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Cute Knight Tips and Spoilers

Note: lots of great information here. . . but also lots of spoilers.

Special Event Endings
1. "The Royal Family"
2. "False Princess"
3. "Fairytale Wedding"
4. "Royal Knight"
5. "Family Magic"
6. "Warrior Wife"
7. "Partners"
8. "Dragonslayer"
9. "Oops"
10. "Slacker"

Adventuring Endings
11. "Hero"
12. "Fighter"
13, "Martial Artist"
14. "Thug"
15. "Witch"
16. "Sage"
17. "Sorceress"
18. "Druid"
19. "Assassin"

Academic Endings
20. "Professor"
21. "Student"
22. "Strategist"
23. "Inventor"
24. "Philosopher"

Social Endings
25. "Advisor"
26. "Bodybuilder"
27. "Banker"
28. "Socialite"
29. "Bride"
30. "Writer"
31. "Dancer"
32. "Street Dancer"

Religious Endings
33. "Church Leader"
34. "Nun"

Thief Endings
35. "Queen of Thieves"
36. "Beggar"

Career Endings
37. "Innkeeper"
38. "Maid"
39. "Chef"
40. "Assistant Chef"
41. "Waitress"
42. "Bouncer"
43. "Shop Owner"
44. "Shop Worker"
45. "Dressmaker"
46. "Assistant Dressmaker"
47. "Doctor"
48. "Nurse"
49. "Vet"
50. "Equestrian"
51. "Stable Worker"
52. "Librarian"
53. "Library Worker"
54: "Children's Entertainer"

General tips

Most good endings require you to have a Dream score of at least 50 and possibly 100. Don't end the game with a bad Dream!

The formulas involved in reaching endings are tricky. There are certain hard requirements that you MUST have in order to get a certain ending, but it's not that easy to say exactly what will give you which result if you meet the hard requirements for several possibilities. The description of the ending will give you suggestions about what to focus your attention on while you play, but you may not always get the ending you plan for.

Special Event Endings

Most endings only appear when the character turns 21 or runs out of a Dream. These endings can happen at any time when the events around them are reached.

1. "The Royal Family"
This is the 'true ending', the only one that answers the questions about your identity. Therefore, it takes some extra work to reach. It's a good idea to get ending 2 before ending 1.

Take a job reading to children at the library and continue doing this so that you meet the old woman. After you've met her a few times, ask her about Princess Alexandra, and you will find out about the birthmark.

Visit the slums and fight in the dungeon to raise your Sin over 50 so that you are unable to leave the slums and meet the gang of thieves. Pick through the trash until you meet a girl with pink hair. Now alternate between picking through the trash and volunteering at the doctor's until you find out who that girl is and convince her to go home.

Go back to town and train to raise your Mind, Luck, and Charm, until you are able to win the Flower Queen contest at the spring festival. Show your birthmark to the Queen.

Variants: Either the PC or Kirelan may be selected as the eventual heir. If you were also pursuing a romance with him, you may end up ruling together.

2. "False Princess"
To reach this ending, you need to prove to the Queen that you are the missing Princess Alexandra. If you defeat the wizard in the third level of the dungeon, you will find Alex's signet ring. Also, if you work at the library reading to children long enough, you will meet the nursemaid. Ask her about the princess to learn about the birthmark.

Now raise your Mind, Luck, and Charm so that you can win the Flower Queen contest at the spring festival. Show the ring or the birthmark to the Queen. You can also meet the Prince at the stables, raise your Charm enough to talk to him, claim to be his sister, and show him your birthmark or ring.

3. "Fairytale Wedding"
To reach this ending you must meet and marry Prince Kirelan. He can usually be found at the stables at the end of the month, so keep working there. However, working at the stables lowers your Charm. You need a Charm of at least 50 to get over being tongue-tied, so you'll have to find other ways to keep your Charm up.

