  6. Build first villa and upgrade fully.
  7. Buy 125 stone for 500
  8. Keep trading stone for money
  9. Pay Nomad who wants 2500 gold
  10. Open the bottom chest
  11. Pay nomad and get down the other chest
  12. Trade again
  13. Buy 300 stone twice more
  14. Build 2 more villas.
  15. Fully upgrade all 4 villas
  16. Keep trading and collecting rent


Level 17
  1. Clear rock to markets
  2. Make big dollar deals at the market
  3. Open the chest for 1000 stone
  4. Build quarry and get 300 stone for 1000 stone
  5. Keep getting stone whenever you get 1000 gold
  6. Keep your stone level at 1000 to get big deals at the market
  7. When you are trading to go over 5000 gold, build the last 2 markets.


Level 18
  1. Pay nomad to left 1500 gold and hen open chest for 400 stone
  2. Trade for maximum money
  3. Remove all stone piles and open chest at the bottom
  4. Trade for max
  5. Buy camel
  6. Wait for it, wait for it, make the next trade
  7. Buy 800 stone at quarry twice before building
  8. You will now have over 1000 stone and you want to keep it there
  9. Build 2 villas
  10. Buy 4th worker
  11. Keep stone count over 1000 and upgrade the first 3 villas
  12. When all 3 are being finished, use the next trade to pay off the nomad
  13. Build a statue
  14. Buy 800 stone at quarry whenever you have 2000 gold
  15. Build and upgrade the 4th villa
  16. Get the gold from the chest
  17. Make a final trade to get the gold to finish off the stone goal


Level 19
  1. Remove rocks and build 2 villas
  2. Upgrade villas fully
  3. Buy 125 stones for 500 gold
  4. Pay nomad 2500 gold
  5. Open chest for 1200 stone
  6. Remove rock to Karnak Temple
  7. Build market and make first deal (should be for 2000 gold)
  8. Deploy 2 workers
  9. Buy camel
  10. Buy stone 800 at a time
  11. Buy 3 workers and deploy to temple
  12. Build obelisks in between getting stones
  13. Don't bother paying off the other nomad.


Level 20
  1. Upgrade hut once and upgrade villa fully
  2. Pay nomad with 1500 gold
  3. Destroy the market
  4. Open the chest for 300 stone
  5. Build 2 villas
  6. Pay nomad with 2500 gold
  7. Open chest with 750 gold
  8. Build quarry and start buying stone
  9. Destroy hut and build last 2 villas and upgrade fully
  10. Build 3 fountains
  11. Collect money


Level 21
  1. The port adds quite a bit of variability in the game.
  2. It's best to take what they have to offer because the next one might be even better
  3. Several times I got a camel upgrade right off the bat
  4. Wait to build anything until you get the first offer
  5. Remove 2 rocks and open the chest for 500 gold, while waiting
  6. Build 2 villas and upgrade fully
  7. Buy 3 workers and send 2 workers to each colossi
  8. Start buying stone
  9. Buy camel if you didn't get one from the port
  10. You should have 2 workers at each colossi and 1 getting stone
  11. Build 2 statues in between quarry runs


Level 22
  1. I could get gold paying off either nomad but it seemed a bit easier paying of the left one
  2. Remove the stones and get to the chest for 500 stones in the middle of the screen
  3. Build 2 villas and upgrade as much as possible
  4. Pay off the nomad to the left for 2000 gold
  5. Collect 1000 stone from the treasure chest
  6. Pay off nomad to the right
  7. Buy the port option
  8. Buy the quarry
  9. Buy the camel upgrade
  10. Send a couple workers to the pyramid.
  11. Keep a good supply of stone on hand but start buying workers; you can have a total of 7 working the pyramid so you want a total of 8 working.


