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Featured Word Game
Icy Spell

Get ready for cool unscrambling fun with this addictive word game. Slide ice-brick letters to form words and help Icy the Penguin build his igloo. Three great game modes provide unique challenges while beautiful graphics and adorable characters make this a chilly treat for all. Plus, with a comprehensive dictionary, including definitions, you'll increase your vocabulary while you play! Put on a warm coat, you're in for frosty fun.

Word Games
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Icy Spell
Get ready for cool unscrambling fun with this addictive word game.
Word Buzz Gold
Get a buzz off of challenging fun.
Word Power: The Green Revolution
Start your very own Green Energy business and create a fleet of cutting edge energy generators to power local cities!
Word Zen: Mahjongg Reinvented
A word game with an ancient twist!
Greedy Words
Roll the dice in this one-of-a-kind word game.
Word Mojo Gold
Big fun and big points as the Mojo Meter rises.
Kai-Lan's Great Trip to China
Join Kai-Lan and her friends as they meet the baby Panda in a fun excursion made especially for kids.
Word Wonders
Search for the lost art of speech to bring peace in an entertaining game set in the time of the 1001 Arabian Nights.
Word Monaco
Relax and enjoy yourself with this peaceful fusion of word building and solitaire.
Jig Words
Jig Words is a word game/puzzle hybrid that'll leave you jiggin' with glee. Spell words, and reveal hundreds of great photos!
Merriam Webster's Spell-Jam
Spelling has never been this much fun! Improve your word prowess and prepare to be the next Spelling Bee Champion!
Push your lexical skills to the limit! Wordary is an original and addictive word game that the whole family can enjoy.
Word Search Deluxe
Search no further! This family-friendly game has thousands of word groups, numerous game types, and settings for all ages!
Spellspire is a thrilling mashup of word game and action role playing game. Pick letters from a grid to spell words and shoot them from your wand as spells. The longer the word, the bigger the blast!
Bookworm Adventures
Battle through books in a spelling sensation of epical proportions! Bookworm Adventures is the ultimate test of vocabularic valor!
Sort by: [ Popular ]Newest ◊ Alphabetical
(35 Games)
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