If you try to pursue the romance, eventually the Prince will ask you to meet him on a certain date. Visit the Church on the map at that time and make sure you have a Taming skill > 70, Charm > 70, Dream > 50, and Sin < 50. If you meet the requirements, he will ask you to marry him. Otherwise, you will just be friends.

4. "Royal Knight"
To reach this ending, defeat the Black Knight at the Midsummer Festival.

Variants: If you have enough Charm and Mind, you will become a diplomat, otherwise you will be just a festival champion.

5. "Family Magic"
Train in Magic at the university and make friends with Rose. Agree to be her "sister". After she teaches you the Rain charm, then sometime when you go to class during the first half of the year, she will mention the Wizard's Challenge. After she does this, the magic teacher will be angry with you and bar you from the class, so you may want to take classes only in the second half of the year for a while to be sure you can get your skill high enough before you are barred.

After you have been barred from the class, win the Wizard's Challenge at the Midsummer Festival. Orchid will apologise and offer to adopt you.

6. "Warrior Wife"
Work as a Bouncer at the Inn until you have to help carry 'Shane' home. This is the weapons instructor - take his class again after this and he'll give you a bonus.

Raise your Charm over 40, your Weapons skill over 40, and your XP over 200, then work as a Bouncer again. Shane will ask you out. (If your XP is under 200, the date ends badly.) After the date, return to Combat class to marry him.

7. "Partners"
Work at the library a lot while also adventuring in the dungeon and raising your XP. The Librarian will take an interest in you and eventually ask you to train her. You will have to find a plain wooden staff for her (either craft one or wait until they are available in the store), and then she will give you a magical necklace. Keep going like this and she will ask to become your sidekick.

8. "Dragonslayer"
This ending is received if you defeat the dragon at the bottom of the dungeon. It's a good idea to take out the four elemental guardians around the outside of the lowest level first. If your skills are high enough and your items and potions are good enough, this could turn out to be an easy fight.

Variants: If you haven't already found Alex, she 'mysteriously' reappears after the dragon is defeated and the barrier around the slums is removed.

9. "Oops"
This is one of the last endings in the gallery, but it falls into this category. If you assist the Crafting Teacher with all of his special projects, finding him all the components he asks for, raising your magic to at least 50, and volunteering for his final experiment, it will Go Boom.

10. "Slacker"
To reach this ending, start the game by resting in the Town Square, and continue to do absolutely nothing else. After a while, the game will end.

Adventuring Endings

These endings generally rely on combat, magic, and XP.

11. "Hero"
You need to be talented in both weapons and magic and to have reached a high XP.
Official requirements: Weapons > 90, Magic > 90, Dream > 50, Sins < 25, XP > 800

12. "Fighter"
High combat skills and good XP. Strength also adds a bonus.
Official requirements: Weapons > 50, Sins < 50, Dream > 50, XP > 800

13. "Martial Artist"
Maxed-out weapons skill. Luck and Strength add bonuses.
Official requirements: Weapons >= 180.

Variants: With high Charm, you are a performer, otherwise you travel to compete.

14. "Thug"
Strong and tough, but mean and not very bright. Mind and Charm subtract from this ending.
Official requirements: Strength > 75, Weapons > 50, Sins > 25.

Variants: If you do manage to reach this ending with some Mind and Charm, you can become a warlord.

15. "Witch"
Strong talent in magic. Mind helps.
Official requirements: Magic > 50, Dream > 50, XP > 550.

16. "Sage"
A very talented mage who has learned every charm in the game. (One you get from Rose, one can be found reading the books in the library, and one is taught by the nun at the church if you meditate there.)

Official requirements: All Charms, Mind > 125, Dream > 100

17. "Sorceress"
A sexy and slightly wicked magic user!
Official requirements: Magic > 50, Charm > 50, Sin > 0, Dream > 50

18. "Druid"
A magic-user who is also very fond of nature and animals.
Official requirements: Sin < 50, Taming > 100, lots of Charm and Magic.