Level 23
  1. Remove rocks and open chests
  2. Build and 1 villa and upgrade the other villa
  3. Build the quarry when you have 1000 gold
  4. Build bridge
  5. Remove stones and open chest
  6. Use the camel upgrade and buy one more worker
  7. Put one worker at each totem
  8. Keep buying stone and trading with market


Level 24
  1. Again, the port makes for a lot of variability on this level
  2. Remove stones
  3. Open the port and make first trade
  4. Build villa to left of shrine
  5. Build quarry and buy stone as you can
  6. Fully upgrade 2 villas
  7. Buy camel if you didn't get one from the port
  8. Build an obelisk
  9. Pay nomad 1500 gold
  10. Buy 1000 stones to build bridge to right
  11. Open chest for 3000 gold
  12. Keep buying 800 stones at a time
  13. Build 3rd villa and fully upgrade it.
  14. Build bridge to left for 2000 stone
  15. Build 1 fountain


Level 25
  1. Remove stone and open chests with 200 stones and 750 gold
  2. Build 2 villas
  3. Buy 300 stones twice
  4. Fully upgrade 2 villas
  5. Buy camel upgrade
  6. Remove all the alligators
  7. Open the chest with 500 stone
  8. Buy 1 more worker
  9. Build 3 villas and upgrade them without leaving them
  10. Buy 350 stone
  11. Build obelisk and statue


Level 26
  1. Clear stones and open first chest for 750 gold
  2. Leave a lot close to the shrine and build 2 villas and upgrade once
  3. Buy camel upgrade
  4. Remove the 2 upper alligators
  5. Open the chest for stone; don't build.
  6. Remove the alligator blocking the market and make best deal
  7. Upgrade the villas more
  8. Build a quarry for 1000 gold Buy stone
  9. Send 1 worker to mine
  10. Build a statue
  11. Send 2nd worker to mine when both villas are fully upgraded
  12. Pay nomad blocking the temple (don't bother paying second nomad)
  13. Keep buying stones and making good trades at the market
  14. Buy 2 more workers when you have the money right after getting a full load of stones
  15. Keep buying 800 stones at a time


Level 27
  1. Remove rock
  2. Build 2 villas and upgrade as you have stone
  3. Start paying nomads and opening their chests in this order (from left to right) 5, 1, 3, 4, 2, 6 (see image to see exactly what you are buying)
  4. Upgrade the buildings completely on the left
  5. Build a statue
  6. Buy a camel
  7. Remove the alligators
  8. Destroy the market immediately
  9. Build 2 huts and upgrade without waiting on money
  10. Build a statue
  11. Upgrade the other villa
  12. Keep collecting money


Level 28
  1. Remove 3 piles of rocks
  2. Open chest at upper left
  3. Build 1 villa and fully upgrade the 2 villas
  4. Collect 2000 gold and buy camel
  5. Remove alligator and open chest at bottom left
  6. Pay nomad 2500 gold
  7. Remove alligator and rocks to get down to bottom right
  8. Destroy hut
  9. Buy 800 stone and keep doing so since you don't have a gold goal
  10. Build 2 fully upgraded villas
  11. Build 3 censers and 3 trees to get joy goal


Level 29
  1. Clear 2 rock piles and build villa and upgrade it once
  2. Trade for the highest dollar amount and not the best deal (all the way through)
  3. Pay nomad 1500
  4. Start collecting stone every 1000 gold
  5. Upgrade the two villas fully
  6. After 2 villas are fully upgraded, destroy the hut and build a fully upgraded villa.
  7. The more stones you have the higher gold amounts you will get at the store
  8. Build a tree
  9. Stop buying stone at around 1400 stone and save money
  10. Buy an elephant for 4000 gold
  11. Buy wood for 4000 gold now
  12. Build bridge and keep one worker over there to open the chests
  13. Do one more deal with the market when you have 5000 stones and destroy it
  14. Build a fully upgraded villa
  15. Build 2nd tree


Level 30
  1. Remove 2 rocks and build just one villa
  2. Pay off the nomads to the north and open the chest near the port for 600 stone
  3. Build the bridge to the second chest to get 2000 stone
  4. Build 2 fully upgrade villas
  5. Pay the nomad to the south and start making big coin deals
  6. Pay for the port and start taking what they have to offer
  7. Buy a camel and clear the alligators
  8. Build another fully upgraded villa
  9. Pay 3000 coins to nomad and upgrade the villa
  10. Keep making deals to maximize money
  11. This level is totally dependent on the quality of deals you get, so just try again if you don't make it.
  12. If you have enough stone you can consider building some "joy."


