Are you looking for an Enchanted Cave Walkthrough (the flash game)? This guide is for Enchanted Cavern.

Tips for Enchanted Cavern

For the harder levels, the only way you will likely pass it is by using the power-ups, like the bombs, the ones that destroy entire rows, and the ones that remove an entire color from the board.

Therefore, you must continually play the entire board and not get stuck on one particular area. Do not stay in one spot for more than a couple seconds because playing the entire board will help you get more power-ups which ultimately will help you get rid of those problematic squares.

Try to get as many combos as you can so you can extend your time. Right after you get a "No More Moves" message or after you blow up a color bomb, take advantage of the new alignment to get combos.

For level 3-7, there are two color bombs on either side at the start. You only need to use one to get the level started. Save the other for later on when you get stuck or when it can help remove some of the blocks. After that, your only focus should be to get as many combos and power-ups as possible. Do not focus on getting rid of the blocks - that won't help you.

Also, don't forget to keep looking for matches in the sides (the parts that are disconnected from the rest of the puzzle). Power-ups can show up in those areas as well.

Below are some videos which show some of the puzzles and Level 3-7 illustrations.

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