19. "Assassin"
A fighter who is also a thief. Good weapons skills and having done thief tasks a lot helps.

Official requirements: Luck > 100, Sin > 50, Dream > 50

Academic Endings

For these you will generally need a lot of Mind.

20. "Professor"
Spend most of your time taking classes, and be sure to take every class at least once.

Official Requirements: Mind > 150, Dream > 100

21. "Student"
Same as the Professor, but with lower requirements.
Official Requirements: Mind > 60.

Variants: With good Charm, you will marry a professor.

22. "Strategist"
Good Mind and Weapons skills, but not a lot of XP. You know how to fight, but you haven't done it much.

Official Requirements: Mind > 75, Weapons > 50, Dream > 100

23. "Inventor"
Master both Crafting and Brewing skills.
Official Requirements: Crafting > 100, Brewing > 100, Dream > 100.

Variants: What you invent and whom/if you marry. With enough Mind you decide to build the perfect man yourself!

24. "Philosopher"
Study all the various kinds of mental disciplines - math, magic, the church, and the library.

Official Requirements: Int > 100, Magic > 30, Dream > 100

Social Endings

For these you will generally need a lot of Charm.

25. "Advisor"
Spend time meeting people (dancing at the festival, socialising) and taking classes that are NOT combat.

Official Requirements: Charm > 180, Mind > 100, Dream > 100, Sin < 25.

26. "Bodybuilder"
Strong and charming, but not very bright or very good with weapons. High stamina also helps.

Official Requirements: Strength > 100.

27. "Banker"
Do social things, take math class, and end the game with a lot of gold.

Official Requirements: Charm > 100, Mind > 75, Dream > 100, Gold > 500

Variants: If you have high Sin, you may become a loan shark.

28. "Socialite"
Do lots and lots of social things.
Official Requirements: Charm > 100, Dream > 100, Sin < 60

29. "Bride"
Same as Socialite but less successful.
Official Requirements: Charm > 50, Sin < 60

Variants: Several slightly different husbands possible.

30. "Writer"
Take dance class and perform as a bard a lot.
Official Requirements: Mind > 125, Charm > 100, Dream < 110

Variants: If sinful, may also become a spymaster.

31. "Dancer"
Same as writer, but with less mind.
Official Requirements: Charm > 100, Dream > 100, Sin < 50

Variants: Success in your career depends on Strength, Stamina, and Luck.

32. "Street Dancer"
Same as dancer, but even less mind, and possibly some sin. Having partied for money adds to this ending.

Official Requirements: Charm > 50

Variants: Will marry a bard if not sinful.

Religious Endings

33. "Church Leader"
Spend lots of time visiting the church.
Official Requirements: Mind > 100, Charm > 100, Dream > 100, Sin < 25

34. "Nun"
Spend a lot of time meditating at the church.
Official Requirements: Sin = 0

Thief Endings

35. "Queen of Thieves"
Visit Jareth and his gang a lot, pickpocket and steal. Luck and lots of Gold help.

Official Requirements: Dream > 100, Sin > 0

Variants: Solo burglar, leader of a criminal network, or hanging on to whoever's in charge.

36. "Beggar"
Steal occasionally, but be no good at anything and run out of Dream.
Official Requirements: Dream < 50, Sin > 0

Career Endings

These will depend on what job you did most often. Most jobs have a Good (high dream) and a Bad (low dream) result.

37. "Innkeeper"
All inn jobs. Mind > 100, Dream > 100.

Variants: Charm and Cooking skill affect your success.

38. "Maid"
Cleaning the Inn. Dream < 100.

Variants: Steal if sinful, marry if charming.

39. "Chef"
Cooking at the Inn and the class.
Cooking > 150, Dream > 100.

Variants: May hire Abby if you made friends with her. May open a candy shop if charming.