Level 31
  1. Remove 2 stones and build a villa
  2. Open the chest for 1000 gold
  3. Build another villa and don't forget the third villa
  4. Remove the 3rd rock
  5. Buy a camel and remove alligators
  6. Open chest with 1500 stone and keep upgrading the first 3 villas and build a 3rd villa near the temple
  7. Pay off the nomad blocking to the right; don't pay off the nomad blocking the temple
  8. Remove alligator and upgrade the 5th villa.
  9. Build a quarry; once the first 5 villas are upgraded you will need about 3000 stones to finish up.
  10. Build censers and your money will start increasing. Each censer costs 500 gold and a fully upgraded villa costs less than 500.
  11. Destroy the quarry once you are sure you have enough stone and build a fully upgraded villa.


Level 32
  1. This level is very dependent on what deals you are given at the port. I tried playing it without the port but I couldn't do it.
  2. Remove the 3 stones to the left
  3. Build a villa and don't upgrade it
  4. Open the port when you get 1000 gold. Only take deals for gold, stone, and animals (and of course only the ones you can afford)
  5. If you don't get a deal on an animal from the port, buy a camel and remove the alligators
  6. Buy a market when you have 500 stones (from either the port or the chests)
  7. Open the chests
  8. Make big deals at the market and
  9. Buy stone as you can afford it
  10. Send 2 workers to the temple
  11. You will need to get an elephant upgrade and then hire 3 more workers.
  12. When you have plenty of stones, build 2 trees.
  13. Keep supplying stone.
  14. If you don't get it the first time, try again and hope that you get a better set of deals. I have had offers for elephants for 2000 gold or 400 stones and lots of money or stone, so just keep trying. Just be sure to get enough workers to the temple.


Level 33
  1. Collect rent
  2. Remove stone and upgrade the palace
  3. Open the chest for 750 stone
  4. Demolish the market
  5. Build quarry
  6. Finish upgrading palace
  7. Collect 300 stone for 1000
  8. Build another fully upgraded palace
  9. Stop buying stone when you have enough to finish building
  10. Build a tree
  11. Pay nomad 4000 gold
  12. Buy 3rd worker
  13. Remove next rock and get the chest even though it looks like you can't
  14. Destroy market
  15. Buy an elephant
  16. Pay nomad for 3000
  17. Buy 4th worker
  18. Send 3 workers to lighthouse
  19. Buy 900 stones; don't wait for 4000 gold.
  20. Buy another worker and send to light house
  21. Buy 900 stones
  22. Buy another worker and start building the rest of the palaces and trees
  23. You don't need the market or the port


Level 34
  1. Pay off the nomads blocking the chests and palace (see black circles)
  2. Open the port
  3. Open the chests
  4. Upgrade the palaces fully
  5. Now again the port is completely variable, just keep buying stuff. I've received an elephant, a camel, lots of money, lots of stone. It just depends.
  6. Next nomad to pay is the one blocking the temple.
  7. Then pay a nomad blocking a building spot and build a censer, 3 times.
  8. Pay the nomad blocking the quarry last unless you used some stone to trade.
  9. Buy a camel if you don't get an animal through the port and you don't get a bunch of stone through the port
  10. Buy just enough stone to get to the 2000 stone gold
  11. Lastly pay off the nomad to the bottom villa; however, I played several times without paying him off and did fine.


Level 35
  1. Remove rocks in 3 directions
  2. Remove 4th block toward nomad
  3. Build bridge to right (400 stone)
  4. Open chest and trade 75 stone f or 750 gold
  5. Pay off the nomad
  6. Open the next chest and remove the stone blocking the palace
  7. Build quarry
  8. Keep trades up with market until you have built the second palace
  9. Upgrade the palace
  10. Keep sending for 300 stone and fully upgrade the palace
  11. When you have collected enough stone to build the first bridge for 800 stone and you have just made a trade, build the bridge
  12. Buy an elephant
  13. Build the upper left bridge to get the gold; destroy villa and build and fully upgrade the palace (without waiting for rent)
  14. Build the last bridge and open the rest of the way to the temple and chest
  15. Buy a worker
  16. Build and upgrade a palace
  17. Destroy the temple (treasury) and build a fully upgraded palace
  18. Keep getting stones


