Sweet Lily Dreams: Chapter 1 Walkthrough & Cheats

Sweet Lily Dreams: Chapter 1 is a wonderful RPG game. However, in addition to the usual exploration and battles, this game has mini-games. These mini-games can be quite difficult. We are currently compiling a comlpete walkthrough, but I came across a real doozy of a mini-game, the Hypercubex, and wanted to share the solution with you right away.

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Sweet Lily Dreams-Chapter 1 is a wonderful RPG game.  However, in addition to the usual exploration and battles, this game has mini-games, which can be difficult.  The developer, Rose Portal Games, has written a strategy guide available for the entire game and were kind enough to allow Big Fish Games to publish it as a blog walkthrough.  As I perused this, I found some information and some maps to be lacking, so rather than reinvent the wheel I decided to give you the additional information that I think you need to get you out of trouble.  That walkthrough is accessible here: Big Fish Games Walkthrough and will open in a separate window.  If our guide describes some steps but does not show a map, then it will be available there.

At the beginning of the game, access the options to change the controls as you like.  Personally I prefer to use the space bar to confirm.  Also you can change the difficulty of the game at any time, so if you get in over your head on normal you can change to easy (which isn't that easy!)

You may have noticed the ability to craft items and that you are collecting ingredients, so where are the containers you need?  They are not on the ground.  You cannot access them until you get to Rosaria at the Crafting Guild.  

Speaking of on the ground, anything that can be picked up sparkles.  

Starting the game:  
  1. Open 2 chests on the first area and go through the portal
  2. Choose your star on the next area; this determines your initial attack type.  Go through the portal.  
  3. Choose your outfit on the next area; this determines your defense.
  4. Fight your first battle using Attack.
  5. In the cargo hold of the ship, pick up the pole.
  6. Use the pole to pick up the key
  7. Use the key to open the door.
  8. Cut scene
  1. You are now Faith, who is a dog (go figure!)
  2. Finish your conversation with Enge but don't wait around; go exploring.
  3. Work your way to the south, while picking up a few odds and ends that will be useful for crafting later.
  4. You will encounter Enge again in addition to Ilista and Ray.
  5. Ilista will heal you for free, which might be useful later.
  6. Ray will eventually give you items useful for healing.
  7. Head to the east and talk to SCAV.
  8. Agree to find the bag, but return to Ray to get some supplies first
  9. Head to the left first and keep following the corridor, picking up points, other items, and battling.  
  10. You need to find the vintage bag, one golden ring, and the blue-golden vase.
  11. In addition you can access the hidden room, just to the right of the vase for some goodies.  
  12. When you find the bag return to the outside and give it to SCAV.
  13. Return to Ilista and get healed if needed.
  14. Return to Ray and get some more healing items.
  15. Head back inside and turn to the right
  16. Find 3 gold rings
  17. You can head out to get healed or buy some healing items.
  18. Head north in the ruins
  19. Turn left and solve the mini-puzzle with the gold rings.


  20. Go through the door and work your way to the end.
  21. One switch will partially open the main door
  22. The other switch will lower barriers that will allow you a straighter shot to the exit .
  23. Return through the ring door
  24. Go to the right side and place the vase on the indentation
  25. Enter and go all the way through to the 2 switches.
  26. Return and go through the center door
  27. When you encounter the locked gate, pull on the zipper several times


  28. Go forward and watch the cut scene
  29. Curly will catch up with you
  30. Fight the boss battle.
  1. Bring Lily through the ruins
  2. Talk to Ray on the way to get some healing items.
  3. Talk to Seha and receive the Lily Ring
  4. Equip Lily by going to Misc and then Accessories
  5. Go to the end of the ruins and through the portal
  1. Go due east to get to the Fairy Godmother
  2. Go west to find Lily's House
  3. Place the furniture in the house; some of it has bonus defense
  4. Explore Rosario and talk to everyone
  5. Find the Crafting Guild; you can build furniture, but more importantly buy bottles.  Wyndir will give you several quests.
  6. Buy a few of each type of bottle; you can make salves, balms, and powders now.  Make salves and balms as needed because as you go along in the game, you will get more powerful potions.
  7. Go to the Store and buy some Craleef
  8. Note the Genie; he will give you a full recovery for Memory Orbs.  This gets more expensive as the game goes along,
  9. Check out the Points Store (far left).  You can exchange your points for furniture, some of which will give you Power.
  10. The bottom floor sells new Robes and Stars
  11. Ocous wants a book on the Relulael and he will give you his Corsage of Thunder now.
  12. Tome wants you to find a machine to solve his formula; he will reward with you the Corsage of  Water
  13. Ginger, the gingerbread man, wants icing.
  14. Star wants a cute fox as a gift and will reward you with the Pendant of Calmth .
  15. When you are ready, return to the Dream Chamber


