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A few things you should be aware of:

  • Invetory item combinations are one-way only. If I write here that you have to combine batteries with remote, then remote with batteries will not work.
  • Some of these timers are extremely stringent near the end of the game, and you use the same timer for the entire scene, including mini-games. Always try to finish as quickly as possible because you never know what's going to hit you next. (Don't want to get stuck with 30 seconds to do 5 slider puzzles, do we?)
  • I have videos for all story scenes, images for all puzzles, but I've left the most obvious ones, like "memory" out.
  1. Take remote from tray, take batteries from cabinet. Use batteries with remote. Use remote on TV. Click on book on tray. (Watch Video).
  2. Take the Mallet. Break the piggg bank. Take coin. Take scratchcard from top cabinet. Scratch. Check the microwave. (Watch Video).
  3. Find the four blocks and use on the block tray to the right of the chest. Put the toy in the chest. Play the notes on the little piano. (Watch Video).
    • Jumping Pegs: Hop red over one, then jump a blue over it. Aim for an alternating pattern and work your way from there. (Watch Video).
  4. Find a tag near a cane (?) near the back of the room. Use it on freezer at the bottom left. Take transparency. Use it on the light. Take key. Use that on the drawers at bottom right. (Watch Video).
    • Rolling marble ball on trays. The idea is the tip the tray and let the ball roll into the hole. The first two is obvious. Here's a solution for the third one. (Watch Video).
  5. Pick up a box of matches, bottom right. Use it on the candle near the pillar. Take a note at the numbers. Take the wires off a sign (?) on the counter and use on the phone left of it. Punch in the number. (Watch Video).
  6. Click on paper on the right. Click on screen at left. Type name on paper into the screen. Take a brush out of the bag and use on the conveyor. Take roll of paper. Use in printer. (Watch Video).
  7. Take hammer, use on vase. Take key, use on drawer. Pick up magnifying glass at bottom left, use on drawer. Click on the sun in the middle painting. Use code from drawer on lock. Take item. (Watch Video).
    • Tumbling lock: this can be VERY frustrating. You need to line up the numbers from top to bottom and left to right. The key is to work backwards. I made a video for the third puzzle. (Watch Video).
    • Flawed memories #1 and #2.
  8. Take "gun" from bench. Take battery from the other bench. Use battery on gun. Click on coffee maker. Use gun on coffee maker. Take key. Use key on gate. Take item. (Watch Video).
  9. Open cabinet. Take spray. Move cushion and take cord. Use cord on curtains. Take lighter. Use spray, then lighter, on fireplace. Take item. (Watch Video).
    • The candles are much easier than you think they are, since you don't have to move groups of them adjacent to one another. You can move any three. (Watch Video).
  10. Take hammer from floor. Use the handcrank on door. Click on radio and change the station by pression >> twice. Take CD. Use hammer on CD. Use broken CD on seat. Take item. (Watch Video).
    • Car buttons - this is frustrating. You want all the buttons to be green. If you've been saving your skips, use it on this one. The configurations are random so I can't really write a solution. (Watch Video).
  11. Take money from counter. Click on the red box with scanner and take note of the price. Click on the cash register and enter the price (don't forget the dot). Put money inside the machine, take key. Take a coin too. Click on the red box again and use key on it. Take a ticket. Use Coin on ticket. (Watch Video).
  12. Take key from shoe. Take shoe shine from not too far left of that. Use key on box at bottom right. Take scissors and use on pants. Find a hotspot on the left door. Use shoe shine on it, then pants on it. Use the code on the briefcase. The code is 6 4 2. (Watch Video).
    • Too many pairs of shoes. Swap the shoes from one side to another. Here's the quickest solution. (Watch Video).
  13. Find a cellphone in the bottom left display box, and a battery on the box above it. Use battery on cellphone. Find a chord on the floor a bit above the middle of the room. Use cord on outlet. Use cellphone on cord. Click on the picture above the outlet and find a number. Dial the number. Click on safe. Take item. (Watch Video).
    • Security Nightmare: the third one is easy - just move all the color reflectors out one and send the white beams over. Here's a solution.
  14. Click on the bell. Click on the desk to the left of the bell. Take key. Use key on middle cabinet. click on the left tab. Take a note of the number. Click on the phone. Dial the number. The bell moves. Click on the message left under the bell. (Watch Video).
  15. Find a "dial" just at the foot of the bed. Click on the briefcase and figure out the code. Click on the clips to open them when you find the right code. Take the lampshade. Use the lampshade on the fancy lamp. Use the dial on the safe under the lamp. Use the code on the wall on the safe. (Watch Video).
  16. Take the receipt on the table. Click on the scanner to the right of it. Use the receipt with scanner. Take the wallet from on top of the cash machine and use it in the machine. Click on the takeout box. Click on the chopsticks just to the right and use it on noodles. Take flashlight. Click on dark area under the word "CHINESE" and use flashlight. Click on note. (Watch Video).
    • Piece of Cake. It actually IS a piece of cake. Just pick a color and do the following: color 1 spot in the innermost circle. Go out 1, and move 2 clockwise. Repeat until you've done all circles. Pick another color and color 1 spot clockwise to your last color and do it for all circles. Repeat until all colors are filled. Here's the solution.
  17. Take cup from coffee table. Take valve from chair. Click on water bottle. Use valve on left opening. Use cup on grate. Click on valve. Take button. Click on monitor and look at the bottom strip of the monitor. Use button on it. Click on drawer on cabinet. Take item. (Watch Video).
  18. Click on paper top of the shredder. Take shredded paper and use on empty spot on table. Rearrange to form a word. Click on monitor and type in the word. See the title of a book. Find and click the book on the shelves. Take item. (Watch Video).
  19. Take key from the middle of the door. Take headlights from under a newspaper on the road at right. Use key on a gate just in front of the house. Take jar. Use jar on fireflies. Use jar of fireflies on headlights. Attach headlights to car. Click on the rubbish bin that is now illuminated. Take item. (Watch Video).
  20. Take kettle and cup from the stairs. Find a teabag at the foot of the stairs. Put teabag in cup. Plug the kettle into the outlet. Pour hot water into the cup. Click on the mirror on the left. There's a flat surface just under it. Put the cup on it. Read the mirror. (Watch Video).
    • Footsteps is basically mastermind. You need to guess what the steps actually were; white means it's the right shoe in the wrong spot. Green means it's both the right shoe and in the right spot. Try to stay organized since it's pretty hard to tell which shoe belong to which print. Here's an example. (Watch Video).
    • Timeline of events (where you have to put the polaroids in order).

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