-- the game can be buggy - read through some of the tips/bugs below

-- Rule #1 with this game if the left click doesn't seem to be getting you anywhere always try the right click. Example: to get the last name of Alex go to Kelly's dorm room and walk up to the bulletin board. Instead of left clicking on it, (all she will say is 'I'm not lugging that thing around'), right click on it and the pictures will pop up.

-- Frustrated getting the notebook? The first thing you need to do is to go back to Rosa appartment. Click on Joey and ask him about himself and then about his ghostly powers.
Then you need to go back to Kelly's appartment, ricgh click on the bulleten bord and click on the phots to get the name Davenport. Question kelly to get the girls first names.
To get the note book you need to have asked joey about his ghostly powers in Rosa's appartment. When in Kelly's room use the phone to talk to Joey and ask him to use his powers. He knock papers of Kelly's desk, while she's destracted pick up the notebook.speak to joey about his powers which will help get the note book

-After using the phone in Kelly's room, Kelly says something, but the wrong speech file plays.
-It is possible, after turning "Alexander" into "Alexander Davenport" to get another "Alexander" by examining the doodle again.
-Talking to Alli about "Deacon and Ouija" repeatedly makes Joey walk further and further away

[ courtesy of Vince ]

Day one:

-watch opening cutscene.
-Talk to doorman, exhaust all dialogue options.
-Go to the park.
-Head left to the fountain.
-Lure the dog down and around the lamp post. When he gets tangled he'll start barking.
-Talk to Nishanti, continue the dialogues until you wind up in your apartment building.
-Enter your apartment.
-Take the elevator out and head to the psychiatric hospital.
-Talk to the guard to gain access to the doctor's office.
-Talk to the doctor, exhaust all dialogue options.
-Return to your apartment.
-Pick up the envelope from the floor and right-click it to examine.
-Read the letters.
-Answer the phone.
-Head to the dorm.
-Talk to Adrian and Kelly.
-Be honest with Kelly and she'll answer your questions.
-After grilling Kelly on everything, ask Adrian about "JoAnn slept all night"
-Open your notes, use "JoAnn slept all night" with "Kelly sleeps elsewhere"
-Re-ask Kelly all the questions in your notebook, making sure to get a picture.
-Back to your apartment.
-Use the computer and write up your article.
-Rosa has an episode, notice the photo on the TV flash.
-Go to the hospital and ask the doctor about the headaches. He's no help. (maybe not necessary)
-You can also visit Nishanti now, exhaust all dialogue options to get to know her, and feed the dog (or swipe a treat).
-When you're done, return to your apartment and watch the cutscene.
-Remember where it started? Back at the park.
-When talking to the dog park ghost, lay on the charm to get all the info out of her.
-Rosa's had about enough of this. She heads to bed and to...

Day two:

-Lots of talking. Exhaust all dialogue options.
-You can talk to Nishanti again. Turns out dogs+Joey=barking.
-Head back down to the dog park and talk to the ghost again. Add "Deacon" to your notebook.
-Back to the dorm. Examine the bulletin board. "Davenport" added to the notebook.
-Talk to Kelly about the picture of the girls, "Alli" and "Susan" added to notebook.
-Use the phone on the desk. While holding the phone, click on Joey to pretend to talk to him on the phone.
-Ask him for a little performance.
-While Kelly picks up the papers, grab JoAnn's notebook off the desk.
-Examine JoAnn's notebook to get the doodle and notes. Examine both. "Alexander" added to notebook.
-Open your notebook Use "Alexander" with "Davenport", get "Alexander Davenport"
-Adrian's no help, so back to the dog park.
-Talk to the Alli's ghost about "Alli" and "Susan" to get last names for both.
-Head back to your apartment and boot up the computer for some research.
-Searches for "Alli" and "Susan" will reveal new info. "Ouija boards" is added to the notebook and Susan's apparently in the Hospital.
-Searching for "Alexander Davenport" tells you that he was on the Hockey team.
-Open the notebook. Use "Ouija boards" with "Deacon" to get "Deacon and Ouija"
-Back in the park, talk to Alli about "Deacon and Ouija." Definitely something up there.
-Head to the hospital. Yup, Susan's here, but you can't get in to see her.
-You can talk to the doctor, but it'll just make Joey all antsy.
-Try to see Susan again, give a lame excuse to the guard.
-Hmm... we need a name that might be on the list. The only names in our notebook connected to Susan are either dead, and therefore not on the list, or boys names.
-In the notebook, use "Alexander Davenport" on "Adrian" to get "Alex Davenport." Try that with the guard.
-Talk to Susan, be honest. Ask her about "Deacon and Ouija."
-Ask her about everything else. Apparently Alli likes dogs.
-It's night now. You can no longer go to the Dorm.
-Visiting Susan again, she'll give you her diuretic pills.
-Use the pills with a dog biscuit (If you don't have one, go back to Nishanti's and ask for one).
-Give the pill to Nishanti's dog.
-Take Moti to the dog park and enjoy the cutscene.
-Head back to the Hospital.
-Lure Joey close to the radio. While the guard tries to fix the static, you can grab the fusebox key.
-Open the fusebox (near the elevator)
-Click the fusebox again to shut off the lights. The guard will come to check it out.
-Quickly hide in the telephone nook in the upper-right corner.
-After the guard has passed you, walk through the door and up around the corner.
-Enter the Deacon.
-Play a little "Good cop, bad cop" with Joey. The way you handle it (very) slightly affects the ending:

Ending one:
-Just let Joey handle it the whole way

Ending two:
-Let Joey handle it for a bit then switch back to Rosa.
-Offer him hope, then tell him no one else will help him, then he'll trust you.

Either way:
-Talk to the Demon about Deacon's sins.
-Talk to Deacon about his flask.
-Open the notebook, combine "Deacon's Sins" and "Deacon's Flask"
-Tell Deacon to drop the flask.
-Pick up the cobblestone.
-Click on the flask.
-Smash the flask with the stone.
-Enjoy the ending.

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