40. "Assistant Chef"
Failed Chef.

41. "Waitress"
Waitress and barmaid. No requirements, but charm helps.

Variants: Low stamina gives you a bad ending. If sinful and charming, may decide to take up a different line of work.

42. "Bouncer"
Strength > 100.

43. "Shop Owner"
Both moving boxes and salesgirl count. Mind > 75, Dream > 100

Variants: Who you marry, how well your business does.

44. "Shop Worker"
Failed Shop Owner. Also the job you will probably get if you fail everything but are not sinful enough to be a Beggar.

45. "Dressmaker"
Crafting and Seamstress job. Crafting > 100, Dream > 50

Variants: Charm and Mind affect your success.

46. "Assistant Dressmaker"
Failed Dressmaker.

47. "Doctor"
Assist the slum doctor. Mind > 100, Dream > 100, Sin < 60

48. "Nurse"
Failed Doctor. Mind > 50, Sin < 30

49. "Vet"
A doctor who also tends animals at the stables. Mind > 50, Taming > 50, Dream > 100, Sin < 50

50. "Equestrian"
Good with animals and also wealthy. Taming > 75, Dream > 100, Sin < 60, Gold > 200

Variants: Breeding stables or racing.

51. "Stable Worker"
Failed Equestrian. Sin = 0.

52. "Librarian"
All library jobs. Mind > 100, Dream > 100

Variants: Study magic, discover secrets, running an entertainment service, possible marriage

53. "Library Worker"
Failed Librarian

Variants: Different mishaps for different bad skills.

54: "Children's Entertainer"
Read stories to kids. Taming > 50, Dream > 50, Sin = 0

