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My Kingdom for the Princess 2 Walkthrough is a comprehensive guide that will walk you through each and every level of this exciting resource management game. Our walkthrough includes custom screenshots and detailed instructions on exactly how to beat each level of this game as well as a general tips area to help you improve your gameplay.

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I have included a beginning of the level screen shot with everything circled.

Red circles are areas you do not need to clear to get gold.
Orange circles are the buildings you need to build or repair
Light orange circles are rocks, sand dunes, or snow drifts.
Yellow circles show the required tasks for the level.
Dark blue circles are the renewable resources.
Light blue circles are the nonrenewable resource.s
Darker green circles are trees and logs blocking your way. These will give you wood in exchange for the food you use up to chop the wood.
Light green circles are damage to the road. They show the bridges, dilapidated road, potholes, and boardwalks that need to be built.
Pink circles are the bad things that are not included in the goal tasks. These are hornets, lions, bears, ghosts, specters, golems, bandits, etc.

My Kingdom for the Princess II Walkthrough


Specific level walkthroughs are located by clicking on the level for which you need a walkthrough.

General Hints and Tips
Timer:  The timer does not start until your first click; so take your time to figure out what you need to do before starting.  If you are analytical, figure out what resources you will need to finish your tasks.  You will be able to hover over everything see the cost.

Workers:  You have to wait until the worker gets back to his home before he can be assigned elsewhere.  To work quickly, choose the next place you want him to go and click on it as soon as your blue circle turns green.  The workers will also not head out of their house if there is a tornado, bat, storm cloud, etc flying around.  You will need to click on it to make it go away.  Sometimes you will know one has shown up because a location that had a blue or green circle around it will turn reduced for no apparent reason.

Circles:  There are circles around everything in this game.  Green circles mean you can afford to go to the location, that the location is not blocked, and that you have a worker to go there.  A blue circle means that you can afford it and the way is not blocked; all you lack is an available worker.  A red circle means that the way to it is blocked and/or you are a long way from being to afford it.  The circle changes colors to shades of yellow if you are close to having the resources needed.

Bonuses:  As you move along in the game, you will encounter a bonus bar at the bottom.  Each bonus will become available as time moves on in the level.  You will not lose time by waiting to use a bonus, which means if you do not choose a bonus right away, when you do get it your time bar will start over with the extra time on it.  You do not start off at the beginning.  It is also possible to use 2 different bonuses at the same time, but do not choose to add on to the bonus you are using currently because doing so will just fill up its own little time bar and you will lose some bonus time.  Most of the bonuses are pretty obvious except for the 2 listed below.

Half cost bonus:  New to this sequel to My Kingdom for the Princess, the ½ cost bonus is a wonderful addition.  When selected the ½ cost bonus will reduce the cost by half on everything except the buildings.  It also rounds down, so there are times that a cost will be zero for certain resources.  If you are not too far away from your house, you can easily chop some wood or repair some road before doing something else.  You must click on the bonus before you select your first location.  And as long as you are back to your house, it does not matter how far away your location is as long as you click on it before the bonus goes away.  It is also possible to send a hunter, soldier, priest, or snake charmer off to clear away something and then get to the location behind it within the time limit for the bonus.

Plus resource bonus:  This bonus increases the value of everything your worker brings in.  This includes chopped wood.

Warehouse:  On the same vein of the plus resource bonus, the warehouse will increase the resources you bring in by 1 for each upgrade.  It will also increase the amount of resources you have on hand.  A level without a warehouse will restrict you to only 20 of each item and will dramatically change your game play.

Treasury:  New to this sequel is the treasury.  While expensive, the treasury provides you with 1 gold, 1 wood, and 1 food for each time cycle.  Keep an eye out for it also because when it is not built it kind of looks like a hunting lodge.

Defender buildings:  Again new to this sequel these buildings work differently.  Once they are built, you will have a defender that can be sent out to remove a bad thing.  Remember that you will have an extra worker available while the defender is doing his thing.

Wells:  On the desert level, there are free wells that you can repair that will speed up your workers.  While you do not need to go out of your way to get to them, it is nice to do so when you get a chance.  I often send out my additional worker from a bonus to do this and the walkthrough incorporates this method.

Hordes Levels:  Whack a hornet, snack, wolf, ghost.  If you cannot do one of these levels for whatever reason, when the game asks if you want to replay, select no and you will be given a silver flag to move on.  Even though it is in the middle of an island, it counts as a mini-game.

End of level mini-game:  Your goal here is to get through without hitting an obstacle or moving entity more than 4 times.  Look at the coins as something fun to grab but they are not necessary to finish the level.  Just stay alive to move on.

Trophies:  All of the trophies are attainable if you get gold on all of the normal levels except for the mini-games.  If you want to get the last 2 trophies, just replay any of the mini-games as much as you like.  The game tracks the total number of points you earn, so if you play a level 10 times at 10,000 points each time it will count as 100,000 points.

Changes from the first My Kingdom for the Princess
1.  The mini-games.
2.  Building a defender building will not instantly remove all bad things.  You must send your defender to each one.
3.  There are no levels where there is any resource production automatically handed to you.
4.  The ½ cost bonus.
5.  Little clocks under renewable resources.  Now you will know which resources will renew and how long away that will be.  It is more efficient to grab a renewable resource and let it renew then save it for a bonus or a warehouse.
6.  Developer's records.  Each level has a developer's record, so now you have 2 goals if you want to take them on.  The developer's record has nothing to do with getting all gold trophies though.

Each island level will have its own page.  The walkthrough is written to get you to a gold level time.

General Information | Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3 | Level 4 | Level 5

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