Ancient Quest of Saqqarah Walkthrough & Cheats

Allow our Ancient Quest of Saqqarah Walkthrough to be your companion as you travel through the twists and turns of ancient Egypt, where a lunar eclipse marks the beginning of an adventure of a lifetime. Explore a magical underground oasis and solve puzzles, in order to fulfill the prophecy that will stop an evil god from breaking out of his tomb. Use our walkthrough for tips and tricks that will make conquering this ancient land just a bit easier.

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Overview of Levels

Isis - classic drag and swap into adjacent space to create 3 or more matching colors.

Thot - arrange all the colors so that they enclose each small grid area and it lights up. This is more like a puzzle since all the colored jewels have to be in the correct place in order for all of the small grids to light up. You are given a certain number of each color and you have to fit them into the correct pattern over the whole grid.

Anubis - drag cursor over 3 or more adjacent matching colors. Try to create long chain matches if possible.

Sobek - rotate the small triangular grids that are in the overall grid to the left or right to manipulate them into matches of 3 or more.

Horus - click on any combination of 3 or more of the same color jewels. All jewels that are connected by a line will be cleared.

Bast - relocate jewels along any clear path to create matches of 3 or more. Jewels cannot move through a space occupied by another jewel.

Oris - the cursor becomes the matching piece. You can place it anywhere that it will create a match of 3 or more.

The Temple of Thot

In this puzzle you rearrange the board by swapping any two tokens. To win the puzzle, every token has to be part of an illuminated closed field.

All the colored tokens do not need to be together. For example, if you have a section of the board that has a triangle, a square and a triangle all next to each other in a row, you can put 3 purple tokens on one triangle and three red tokens on the other triangle and they will each light up as a closed field. The square in between the triangles will also light up as a closed field. Even though the square has two red and two purple tokens, it is still a closed field because it is enclosed by the illuminated triangles.

When the game creates a token layout for the current level, it starts by arranging the tokens into one of the solutions and them scrambles them a bit. So the initial placement of colors often hints at the right way to arrange tokens. For example - if there's a lot of green in one place, chances are that other green tokens should go there too.

In the Thot temple you are given the ability to skip some of the puzzles. There are 4 stages of six games in each difficulty level. In each of the 4 stages when you complete the third and fifth games you are given a Glyph Bonus Round game. When you solve the Glyph game you get 1 magic point. For 3 magic points you can skip one of the Thot puzzles. In the other temples when you win a Glyph game, Khufu is given additional magic power ups.

Sample Solutions:

The Temple of Bast

You can move any token you choose to any other space on the grid as long as it is not obstructed by another full grown token.


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