Acorn + Ribbon = Childish Trinket
Acorn + Gold Necklace = Druid's Torc
Acorn + Fairy Dust = ?
Amber + Silver Ring = Ring of Lightning
Amber + Dagger = Lighting Kris
Amethyst + Sapphire Necklace = Mercury's Blessing
Amethyst + Silver Ring = Lucky Charm
Amethyst + Gold Necklace = Heartstone
Axe + Rocks = Stone Hammer
Axe + Sapphire = Icebreaker
Axe + Stick = Halberd
Axe + Fairy Dust = ?
Chain Mail + Fairy Dust = ?
Chain Mail + Leather Scrap = Padded Chain Mail
Chain mail + Party Dress = Chainmail Bikini
Crystal Orb + Gold Necklace = Glowstick
Crystal Orb + Wooden Staff = Magic Staff
Crystal Orb + Diamond Necklace = ?
Crystal collar + Rainbow Crystal = ?
Dagger + Mild Poison = Assassin's Blade
Dagger + Fairy Dust = Magic Dagger
Dagger + Amber = Lighting Kris
Dagger + Leather Scrap = Claw Glove
Diamond + Sword = Earthsplitter
Diamond + Gold Necklace = Diamond Necklace
Diamond + Gold Ring = Dazzling Ring
Diamond Necklace + Crystal Orb = ?
Dry Bones + Plain Robe = Necromancer's Robe
Dry Bones + Leather Armor = Skeletal Armor
Dry Bones + Studded Leather = ?
Emerald + Gold Ring = Ring of Vigor
Emerald + Gold Necklace = Emerald Necklace
Emerald Necklace + Night Stone = Stone of Ill Wishes
Fairy Dust + Acorn = ?
Fairy Dust + Chain Mail = ?
Fairy Dust + Halberd = Magic Lance
Fairy Dust + Dagger = Magic Dagger
Fairy Dust + Sword = Magic Sword
Fairy Dust + Spear = Magic Spear
Fairy Dust + Plate Mail = ?
Fairy Dust + Leather Armour = ?
Fairy Dust + Axe = ?
Fallen Star + Lucky Charm = Lucky Stars
Fallen Star + Plain Robe = Nightgown
Fallen Star + Gold Necklace = Star Touched Necklace
Fallen Star + Wand = Star Wand
Flower + Gold Necklace = Necklace of Enchantment
Flower + Gold Ring = Ring of Enchantment
Gold Necklace + Acorn = Druid's Torc
Gold Necklace + Amethyst = Heartstone
Gold Necklace + Crystal Orb = Glowstick
Gold Necklace + Diamond = Diamond Necklace
Gold Necklace + Emerald = Emerald Necklace
Gold Necklace + Fallen Star = Star Touched Necklace
Gold Necklace + Flower = Necklace of Enchantment
Gold Necklace + Night Stone = Negative Necklace
Gold Necklace + Sapphire = Sapphire Necklace
Gold Necklace + Tooth = Tribal Tooth
Gold Necklace + Ruby = Ruby Necklace
Gold Necklace + Holy Water = ?
Gold Ring + Diamond = Dazzling Ring
Gold Ring + Emerald = Ring of Vigor
Gold Ring + Flower = Ring of Enchantment
Gold Ring + Iron Nails = Ring of Shattering
Gold ring + Ruby = Ring of Fire
Gold ring + Sword = ?
Halberd + Fairy Dust = Magic Lance
Halberd + Holy Water = ?
Holy Water + Plate Mail = ?
Holy Water + Gold Necklace = ?
Holy Water + Halbred = ?
Holy Water + Spear = ?
Iron Nails + Ribbon = Spiked Collar
Iron Nails + Stick = Spiked Club
Iron Nails + Gold Ring = Ring of Shattering
Iron Nails + Leather Armor = Studded Leather
Iron Nails + Negative Necklace = ?
Leather Armor + Dry Bones = Skeletal Armor
Leather Armor + Iron Nails = Studded Leather
Leather Armor + Fairy Dust = ?
Leather Scrap + Rocks = Stone Fist
Leather Scrap + Chain Mail = Padded Chain Mail
Leather Scrap + Dagger = Claw Glove
Leather Scrap + Plain Robe = Heavy Robe
Lucky Charm + Fallen Star = Lucky Stars
Mild Poison + Dagger = Assassin's Blade
Night Stone + Emerald Necklace = Stone of Ill Wishes
Night Stone + Gold Necklace = Negative Necklace
Night Stone + Silver Ring = Ring of Lies
Negative Necklace + Iron Nails = ?
Party Dress + Chain mail = Chainmail Bikini
Plain Robe + Dry Bones = Necromancer's Robe
Plain Robe + Fallen Star = Nightgown
Plain Robe + Leather Scrap = Heavy Robe
Plain Robe + Rainbow Crystal = Rainbow Robe
Plain Robe + Ribbon = Party Dress
Plain Robe + Tooth = Shaman's Robe
Plate Mail + Rune stone = Rune Plate
Plate Mail + Fairy Dust = ?
Plate Mail + Holy Water = ?
Rainbow Crystal + Silver Ring = Full Spectrum
Rainbow Crystal + Plain Robe = Rainbow Robe
Rainbow Crystal + Wooden Staff = Wizard's Staff
Rainbow Crystal + Crystal Collar = ?
Ribbon + Acorn = Childish Trinket
Ribbon + Iron Nails = Spiked Collar
Ribbon + Plain Robe = Party Dress
Rocks + Leather Scrap = Stone Fist
Rocks + Silver Ring = Ring of Brute Force
Rocks + Stick = Spear
Rocks + Axe = Stone Hammer
Ruby + Gold Necklace = Ruby Necklace
Ruby + Spear = Spear of Wrath
Ruby + Gold ring = Ring of Fire
Ruby Necklace + Rune stone = ?
Rune stone + Plate Mail = Rune Plate
Rune stone + Ruby Necklace = ?
Rune stone + Silver Ring = ?
Sapphire + Gold Necklace = Sapphire Necklace
Sapphire + Silver Ring = Ring of Ice
Sapphire + Axe = Icebreaker
Sapphire Necklace + Amethyst = Mercury's Blessing
Silver Ring + Amber = Ring of Lightning
Silver Ring + Amethyst = Lucky Charm
Silver Ring + Rainbow Crystal = Full Spectrum
Silver Ring + Rocks = Ring of Brute Force
Silver Ring + Rune Stone = ?
Silver Ring + Sapphire = Ring of Ice
Silver Ring + Tooth = Ring of Strength
Silver Ring + Night Stone = Ring of Lies
Spear + Ruby = Spear of Wrath
Spear + Holy Water = ?
Spear + Fairy Dust = Magic Spear
Stick + Iron Nails = Spiked Club
Stick + Rocks = Spear
Stick + Axe = Halberd
Stick + Wand = Wooden Staff
Studded Leather + Dry Bones = ?
Sword + Diamond = Earthsplitter
Sword + Fairy Dust = Magic Sword
Sword + Gold Ring = ?
Tooth + Plain Robe = Shaman's Robe
Tooth + Gold Necklace = Tribal Tooth
Tooth + Silver Ring = Ring of Strength
Wand + Fallen Star = Star Wand
Wand + Stick = Wooden Staff
Wooden Staff + Crystal Orb = Magic Staff
Wooden Staff + Rainbow Crystal = Wizard's Staff