  1. Work your way through the Hupercubex
  2. Enter the Chamber of Computers
  3. Insert the formula in the 2nd computer from the right
  4. Return to Tome if you want and heal with the Genie if needed.
  5. Return and enter the Trickmaster's Room
Sweet Lily Dreams-Chapter 1 Hypercubex Puzzle Solution:
  1. You will start in a chamber with the option of leaving or buying your way out of the game.  I did not have enough orbs and besides that's cheating!  So look at the image below.  
  2. Start by walking left one room and up one room.  When you get to the controls, use the arrows as listed with each image.  The next image provides you with what your screen should look like before you start walking again.  
  3. Good luck with the Hypercubex Puzzle!  There are a lot of coins to pick up for points in the puzzle so if you aren't too frustrated, you might want to get those as you will not be able to reenter the puzzle area after finishing.
  4. Oh, and at the end, you are in for a battle but there is rejuvenation potion in a box so don't waste your own.


  1. Return to Rosaria.
  2. Give Tome his answer.
  3. Use the Genie's services to heal
  4. Get more bottles from the Crafting Guild
  5. Buy more healing supplies
  6. Head back to the Dream Chamber
London Mansion
  1. Go into the mansion


  2. Go upstairs and talk to the butler
  3. Go to the room at the top of the stairs to the left and get a key to the basement
  4. Return downstairs
  5. Head to the right through the dining room
  6. Head through the door into the kitchen
  7. You can get the icing for Ginger here.
  8. There is a hidden room in the crack
  9. Exit the kitchen to the left
  10. Go down the stairs to the basement
  11. Unlock the gate and head left
  12. Pick up the Housekeeper's Notes.
  13. Return up the stairs and head left into the Conservatory
  14. Pick up the key and return to the butler upstairs
  15. After a cut-scene you now need to find six Pink Flowers
  16. You can access one flower by exiting the house in the music room
  17. The other five flowers are throughout the ground.
  18. Return to the laboratory upstairs and give the pink flowers to Mr. Hyde
  19. After the cut scene, you need to find a purple root in the basement
  20. First go to the library, which is just on the other side of the stairs upstairs
  21. Find the note
  22. Return to the basement and head right to the wine cellar
  23. Look at the note to find the switch to open the door
  1. Once in the basement, you can head up and then east or head down and then east.  Both ways connect to stairs in the northeast.
  2. Go up the stairs
  3. The next room has two levels to it.  The Relauel book is on the upper level and the dictionary is on the lower level.
  4. You can return now and give Ocous the books or wait.
  5. Keep heading north and you will fight a battle to get the purple root
  6. Return to the laboratory and follow the directions to make a purple vial
  7. Return to the Living Room and battle Mister Hyde
  8. When done, you can return using the blue portal or go upstairs and make a bunch of potions to receive the Anklet of Hi-Evasion and Corsage of Cold.  This is a lot of extra work.  
Russian Forest
  1. Before heading in this level, be sure to buy extra Craleef.
  2. Unequip Lily and consider reversing some spells and give them to the other players.  Lily will be kidnapped early on.
  3. The developer's walkthrough has very good maps for above ground but little information for below ground, so here it is.
  4. When entering the Aster, head east (to the right), to get to Russian Forest-South
  5. When entering the Lily, head north (to the first stairs), to get to Russian Forest-Northeast
  6. After talking to the Rider of the Day, it is quicker to head south to the Rose there
  7. When entering the Rose, head south, to get to Russian Forest-Southeast
  8. Return to the Rose tunnel, head north, past the first stairs, and then west to second stairs, to get to Russian Forest-North
  9. Head south to Sunflower (You can return to Rosaria via the start point by going up first set of stairs and then heading south west to the portal-
  10. In the Sunflower tunnel, head north to the second stairs, to get to Russian Forest-Northwest
  11. When entering the Iris tunnel, head north.
  12. Unequip Curly if you like
  13. Head North and watch cutscene
  14. Muggles needs to head west into the cave to save Faith
  15. After saving Faith go east and then north to face Baba Yaga
To Be Continued

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