Level 36
  1. Remove 2 rocks and open chest to the left
  2. Trade at the market (and keep doing so throughout this level)
  3. Buy an elephant
  4. Build a quarry
  5. Clear the alligators
  6. Buy another worker
  7. Open the chest
  8. Remove the stones blocking the building sites
  9. Pay nomad
  10. Send a worker to build temple
  11. Build and upgrade 2 palaces
  12. Buy 2 more workers and send to work
  13. After upgrading the palaces destroy the market and build palace
  14. Send 4th worker to build when palaces are done.
  15. Build 2 censers


Level 37
  1. Remove rocks to the chest and toward the bridges but not to the vacant lots
  2. Open chest
  3. Remove rock toward the market
  4. Make a trade
  5. Build the quarry
  6. Keep buying stone in 300s, building and upgrading a palace, and selling stone until the stone level gets to about 1500 to maximize sales
  7. Pay off nomad
  8. Destroy villa at the end and build up the palace
  9. Buy an elephant
  10. Buy 3rd worker
  11. Destroy the temple and build the palace
  12. As you finish the 3rd palace, destroy the market and build a 4th palace
  13. Buy a 4th priest
  14. Build 4 trees
  15. Build the lo bridge across and open chest
  16. Build 2 eyes of ra
  17. Build another bridge and the last 2 eyes of ra


Level 38
  1. Buy 3 workers and send the first two to remove rocks
  2. Open all 3 chests
  3. Build quarry
  4. Buy camel
  5. Remove rock down the middle of the 4 vacant lots
  6. Buy all the stone you can afford, including a half load
  7. Build 2 palaces
  8. Buy 2 priests
  9. Upgrade the palace after each rent cycle
  10. Remove the 2 remaining rocks while waiting to buy stones
  11. After the final palace upgrade, send the workers to build 2 villas.
  12. Upgrade villas by keeping the worker there. Don't even try to collect the rent; you don't need it.
  13. After finishing the villas, destroy the quarry once you have about 1000 stone to build the 2 huts
  14. Build and immediately upgrade the 2 huts to finish up.


Level 39
  1. Remove 2 rocks
  2. Pick up rent
  3. Remove the 2nd two rocks
  4. Build a palace
  5. Collect rents on 2 palaces, 1 hut, and temple
  6. First 2000 gold, buy camel.
  7. Frighten off alligator
  8. Open chest
  9. 4000 gold, pay nomad at bottom right and open chest for stone
  10. Build an Eye of Ra first
  11. Upgrade the two palaces fully
  12. 4000 gold, pay nomad blocking 2nd temple
  13. 4000 gold, pay nomad blocking 3rd temple
  14. Destroy hut and build quarry
  15. 4000 gold, buy elephant
  16. Start buying stones in batches of 2000
  17. Buy 2 more priests
  18. Build and fully upgrade the 3rd temple without waiting
  19. Destroy the rightmost temple and build an upgrade palace (don't wait for money)
  20. When you get 8000 stone, get one more load and destroy the quarry (you want 8000 stone for the bridge and another 2000 for the final building)
  21. Build the bridge and build the last palace
  22. Build the Eye of Ra
  23. Open the last chest with some gold (quantity unknown; you try to remember to see how much it is because it is busy!)
  24. Collect the gold.


Level 40
  1. You can go around the alligator before you remove it.
  2. Remove the 2 stones blocking the palace and the 2 stones blocking the building site.
  3. After the 4 stones are removed, remove the stone blocking the market and make a trade
  4. Buy a camel and remove the alligators and open the chest
  5. Build a quarry when you have 1000 gold and buy as much stone as you can afford; you should get the stone in before the next trade
  6. Make the next trade and build market
  7. Get stone and build the next market
  8. Keep making maximum market deals and buying stone
  9. Buy an elephant
  10. Pay off the nomad and open chest twice
  11. Start sending workers to the work site. Keep 2 back until you have opened the last chest.
  12. Start buying workers and sending them to the worksite until you max it out at 10 workers
  13. Buy stone when you get close to 2000
  14. When all the workers go back to the shrine, click on the temple and send them all back to now use gold.


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