Candle > Lava
Candle > Snowflake
Candles > Holy Light
Charge > Lava
Charge > Mistletoe
Cloud > Candle
Cross > Moon
Cross > Wine
Diamond > Mirror
Diamond > Scream
Diamond > Mirror
Diamond > Wine
Feather = Star
Feather > Wine
Flame > Lava
Flame > Wine
Flame > Nightmare
Flash > Wine
Heart > Candles
Heart > Wine
Heart > Nightmare
Heart > Mistletoe
Holy Light >Wine
Incense > Snowflake
Incense > Wine
Lava > Heart
Lava > Moon
Lava > Music
Leaf > Cross
Leaf > Flame
Leaf > Star
Mirror > Charge
Mirror > Flash
Mirror > Heart
Mirror > Lava
Mirror > Quake
Mirror > Smoke
Mirror > Cross
Mirror > Incense
Mirror > Star
Mistletoe > Diamond
Mistletoe > Flash
Music > Mirror
Music > Mistletoe
Music > Feather
Music > Shadow
Moon > Wine
Nightmare > Shadow
Quake > Candles
Quake > Diamond
Rain > Candle
Scream > Feather
Scream > Moon
Scream > Sun
Scream >Mirror
Scream > Smoke
Shadow > Mistletoe
Show > Cloud
Shadow > Rain
Smoke > Mirror
Smoke > Tear
Snowflake >Feather
Song >Scream
Star > Mirror
Tear = Star
Tear > Mirror
Tear > Flash
Wine > Charge
Wine > Snowflake
Wine > Star


small red: minor health potion (restores 10 health)
small blue: minor mana potions (restores 10 magic)
big red: health potion (restores 50 health)
big blue: mana potion (restores 50 magic)
purple: elixer of luck (boosts luck)
green: elixer of strength (boosts strength)
pink: magic perfume (enhances attractivness +25 charm)
bubbling grey: potion of phasing (makes user partially ghostlike but lowers damage done +40 combat MaxDam 1)
grey: potion of skill (increases user's skill with weapons +25 weapons)
orange: potion of power (boosts magic and damage potential +20 magic MaxDam 3)
light blue: elixer of insight (expands the mind but could have long-term side effects +20 mind,-1 magic)
lumpy grey: potion of stoneskin (boosts damage absorbtion Damage -5)
rainbow: ??? anyone know?

To cheat: press F9

Global.str=X -> strength
global.con=x -> stamina -> mind
global.dex=X -> luck
global.cha=X -> charm



X go 1 to anything
y go 1 to 250